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Bilic defends playing Hernandez out of position

Hernandez is different level

Slaven Bilic has defended playing Javier Hernandes out of position insisting he didn’t play him out wide like a winger but explained he was more off the main striker.

“We are getting that confidence back as a team,’ Bilic told the press. ‘We were attacking. But to get three points you need quality up front, which we didn’t have. The strikers were fighting and were part of the team but we could do more. We played with three strikers. There were a lot of positives by pressing them, keeping the ball, but if we are talking about shots on target there wasn’t much of that.

 ‘Hernandez was not wide-wide, we are playing with three or five at the back so he is more off the striker. Of course in defensive work they were coming deep, which is why I am praising them.


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17 comments on “Bilic defends playing Hernandez out of position

  1. Bilic on crack or what !! No quality ? 😂😂😂
    Enough of this bullshhyte , no creativity ! Telegram team selection ! He’s even talking like the slug now blaming the players !!! Talks in riddles ?
    Lost the plot , coming out with some strange remarks lately , all is not well at mill 😉

  2. I honestly don’t know what on earth he is talking about. You can call a spade an earth displacement object but it remains a spade. We did not & do not play with three up front, we play with one. We did not & do not play with 3 at the back; we play with five. Bilic is making excuses for his tactical ineptitude. It will not be long before Antonio & Chicaritto are as ‘upset’ as the fans are by being played out of position. The way he reorganised the team when Ginger had to come off on Saturday was breathtakingly bad. Short of putting the little pea in goal and Joe Hart up front he made the worst use of the players at his disposal he could of. Our squad is good. Bilic is bad manager. It is that simple.

  3. Reads like an incoherent mess and I don’t mean the article itself. He’s making it up as he goes.

  4. By a lack of quality up front, I think he was talking more about what we actually delivered on Saturday than the ability or potential of the players themselves guys. And that’s as much about the service they are getting, such as the rubbish free kicks and crosses from Cressie, and the inability of Kuoyate and Obiang to play a decent through ball, although AC should have done much better with a couple of chances. we are all over him for not switching to a flat back four when ginge came off, but had he done so and we had gone on to lose then he would be destroyed for that! When we’ve a manager under so much pressure, his priority will always be not to lose. That’s where we find ourselves currently and it will only change if we keep picking up points and climb the table. Four points from six isn’t bad.

  5. Sorry but he is not making sence ..I don’t think he really knows what he,s saying..

  6. I appreciate that. Pea filled in as Arnie was out. But, it was, in my mind, a weakened side. I know Bilic couldn’t help that as Arnie was suspended but it was a weakened side. Just because we won with that weakened side doesn’t, in my opinion, justify playing another game with a weakened side.

    For me it showed a lack of courage and a naivety. Bilic can hide behind the “you don’t change a winning side” but its a very dated philosophy in this day and age. Especially when the winning side is weaker than the side you could’ve played. It also creates uncertainty. Pea doesn’t want to be out there. He now must think that he is the one who will be sacrificed and not Carroll. Carroll doesn’t want Pea out there he wants Arnie. And Arnie is now thinking he is going to get dropped for a bloke who doesn’t play his position. All because Bilic cannot grow a pair.

    What on earth was the thinking about how we’d play football when we bought all these players. Oh yeah, we were gonna play 4 at the back with aging slow defenders and a lightweight midfield. Making it up as he goes…

  7. All well and good jimbo , but to climb up the table we need to score goals mate !
    Hernandez touched the ball once in wba box ?
    Says it all IMO ! Carroll is a problem with this team ! Playing and not playing if you get my bilic drift lol 😁 easy to go back and start bashing the board for not getting a couple creative players in the window , carvalho and all that crap that came with it , but the truth is were short of creative play and defensively still exposed when we meet quality !! Round holes , square pegs was said somewhere today , to be honest I don’t think bilic and co could build a 4 piece jigsaw at present and I loved him to bits until the rice finger pointing plot , I thought then he was on borrowed time , still think the same now, he’s pointing fingers again to me ? lol 😎

    • I’m not Bilic’s greatest fan either Laz, but as the board have chosen to stick with him for now, we’ve got to too mate. I’m not sure Obiang and Kouyate can deliver the service needed for a small striker like Chic, only Lanzini can, so at the mo we are making the best with a back five and AC up front. Playing four at the back means we’ve got to score three to draw!!!

  8. Sorry Laz. It’s not just about creativity. I’ve been spouting on about this for weeks. Other than Antonio we have no pace anywhere on the pitch. So, we should go back to playing Pea as our striker who will make the runs to create space for a killer pass from midfield. Use Carroll as an impact sub which in itself will encourage more play at ground level instead of continually goofing the ball to Carroll. With Carroll playing we are one dimensional and every team knows what to expect.

  9. He needs to look at a graphic of where Hernandez has scored all his goals throughout his career.Everyone inside the penalty area not floundering out on the left wing.Pointless buying him if this is how he is going to be employed.Slav has got the Carroll blinkers on now like Sam did.Said before the West Brom game that their centre halves would subdue Carroll and we needed to get behind them with the Pea and Sakho.Played straight into their hands.That game would still be 0-0 if they were playing till now.There is a time to use Carroll and against the likes of West Brom AND Stoke etc is not that time.

  10. Three or Four nil score lines have become common within the last three weeks , so we shouldn’t feel so bad . Problem is we don’t want to be amongst them . Manchester seem to have this season wrapped up between them . Can we get amongst them and cause a problem!? , don’t think so . We can shout and scream as much as we want but , at the moment to finish 8th would be a massive achievement . Not what we hoped for or that was vaguely promised . We need to lose Bilic . Sorry if that goes against the grain but , there it is. With the squad we have we should be doing a lot better . Getting tired of our players giving it mouth all week and then not delivering . Seems endless . We keep telling Gold to shut up ; when we should be telling the players to do likewise . We can all talk a good game in our Jobs and blame the tools , but it depends on if you know how to use them , where , when and how . Bilic seems like a poor apprentice that will never learn no matter how hard you try to train him . As an Engineering Teacher/ Trainer I despair with watching Bilic .
    Engineering is not Football but the ground rules and basics are the same . Use your tools properly and keep them clean , keep your work space clean , and don’t abuse the tools you have if you want to maintain ther’re edge .
    It means really that a good job is dependent on good preparation .
    They understand good preparation and getting it together .

  11. Sorry but I think Slav is suffering from BFS syndrome which is Andy Carroll is fit, therefore he must start and I’ll just try and fit in everyone around him. Sorry, as good as Andy Carroll can be, it results of one style of play only i.e. get the ball up to him as quick as possible to either score or hold the ball up. Slav was brought in to bring a more attractive style of football to West Ham and I’ve seen little evidence of that since Payet went. Why play Hernandez in a position where he can’t really influence the game. Rather than playing players out of position, he should be try to sort out the defence so we can play a back four and a 4-2-.3-1 formation (with Hernandez as the striker) which better suits the players we have. Change it to 4-4-2, 3-4-3 or whatever when the game requires a change or a change in formation suits the players available, but ffs, sort the defence out so we can play players in their natural and best positions. .

  12. Its baffling truly baffling how some of you are not football managers.You seem to have it all mapped out and made too look so simple.
    All hail the armchair managers,a group of fans who are wasted on websites!!!!

  13. He has to go. He should have gone last December.
    He was lucky to survive last season and, but for the fluke goal v Huddersfield, he probably would have been gone last week.
    He has little or no tactical awareness and insists on playing people out of position.
    Ask Trevor Brooking to take over until a replacement is found but FFS, get Bilic off the premises

  14. We need a little tinkering here and there.The 3 at the back has given us solidity now we need to find a way of getting the strikers to operate in the best way.
    I don’t know myself how to go about it and wouldnt claim to.Bilic knows more in his little toe than any of us do about management.Lifes easy sat on here saying what should be done because there are no ramifications.
    It says alot about fans though or some should i say that we win and draw and you still have morons saying “ffs get bilic off the premises”.

  15. I must be on crack as well then Laz because what he said made sense to me 😂😂
    Im sure he doesnt want to play his way all the time but atm it gets the job done.I dont want to see it all season.Who knows,without 3 away games on the bounce and having played The Saints at home like we should have done we could have been sat on 6 or 7 points mid-table and he would have a bit of wriggle room to play a more expansive set up.
    No surprise we drew at WBA though we have drawn 9 out of the last 15 there aint we.
    Anyway i will leave it to the Armchair Army to sort this one out.Bilic Out McClaren In 😂😂

    • Lol Rads – Or Avram Grant, or that French nutter we were after, or that loon who managed the spuds for a while, or even Arry! Sometimes it’s better the devil you know!

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