Bilic heads for critical Monday board meeting

Gold sullivan BradySlaven Bilic heads straight into a critical end of season board meeting on Monday before going straight into hospital for hip surgery on Tuesday.

It will be a cards on the table meeting at which David Gold, David Sullivan and Karren Brady will expect an exchange of views that ensures no repeats of this deeply disappointing season when the team returns to action next term.

There is no chance of Bilic being fired with the board determined to see him take the team into the third year of his contract.

bilic-pressureSullivan, Gold, Brady  Bilic himself and the fans have all suffered through a season which has often hit the depths interrupted by just enough results and the occasional high point to ensure our Premier League status.

Both sides will admit to each other they got last summer’s buying policy all wrong and that there can be no repeats as they hunt for a keeper right back and two strikers as a matter of priority.

There is agreement that the stadium move, early segregation problems, the standing or not to standing issue, injures and chiefly the Dimi Payet affair have conspired to make this the most difficult of seasons.

However, Bilic will be told there can be no such excuses next season and that he will be expected to match wins with decent performances unlike some we saw this season.

It is already clear the manager is more than ready to accept his share of the blame for a disappointing season but with a decent recruitment policy in place will pledge much better next term.



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5 comments on “Bilic heads for critical Monday board meeting

  1. Think they also need to look at the backroom staff with reference to fitness levels and injuries. This could cause some disagreement as it’s well known Bilic protects his staff.
    I’m sure the board will know if they have any bearing on all the problems.

  2. Whatever they decide there can be no excuses next season.

  3. Bilic out!

  4. West Ham do really have to work on their attractiveness to any new player looking at West Ham & considering a career here. Just by looking at the occasional Man U TV, one can see the facilities they have are some world’s best standard, from personal trainers physio & a fitness gym/centre that’s fabulous. I think players get pampered far too much already but it’s going to become even more so. A big problem with all of this was Spurs in deliberately throwing a spanner in the works or our ownership bid of the stadium because the latest demands by West Ham’s landlord are unfair in the extreme in expecting us to play our 1st few games of the new season away from home. I mean EUFA & FIFA recognize the importance or the home game advantage, so for a West Ham who are desperately currently trying to acclimatize to their new home, then I think this start of season arrangement were athletics has priority over how us, the main tenant definitely puts us at a disadvantage of possibly falling behind in the Premier League table. Of course, if the original deal had been allowed to go through without Spurs interruptions and seemingly false bids making our purchase impossible while Spurs now end up smelling of roses in being given the tenancy of Wembley Stadium. COMPENSATION SHOULD BE OFFERED TO WEST HAM IN EXCAHNGE FOR UNSETTLING THE START OF OUR SEASON BY OFFERING US, SAY THE USE OF SHARING WEMBLEY WITH SPURS & THEN WE’D ALSO HAVE A CHANCE OF A CUT IN 90,000 ATTENDANCES. SPURS MUST HAVE A LOT OF SWAY WITH THE FA THAT’S ALL I CAN SAY, but back to new signings being attracted here, yes, the show-time ground on match days, the training grounds and all facilities including dieticians, physios, massage, sauna , spar, world class fitness facilities, maybe even taxis laid on to take players home after training, AND PLAYING IN FRONT OF THE BIGGEST CLUB STAGE IN THE CAPITOL OF NOT 60 BUT 66,000 FANS. THAT”S RIGHT, THERE ARE 66,000 SEATS INSTALLED AT THE LS, WHY HAVE EVEN ONE EMPTY? TO WHOEVER IS DOING ALL OF THIS BLOCKING THEN GET THE FLIPPING HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND LET THE EAST END, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN IT’S UNDERPRIVILEDGED HISTORY, GROW!!!

  5. As I have said on numerous occasions , I don’t think Bilic is the right man to get us up into the higher league positions and stay there for a whole season . But , if the Board are willing to stick with Him , then naturally , I am obliged to support him . That is of course if things start to improve instead of getting worse . There is nothing I would like more than being proved wrong .
    I , like any other supporter , want to see us performing well on a more consistent basis .
    It’s important for us to perform well today against Burnley before the season finally ends .
    They have a decent home record but , we seem to be more up for it on away days . It wouldn’t be a disaster if we lose . Only ask that we put in a good shift .
    Hopefully that trend will be curtailed next season .

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