Bilic in Moyes and Sullivan revelations

bilicmoyesSlaven Bilic has revealed he has had a conversation with David Moyes since being sacked from West Ham.And he has also taken a swing at David Sullivan claiming that some of his remarks are “kind of low.!The Croat declared: “I’ve known him (Moyes) since he was at Everton, we would have chats about his striker Nikica Jelavic, who also played for Croatia.

“We had a relaxed chat about West Ham — why not? — but the details aren’t for the paper.

“To be fair, a lot of the things he said were exactly the points I would have made.

“He didn’t need me to tell him a lot of things because he still has (goalkeeping coach) Chris Woods, who was there with me from day one.”

Bilic is also clearly smarting from the criticism he took from  Sullivan for blaming the club’s woes in the transfer market on him.

He said: “West Ham is my club, I am not afraid of confrontation but I don’t want it with people I got on with for two years.

“But again I have to say something. To say all the good players were him, and the bad signings were me is kind of low. And it’s simply not true.

“I don’t want to praise myself but if you ask about Lanzini, I knew about him since he was at River Plate a few years ago, I wanted to take him to Besiktas.

“At that time, he was too much money and went to Al Jazira.

“Let’s be honest, who knew about Lanzini before he came to England? Nobody knew and that includes the chairman.

“But I never treated the signings like that, like they are my players or your players.

“No, they were all our players, collective responsibility.”

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4 comments on “Bilic in Moyes and Sullivan revelations

  1. Slaven Billic is total class A terrific chap and it was great to have him as manager at our club with the legacy of so many wonderful memories. Slav was just too soft and nice on the players and they didn’t respond well.
    Slav’s class shines through with his professional comments – that expose him for the class act he is and our owners who come out of things (consistently I have too say) with less than a smell of roses. Time for more professional management around the club.
    As Slav says its a collective for all things at the club – this blame game is so unprofessional and demeaning. David Sullivan made the decisions and he has to be the one who ultimately carries the can – not passing blame onto all the employees.
    But one thing I am clear on Slav’s time had come and gone and I am now glad that we have David Moyes as our manager.

    • Reckon most of us are pleased for the change of Management . It must be said that Bilic was losing it big time . Wheather it should have happened sooner is open to debate , but most would say yes . ( it was disrespectful of Sullivan to say what he said ) . Although he was right imo , it would have been more Gentlemanly to say nothing .
      Anyway , due to a variety of reasons we now find ourselves very much involved in a serious relegation battle . We are improving a lot and there is plenty of room for Optimism .
      Stoke will be a very tough game and if we lose it wouldn’t surprise me . However if we come away with three points it would inject a huge dose of confidence to back up our recent performance’s .

  2. Sullivan over the last 7 years has opened his mouth with I’ll advised comments and statements that has brought a spot light to them from most inside the game and out , this isn’t anywhere near good enough for the club , he is constantly being exposed as a very poor advert for chairman and the way they conduct themselves in public and inside the club ! IMO he’s not liked or trusted by anybody in the sport and when ex managers give little snippets to the truth of his character and not the full blown facts then you know there’s a problem inside the club as we speak , Sullivan commands no respect and the longer he remains with us the problems he causes will always be in the shadows waiting to upset and unbalance the club ,
    For me that’s a worrying thought and personaly the quicker he and the other 2 move on the better ! Hes like a cancer that keeps recurring after treatment , its in him , there is no cure for
    For no class. You either have it or you don’t , sully doesn’t !! 😎 as for who would take over the reigns after they’re gone , well theres many many people in this world who could step in as the world never stops evolving and our board are not the be all and end all in west hams future history, as I said the world moves on ! And IMO so do the board !! Amateurs IMO with a small fortune who cannot spend or compete with the big boys even though he promised us to do so lol! Then there was the little snippet by him that highlights the deception when he said he didn’t realise the job that that entailed ? Really Mr Sullivan ? So thats all right then , well just forgive and fotget shall we ! Just more bull💩 !!😎

  3. Bilic at all times carried himself with dignity, clearly one of the nicest blokes in football and if you were going to have a pint and watch a match with an ex player/manager he would be right up there, whatever our thoughts on his management style he should be accorded the same respect he showed for the club and not demeaned by Sullivan the gulf in class between them is like the grand canyon. There is also a two faced side of this where Bilic clearly says he got on well with Sullivan for two years, then Sullivan isn’t man enough to sack him face to face and slags him off behind his back while trying to pat himself on the back for his own mistakes…

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