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Bilic ‘until end of season’ story backed

bilicbirkikaraWell connected West Ham reporter Darren Lewis has confirmed that Slaven Bilic will get until the end of the season as West Ham manager.

Only last night ClaretandHugh made it clear there is no desire to send the Croat on his way despite the regular claims that he is under pressure.

And this morning Lewis  – who has run several exclusive articles with co chairman David Sullivan in  the past- makes it clear that he holds the same view of the atmosphere within the club.

He writes: “Despite claims that the Croatian is under pressure with the club just 15th entering the October international break, there is no appetite at the London Stadium to make a change.”

And he adds that reports Carlo Ancelotti could be on his way in are well wide of the mark following his sacking at Bayern Munich.

He adds: With just seven games gone and key players back from injury, there is optimism that they have a run of league fixtures – against Burnley, Brighton and Palace – that could inspire confidence and leave them in a much healthier position.

West Ham have a reputation of allowing their bosses to see out their contracts and will review the position of Bilic – as they did with his predecessors – at the end of the season.

However, ClaretandHugh can add that one of the major factors keeping Bilic in place is the lack of a natural successor which as we explained is created by the close ties between the manager and his backroom team who have remained immensely loyal to him down the years.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Bilic ‘until end of season’ story backed

  1. Same old same old. Heard it all last season, run of games to be optimistic about then it all goes south and we miss a good target. I know the media love a story but if theres even a sniff of a chance to get Ancelotti the board should pursue it. Its like being offered a ferarri and saying no thanks i’ll stick with my yaris.

  2. Come on let’s be honest this is purely because the Board are tighter than a duck’s arse and don’t want to pay compensation were they to fire him. That drives their decision more than anything else!!

  3. Wait till the end of the season, christ we could be relegated by then, who will we get as Manager after that, no one remotely any good to take us to the next level.
    Our next level seems to be down a notch instead of up.
    The Board must act now while we are still reasonably attractive to a top Manager, on Saturday I left the ground after winning, in a state of sadness like all the fans around me, I have supported this Club for 58 years and I want to be able to go home after a win elated and happy, neither of which I felt on Saturday.
    For christ sake get a new Manager so that he can have a couple of weeks to get a grip of the situation, waiting till May could be a disaster.

  4. So which new manager is going to make Captain Marvellous run quicker, make the Poppodom become more than a1 trick pony and do more than just stand there waiting for a cross or a high ball, get Cressie to start having the balls to tackle again or get Ayew to do anything 😆😆

    • Whatever you think about the recruitment fact is we have 12 or 13 players who who are more than good enough to ensure us a mid table finish. Indeed we have rarely had players of this quality to choose from over the years so the fact that they have been underperforming for so long suggests to me that at leat some of that effect is down to the Manager, some might claim its an awful lot indeed. There are teams above us who can only dream of the players we have at our disposal, indeed a good third of the division I would say and others who are at best on a par so lets not overdo the downgrading of the players too much.

      • Downgrading of players? The Poppodom has scored 30 goals in 5 years FFS 😆😆 It ain’t Slav running around aimlessly in MF passing the ball sideways when there’s a pass forward available or standing still up front with his hands on his hips waiting for the perfect cross. The squad ain’t that bad granted but while he keeps picking these two he’s shooting himself in the foot.

  5. I think they’ll do the same to Bilic as they did to BFS – the last game of the Season is against Everton on the 13th May 2018, kick-off at 3pm, this is one of the few kick-off times that is cast in stone – Bilic will be gone by 5pm!

    This gives the Club eight months to get his replacement lined up!

    • I agree Michael and I don’t see even if Slav turns around and gets us 8-10th place finish he wouldn’t get extension. Bc just think they have fallen out.

      But this is also not good for players not knowing who their manager will be is going is he not etc.

      I think at very least we should make Bilic hire a new Asst manager and some staff to freshen things up & give him new ideas Tactics etc he needs a Keane to his right.
      I’m not sure its all about the money bc they will lose what £1.5m if sack and if we get relegated £100m I think they are indecisive & their is no stand out Managers without a job.

      You would hope bc if our performances stay the same we will be in & out of drop zone we have just lacked the United in WHU not cohesion in the starting 11.
      I think the last game looked worse than enythkng we got w Big Sam

  6. I like bilic but my support for him has started to wane. He doesnt seem to know what our best formation is or our best starting 11.
    We either have to buy players to fit a system or buy players and put them in a system where we can get the best out of them and for me does neither.
    I still believe he will get us a top 10 finish but i dont believe that westham can progress under his management ….

  7. No stand out managers except Ancelotti and Scolari… Ancelotti said he would manage us albeit 6 odd years ago but surely we must be a more attractive project now. Decent squad (lacking discipline and direction) huge stadium and fanbase plenty of history. Come on be realistic both of these 2 are much better options than Slav no matter how much they might cost. Why do big companies pay a high flying manager a huge wage, to make sure the workforce do their job.

  8. On the subject of managers if Tuchel doesn’t get the BM job he may have to look at other opportunities ?

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