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Bilic admits we were no good with or without the ball

slaven12Slaven Bilic refused to get involved in excuse making after a quite dreadful defeat at Newcastle.

And at least that was a relief after Mark Noble had embarrassed himself and the club with his awful attempts to do so.

Bilic took everything on the chin and whilst it won’t be enough for most of us at least his post match verdict was delivered with brutal honesty.

And in circumstances such as these that is by far the best way to go – take note Mark and any other players who are trotted out to tell us all will soon be well during the course of the next few days.

Bilic told the official site:  “It’s very disappointing and it’s very frustrating, the way we played. They were quicker, better in possession, better to the second ball and they punished our mistakes. It simply wasn’t good enough.

“The first two goals, we gave them the ball in dangerous areas, but we still have to react. They were individual mistakes but still you can make it up and it doesn’t have to be a goal, but we helped them.

“We didn’t look good, we didn’t play good and they were simply the better side. They deserved those goals, because they pressed high up the pitch and forced those mistakes. We gave the ball away easily but they were on top of us and put the balls in good areas.

“They were more powerful than us, more physical and it wasn’t good.”

“Last week was a different defeat to this week. I was mostly talking about positives last week. This time we have to admit that they were simply better in everything, especially determination, wanting to win the second balls.

“We can talk about excuses, but after this kind of defeat and performance, I don’t want to. We can’t talk about the midweek game and a reason why we didn’t look fresh and fit enough today.

“After 2-0, it always gives the opponent an extra strength and power. Of course it’s hard, then.”


“Based on today, yes [we need to work on everything]. We didn’t look good with the ball, we didn’t look good without the ball.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Bilic admits we were no good with or without the ball

  1. I never thought I would say it but unless Slav opens his eyes and see what in front of him it maybe time for him to go
    Noble should never where our shirt again
    Ayew should be moved on before he has no value
    Rice is a CH not a midfielder
    Why did Lanzini Kouyate and Sakho not start ?
    If they got tied then sub them
    Hart 3 games 10 goals
    Adrien 1 game no goals
    Great improvement
    3 games and we have learnt nothing only our Manager is blind or stupid
    Slav make the changes and lead us into a better place
    We fans do not deserve to be dished up this rubbish anymore

  2. Sorry Bubs, none of those goals were Hart’s fault and he is a better keeper than Adrian; agree with the rest of it though and time for him to go

    • Oh Please , JMan43 ; bubs is absolutely right . So Hart had no chance of stopping all ten of them ? . … you need to remove the dark glasses JM . Several were stoppable and it’s Harts job to organize his defense . He was terrible abroad and City dropped him for a reason . Suddenly he was gods gift to keepers ,, it don’t figure . Can’t see why we were so desperate to sign him when we had two capable keepers anyway . Just repeating myself , I said the same when we signed him . Even Southgate is having serious second thoughts .
      Bubs was spot on with everything .

    • 20 games 37 goals conceded for hart ?
      Adrian for me , harts had his go , time for a change , Sully’s mate or not 😉

  3. Maybe not the goals but all he did all game was punt balls up towards the Pea who is no AC
    He is quite and does not command the back 4 or help them
    When our club needs leaders they are lacking
    Hart Noble were the first to drop their heads
    Adrien has spirit and would not have let in any more goals
    And the wages could have been spent on bettter players

  4. Agree with much of bubs, personally I think Kouyate and Lanzini were making up the bench and maybe could have had had a run out at Dagenham tomorrow such as Antonio did. My feelings are we have a tactically poor manager who despite his playing career cannot organise the centre backs at all. As much as we slate Fonte and Ogbonna, would they look as bad under someone like Pulis or even Hughes

  5. So its all Harts fault then.We had two goalies who were so good we had to drop both of them last season for ****ing up.

    Yeah ok.

    • Hahaha , name the fefups Adrian made carly wind up Muppet !
      Were all listening , fire away , don’t be shy , hop onto the next post and try you’re luck there

      • One against stoke last year immediately comes to mind! Then we had the embarrassment of Randolph to put up with for months. This whole argument about the keeper is irrelevant.

        EVERYTHING stems from Slaven Billic and his ineptitude. 5 wins from 24 is sackable.

        We were dreadful last season, dreadful preseason and now dreadful so far this season. He is who we should all be fighting to get out of the club before he sinks us.

        • Yep him and ginge ? That’s it !
          Q was for the wind up merchant reg! Who can’t it seems ?
          Randy was just pants 😀

  6. Bilic is clueless and I see that my comments for last 18 months about Capt Terrible aka Slug are being repeated elsewhere . How can any football person pick Slug with Rice in front of Obiang or Kouyate. Poor kid hung out to dry by another Noble horror show . Poor boy was tired from Wednesday …. Wan*er . COYI

  7. Billic showed his lack of class by hooking off Rice at half time. Disgusting move considering he has been our most composed midfielder this season…and he is a defender!! Fonte and Oggy can only play in a back 3. Otherwise they look all over the place. Why fernandes is being played left midfield is beyond me. Noble….please take a seat on the bench. Collins….i sigh every time he gets the ball cos the ball just gets aimlessly hoofed up field and we always seem to lose the

    Billic doesn’t know his best 11, doesn’t know his best formation and the players have had any confidence sucked out of them. We’ve been crap for the last 18 months-I’m sick of it

    • Spot on. Should have been back 3 w Rice and Fenaades isn’t even a winger a cm but has done ok on right and rwb but LW why???

  8. Adrian is the better keeper Stats wise. A d he knows our CBs better. On Harts wages we should have De Gea or Oblak. £10m to loan him we could have bought Szczesny #1 GK I’m Serie A or young Lafomt at 18 to compete w Adrian. Or bought Maguire or another CB.
    Its not all Harts fault but he isn’t better than Adrian and his comaisitent punching is dangerous and last 2 games I would say he shkikd have saved 1 of 2 Pens and At least 1 from Man U. He hasn’t made any save that wasnt right at him. Best he has done was give Rice some encouragement today.
    But it is down to Slav he picks the team he can veto any player. Chicharito is only player I was 100% behind signing. Marko on 5 year deal he could be great or could be Marko at Stoke not Antonio and £25m. Slav tninks just 1 player will change it in Carvalho it will not.
    And I’m not huge on G&S especially on Social Media but they have given funds and paid steep wages to bring in palyers. 2 £30m bids we aren’t first to have issues w Lisbon

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