Bilic clear-out on the cards


sofiane-feghouli-774898West Ham will continue the clear-out that started with Simone Zaza and Gokhan Tore when the season ends with Sofiane Feghouli set to be the next departure.

There is a widespread acceptance inside the club that last summer’s window was a disaster and that a return to the drawing board is required big time.

Although Tore was injured and returned to Turkey the club were ready to offload him with flop Zaza in January anyway.

jonathan-calleri-800x504And we have learned there remains interest from Roma and  a couple of other clubs in Europe and with the club ready to accept the right offer the Algerian looks booked for an early Hammers exit.

Slaven Bilic also has to make his mind up on Jonathon Calleri and Havard Nortveidt as although both have seen improvement in their games over recent games, it is odds-on an exit for both of them.

And with the manager having declared that Andy Carroll’s injury record will be discussed and Diafra Sakho’s continuing back problems again a problem, a big clear-out is on the cards.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • zahama says:

    I think Fonte is now showing his quality – some playesr need a bit of time. Nordveit should come in for the last two games – now that we are safe we should not risk injured players – Winston and Kouyate should have their operations so that they are fine for the beginning of next season – and I hope DS was not serious when he talked of Ogbonna playing in the last match – we want as many points as possible but not at the expense of important players breaking down

    Anyway as far as this thread goes I say “keep Nordveit”

    • markro says:

      Nordtveit is the classic example of a player who should not be played out of position. Shoving him in defence showed him all at sea, but once he was back in defensive midfield where he could “see” the game and influence it, he looks a quality player.
      When we picked him up from Borussia Mönchengladbach on a free, there were reports from Germany that we were getting a £15m+ player.
      I would definitely keep him in next season’s squad.

  • Boogabenson says:

    A really good look at our recruiting methods needs to take place. This season has been a complete disaster on this front.
    A good look at the way Southampton have done things over past 7 years in this area. Recruit the man that hires in their players and youth policy.
    Tony Carr was a damn hard act to follow but this is an area that needs urgent action.
    Only one difference DO KEEP SELLING THEM LIKE SOUTHAMPTON DO. They are like us from the Rio ,lumpard, Cole era.

  • jaybs says:

    Players named it is time to clear out, we have our own Talented Young Players we should be developing, but the two constant injury prone players now have to Go!

  • whitehp says:

    Can’t even read this site anymore.
    Read the 1st sentence, then pop up.
    Close, find out where I was, pop up, close
    Refund where I was, pop up.
    What a shame

    • Stow-hammer says:

      I agree. I have really cut down on my visits to this site because the advertising levels are making it close to unusable. Takes ages to loaf and the pop up adds all the time. I know that for a free site the people spending time need to get paid but this is ott now.

    • Stan The Man says:

      Yes i am not tech savvy fellas but i have given up trying to access the site on my phone.As have many others from what i have read.It could do with being addressed sharpish.
      These adverts that cover the screen are too much in my view.

    • JimmyM says:

      Just install adblock or similar then they wont pop up

  • claret says:

    I agree with Zaraha, keep Nordvelt now he has played in midfield has shown his quality
    Also Fernandez & masakgu but we must get rid of Carrol, Sako, Calleri & Feghouli.
    Slav must realise he cannot keep using players in the wrong position this has lost us a lot of points this season it is up to him to buy players for the available position not put round pegs in square holes. Also do not risk Ogbonna we have had enough unnecessary injuries this season, either on the pitch or in training, god knows what they do in training to get all these injuries something needs to change, last year it was supposedly down to the old training ground pitch described as being too hard they have since moved to a all singing & dancing new training area so what is the excuse now. Gold has admitted mistakes have been made they have escaped by the skin of their teeth a lot of things need to change both in training & recruitment. Let’s see if we can go out with a bang on Sunday the supporters so far have been severely shortchanged for entertaining football this season which has led to all the silly stories about the stadium. I think the view is terrific the only problems I would mention are the long trek to the ground the idiots who insist on standing & spend most of the game abusing the away fans & the fact that from my entrance C after the game I have to walk right round the stadium which adds another 10 minutes to get back to Stratford

  • GW says:

    Cmon Slav give me the perfect gift and get the poppodom sold to China so I never have to hear that he’s unplayable, unique or he’s due back from injury again 😀😀

    • Stan The Man says:

      But who will keep us up next season without our annual saviour gw.Will we not be relegated without him lol

      • GW says:

        Yeah that’s true Stan didn’t think it through properly! We must use all available funds to keep and clone him so that we are protected from relegation at all times both now and in the future 😀😀 All hail Poppodom man the brittle boned saviour of all things West Ham 😂😂

  • PeterWHU says:

    Collins and Adrian (as backup) new contracts. Randy, Snodgrass, Feghouli all out. We have to seriously look at Carroll and Sakho – Great players when fit.. Too expensive to sit on the physio table.

    Arbeloa, Calleri, Tore terminated. Calleri has started to look okay, unlucky against Tottenham. A call needs to made on Valencia, if we can sell then I would.

    We must do all we can to keep Antonio! Bring in goalkeeper (Pickford), 1 midfielder attack minded, right back to challenge Byram and strikers!

  • johnham1 says:

    To join Tore and Zaza for me it would be Arbeloa, Randy, Feghouli, Nordsvelt, Fletcher and Carroll. Jury is out on Snodgrass and Ayew but I would give them both another year to prove themselves. I have never rated Byran but I would keep him as a number 2 as he has improved recently and I would definitely keep Calleri, he has something and I think it would be worth giving him another year. .

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    The biggest three out should be the coaching staff. We may have had a few clean sheets recently but other than Tottenham, Palace and Chelsea we have been poor defensively, if we finish 9th or 10th it would be false, like the season under Roeder where we finished 8th I think. On the transfer front if Callieri does well the next two games I would look at extending his contract, to leave is probably Feghouli because we are overloaded with right wingers and Roma are keen so we may make a few quid, Sakho and Carroll to China if we can, in two strikers, a left winger or two, a right back and a keeper, go all in for Pickford, Defoe on a free plus a top notch striker, when Boro go down Valdes might be available he is another option as a Keeper and their midfielders Gibson and DeRoon are shining lights in a poor team as is Traore who has blistering pace.

    • vor says:

      If we finish 9th or 10th it would be false? How does that work? The table don’t lie.

  • JMan43 says:

    It would be a mistake to get rid of Nordveidt imo, he is starting to get used to the PL and played in the right position still has a lot to offer. I think there are a good 6 that need to go, including Carroll and Sakho.

  • eastendexile says:

    Can’t believe I have just read from johnham1 to keep Callieri and get rid of Fletcher!!!!!!
    If Fletcher had been given all of the chances that Calleri has had to date then I believe you would witness a quality player, but being given less than 5 minutes as he got against Spurs is a joke particularly as Callieri missed a sitter just before.
    Bilic should play him from the start in the next two and let him show us what he can do with a full game under his belt.
    I also think Nordveidt should stay but agree with our so called strike force getting the bullet

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