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Bilic breaks silence on rejecting two players

slaven10Slaven Bilic was asked about his version of why he turned down two players offered to him.

David Sullivan made an official website statement after the transfer window closed in which he said “Grzegorz Krychowiak and Renato Sanches were both offered to the manager before their switches elsewhere, but he told us that he is happy with the squad he has.” 

Slav who finally got his right to reply said:  “He [Sullivan] likes to talk, it is his rightI said I wanted the player, that is not exactly what happened with those two players.”

I wanted Carvalho and it looked very, very likely that it would happen and to be fair, during my time at West Ham it is common that when you talk about one player and it will happen, then suddenly three other names are thrown in that distract you from the main target. It was very likely we were going to get him though, they are very good players though of course.”

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12 comments on “Bilic breaks silence on rejecting two players

  1. Seems there’s a disconnect between Bilic and Sullivan on this. If Bilic says he wanted one of the two players Sullivan claims were rejected by him, I’m inclined to ask what’s in it for SB to tell porkies about this? SB seems pretty cool at the moment; is this because he knows where he stands even if we are left guessing?

  2. The way I read it was Slav was offered two other players instead William Carvalho but he decided not to be distracted and take the gamble of the Carvalho deal coming off

  3. I’d agree.

    I reckon sullivan baulked at the thought of paying that much on one player and saw two players for less money as the better deal. Bilic prefferrd WC and the rest is history.

  4. Look, Bilic wasn’t spending his own money. If he was offered 5 decent players he’d take them, why not, it’s not his problem to pay them? That’s especially the case in light of the number of players we’d cut from the squad by the end of the window. ? He’s not paid on profit and loss is he?

    He wouldn’t take players the quality of Krywchowiak and Sanchez? Utter, utter ********, He’d have taken them and Carvalho in a heartbeat. He might not be a particularly good manager but I know who I believe in this scenario.

  5. Spot on Sybil 😉

  6. Not a particularly good manager? As opposed to who an armchair manager like you.

  7. No not me you t**l. You compare him to other managers. I like him, he’s a great bloke and gets the club, however his record isn’t especially good is it?

  8. Slaven Bilic mind-reader aint he.Even though Bilic said he only wanted four or five quality signings.Even though after the first four he said he only wanted one more.Even though he said he didnt want choices three and four for positions because its too many.
    But yes he would have taken another five players if offered them because neil is a mind reader.
    Why let the truth get in the way when you can guess and bull****.

  9. Yeah of course. You’re offered really good players and you turn them down. Why exactly? Why on earth would you do that given that you’ve run down your squad numbers substantially?

    What truth are you talking about? Bilic just said that he wasn’t offered those players. He said Sullivan ‘likes to talk’. In other words he wasn’t offered those players when Sullivan said in the plainest terms possible that he was, but he turned them down.

    Or what exactly did Bilic mean by what he said today in your view?

  10. Read Sean’s comment above. Makes more sense than any other scenarios.

  11. How about this scenario? Bilic – I need a defensive midfielder and I want you to buy Carvilho. Sully – OK, (meaning I will bid £15m below asking price knowing it won’t be accepted). Come deadline day – Sully to Bilic, it ain’t looking good but there are a couple of loanees we could try for? (SL just accepted original bid and Sully now sh**ing himself that he will have to spend more money). Bilic says try to get the Carvilho deal over the line please, which translates into he has rejected the loanees. Just a thought!

  12. It’s all history now.

    It’s down to the blokes we’ve got who we pay ludicrous wages to, to earn it.

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