Bilic is the man says former Hammer

martinallenFormer Hammer Martin Allen believes Besitkas manager Slaven Bilic should be high up on West Ham’s list of replacements for Sam Allardyce he told Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs on Talksport radio today.

Allen said “Slaven Bilic has been a world class footballer and was a tremendous servant to West Ham United, he’s a very intelligent man, in business and in football. He would be one you would look at. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Allardyce turns down another contract, he’s done what he’s needed to do at West Ham. He’s got them promoted from the Championship and established them in the Premier League. He can move on. People should be wary what they wish for though because he has done a fantastic job.”



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10 comments on “Bilic is the man says former Hammer

  1. Now it’s Bilic just after BFS should get another 2 years,
    Who’s next for the BFS revival
    Let’s here from someone who knows what we really need
    What do you think Sir Trevor Brooking ?

  2. I can hear Jim Royle now. “Fantastic, my arse”

  3. Ahaha… I was happy but then I read the second half of this article… I give up wetpants.com is contagious… Lol
    Please Sam stop paying the people… there’s no need for that, we all know you’re the most sophisticated manager.


  4. Matte spent a hour going over old post on wetpants.com to see what Rads,Tyson and Chicken had been reading,
    Most of the people on there are as fed up with Banjo,Ro and647380 and tell them so,
    But they are the ones that come on here cause problem with insults then try and persuade others we are the rabid dogs
    They way they act and talk I’m not sure they are even WHU fans,
    No one can be that thick and stupid ,
    Won’t bother again you can’t even join the post because there is no subject to join it people posting and being shot down by one of the morons
    Speak tomorrow

  5. I like the group we have on here. There is generally respect for each others opinions even when there is disagreement. Hugh eventually weeds out the morons. That’s why it continues to be the best forum for discussing WH,

  6. Thats because we are all ignorant pigs,moronic & a bunch of rabid dogs that Hugh should put down.Think that pretty much covers the kind words from some of the guys on wetpants,lol.But i dont have time to be a pseudo chairman or manager of west ham,so best leave it to them.I will chew on my bone in my kennel instead or is it pig sty.Im not sure anymore 😀

  7. Listen lads,let me tell you something.I know you are far more vociferous in your dislike of Sam & you like a wind-up & leg pull but you are far more friendly than that lot.They just bypass so called strangers posts to carry on their little clan conversation.Be yourselves,have fun,have a wind-up.It does no one any harm & for a couple of them to say whay they did is embarressing to me as a fellow Irons supporter.They just made themselves look like imbeciles to be honest.They should keep quiet if they have nothing decent to say.Calling a site wetpants is one thing,saying what those towrags said is a totally different thing altogether.If you are morons i should think Ian Dale wouldnt be too proud to have those melts on his site!!

  8. I go there quite a lot and the minute I put my view into there conversation they attack like a pack,then the have the nerve to say we are in the wrong and if like Hamburg you try and defend this site its ring leaders again try to shout him down,
    All I can say is the people in charge of that site are cowards for not dealing with it or think letting these idiots deal with new people or running this sit down will give his site a higher profile,
    Wrong it just make that site unusable for intelligent,football loving people,
    Trying to say this site only wants BFS sacked and discuss no other subjects are false but as most things involved with our club that are bad do involve BFS

  9. You are so right dudes.They are their only little inbred community,kiss each others arses but ignore or attack anyone who isnt part of their inbeed group..Most are total ********s who think they get a loyalty badge for being faithful lovers of West Ham.They are creepy the way talk like they think they are owners of the club.Never known a site with so many ‘experts’ on it.Most are cringeworthy.

  10. I’d defo sing, Slaven Bilic Claret & Blue army!
    Nuff said.

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