Bilic is back in Croatia


Bilic2New West Ham manager Slaven Bilic took time out of his family holiday to visit the Croatian national team today.  Croatia play Italy this Friday at home in the European Championship qualifiers and Bilic is expected to attend as a guest of honour.

Bilic was previoulsy appointed head coach of the Croatian national team back in July 2006. In the Euro 2008 qualifiers, he led Croatia to a very successful campaign in a group consisting of  England, Russia, Israel, Macedonia, Estonia and Andorra.

Bilić managed to lead Croatia to a first place finish in the group, most notably masterminding home and away victories against England, who consequently didn’t qualify and sacked their then-manager  Steve McClaren. It became England’s first ever loss at the new Wembley stadium. Croatia suffered an exit in the quarter finals against  Turkey and Slaven admitted that the defeat would haunt him and his squad for the rest of their lives..

Croatia failed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa after finishing third in the qualifying group, but Bilić decided to stay with the team for at least two more years.

Although Croatia qualified for the Euro 2012 championships they didn’t proceed past the group stage after being beaten by reigning champions Spain. However, the national team under Bilic subsequently garnered widespread domestic praise for their tournament performance, and were greeted by a large crowd upon their return. Upon his formal departure, Bilić was praised for his long-standing service to the national side. Local media labelled him as Croatia’s only manager to depart on such positive terms and credited him for his strong revival of the national side during his six-year tenure.

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  • bubs says:

    Has he got a tardis,talking of national Teams just tried 20 mins of England women’s game
    Is BFS there manager it was like watching us last season 1 forward and a laboured midfield
    1-0 down and still defending RUBBISH
    But the best looking ref I have ever seen

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Haha spot on bubs particularly about the ref. Maybe you’ve found the fat mans next job

      • rads says:

        Sh*t i mised the ref,i quickly flicked on, saw we were losing so went back to the cricket.I will have to check her out another time 😀

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    Any ideas on a timescale for the work permit Sean? I’d imagine it’s straightforward and he can still liaise with Tony Henry about signings before it’s granted.

  • Should be a formality for the work permit. West Ham will sponsor him. It can be completed the same day if they use the premium service for £400


  • This is the form he needs to complete


    He has a degree in law so it shouldn’t be too difficult

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Cheers Sean,I couldn’t have hoped for a more thorough reply,you’re not running a sideline are you lol

  • boys of '66 says:

    Is there anyway we can convince the authorities that Nolan is foreign & get his work permit revoked 😀

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Haha he is scouse so there could be a case….trouble is so is Cresswell

    • hammer4life says:

      Im a little concerned that we will not get rid of Nolan until Sam gets off his arse to look for a new job or someone is mug enough to offer him one. I saw a poll which said 70pct of Sunderland fans didn’t want him haha. How can that be? He did such a great job here according to all the experts.

      • boys of '66 says:

        90% of football fans dont want Hippo as their manager for their own team but always come out with the never gets relegated bs.However,when you ask them if they would have him as manager of their team they say no fuxking chance,lol

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Boys, You don’t have to convince the authorities… Nolan is Brazilian, he has samba in his veins. lol 😀

    • boys of '66 says:

      Lol,pity this rythmn & samba soul he has doesnt help him shift some fat 😉

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    Haha Matte I think you’re mixing up samba with chip fat lol

  • bubs says:

    Pay him off and let him find another team for moral reasons,we will only end up paying half his wages while he is on loan,sack O,Brien for not being able to fulfil his contract ( can’t
    Play football ) let Jarvis go part exchange OPR want him we want Austin or Chulker,
    Zacatecas gets another chance pay Magia off or make him play with the ladies for the rest of the season,

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahah… Sorry bubs and Quick but I don’t agree with you. Nolaninho is still our ace, I’m sure Slaven consider him the still point of his West Ham and next year he’ll give Kevin Dos Santos Moreira the number 10 shirt… Lool 😀

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Haha Matte his real name is Kevin Arantes do Nascimento,Pele’s brother Bele lol

  • bubs says:

    He could earn his coaching badges with the ladies and Dicksy can have Pottsy job
    Pottsy can move up with Slaven
    Nolan can have the number 10 shirt just can’t play or be sub for 1 year only
    There Matte trying to keep everyone in the club and fan base happy

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahahah… I’m imagining Little Kev wearing his number 10 shirt sleeping on the bench… Lol 😀

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