Bilic and Irons edging closer to deal

bilic_234636Slaven Bilic and West Ham are this evening understood to be slowly edging towards a deal that would make the club’s former player the 15th Irons manager.

ClaretandHugh reported earlier today that ‘Slav’ has been interviewed and since then talks have continued with his advisers over financial issues covering such issues as:


O final wage and bonuses

O his backroom staff’s salary levels

O compensation in the event of early termination

O players in and out

O plus London housing allowances and the like.


‘Slav’ is keen to take over at the club and will make financial sacrifices to do so despite having received written offers from Europe. We understand one of them is from a German club.

However, the 46 year old wants West Ham because of his love for the club and the fans despite the fact that he would arrive on a smaller contract than he could command elsewhere.

He is determined to get the right deal for his assitants and much could depend on that as he is known as a man passionately loyal to his staff.

Talks are currently ongoing and although the odds are swinging towards him we have been told categorically: “It’s not done and may still not be. The terms have to be right.”


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17 comments on “Bilic and Irons edging closer to deal

  1. Good,lets get it done & dusted & move on to planning & signing.Had enough of this ‘next manager’ rubbish 😉

  2. ***** his thumb,get his blood on the contract & its Thunderbirds Are Go!!!!! Lets do it,Boooommm!!!!
    No more wet nappies,hushed gums,lovely!!!!!

  3. ahah… we must not go too fast in this matter Rads… lol Before any rash decisions I need a poll, the question has to be “Are you 100% sure Bilic is the right man?”… without an unanimous answer, sorry but I’d think twice … Remember, be careful what you wish for… lol 😀

  4. haha… sorry, but when the sanity of thousands of people is involved, we have to be very careful in taking sensible decisions like this one… lol 😀

  5. I’d imagine the Daves are still hanging to a thin thread of another name an Austin Powers international man of mystery. If they fail I just hope Slavs pride doesn’t kick in,Schalke are allegedly after him so he may get fed up waiting.
    I just hope Sean chooses his words wisely tonight otherwise my tax bill will go up to pay for the influx of emergencies to the NHS from Wetpants lol

  6. You have my blessing Matte,sign him up.Poll says yes!
    Wetpants have worn themselves out this weekend.They have no pee pee left to lose.They are getting dehydrated 😀

  7. Ok,enough f*rting about,lets get this sorted.Time to move on.We are all tired of it,need a manager in,why not Slav,good enough.Ofc we will have miserable mothers who moan about this appointment but he is who i want.Dont care about all this only the 53rd best manager in the world on some bloody list.Means jack sh*t.Give the guy a chance before judging him.Fuxking idiots slagging him already.D*ckheads!

    • ahah… Anyway, don’t worry Chicken, that’s only the beginning… Once the new manager’s name gets out officially, the real fun begins on that site…lol 😀

  8. Hopefully Bilic in but it is good to see Hippo enjoyed his holiday,im pleased for him 😉

  9. ahah.. thanks Rads for this scoop, I think he looks fantastic… he can eat when he’s chewing gum… Sam never ceases to amaze me…lol

  10. Rads has he been on a diet,
    I hope when driving a bargain and keeping Slaven on lower wages and bonuses the 2 Daves don’t moan and the fans don’t call him judas when he makes a go of ot with us and he is poached for higher wages,
    But let’s get it done and get the players in

    • Haha,yes bubs,my contact told me this was taken at a health farm high in the Swiss Alps,he was two weeks into his weight loss program.I heard progress is slow,they keep finding hidden stashes of chewing gum stuffed in his Bolton Wanderers slippers 😉

  11. Trouble with Swiss Alps it full of Chocolate,and lederhosen and I don’t want to see BFS
    Slapping anything in his little tight leather shorts,

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