Bilic landslide ahead

BilicSlaven Bilic is a massive favourite with the West Ham fans to take over as the club’s manager according to a new poll launched a few hours ago.

ClaretandHugh’s ‘Best of the Rest’ Poll has been set up since Rafa Benitez, Jurgen Klopp, David Moyes and Carlo Ancelotti fell by the wayside after being the club’s top choices for the job.

The new poll includes Bilic, Eddie Howe, Garry Monk, Sean Dyche, Gus Poyet, Brendan Rodgers, Alan Pardew, Gareth Southgate, Harry Redknapp, Tony Pulis, Glenn Hoddle and Michael Laudrup.

The 24 hour poll which closes at 9 am on Friday sees Bilic with just over 64 per cent of the vote ahead of Michael Ludrup with nine per cent and Eddie Howe with seven.



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17 comments on “Bilic landslide ahead

  1. No wonder he’s best of the rest not much choice!!

  2. Haha,food postive feedback geezer 😉

  3. Where’s Alex McLeish?.

  4. What will be will be.Clubs been around for more than a hundred years.One managerial appointment aint going to change that.Yes an important one but not something to **** your pants about,not at all.I will leave that to the wetpants chickens,all clucking like they have an eggstuck up their jacksies!;)

  5. Anyone is an improvement on hippo.
    I just hope Bilic has time on his hands and understands the process.
    Personally still hoping for Biesla

  6. I’m still sceptical about this poll it’s like asking which player do you like best McAvennie,Upson,Ince or Defoe. It seems to be aimed at proclaiming Bilic as the overall fans favourite when,whether rightly or wrongly, he clearly hasn’t been.

  7. Exactly Bubs,anyone is an improvement.Dont know why so many people are crapping themselves.Too much free time on their hands i guess 😉

  8. ahah… Be careful what you wish for… The panic is spreading at an alarming rate on wetpants… Right now there’s not a spiritual leader, just fishing in the dark, the alert threshold is excideed… There’s one man who can save us, Sam… Is still he available? lol 😀

  9. Haha,i know Matte,its incredible.**** me,they are lunatics,lol,we are supposed rabid dogs they are p* ssing scared poodles 😀

    • Ahah… 😀

    • I have officially stopped going there,not that i had an account anyway.But i cannot poke up with fans who think they know everything about everybody.Every manager mentioned has one of them being a supposed guru on the man.Cant be ar*ed with it,makes my eyes sore reading it 😉

      • Arghhh,dont mention that place.There is a guy there gets right up my bugle.Some Joe geezer.He knows evrything about everything.Frigging sammerette tosser!

      • Ahah… Rads, they are entertainment… 😀

        • Nah i cant go there Matte,honestly i know there are good people there but the experts i cant tolerate.Just make me mad.If i had a profile there i would be banned within 30seconds 😀

  10. It amazes me they are Hammer Fans,they must go to Butlins every year stop in chalet 15
    Yellow,all ways were the same socks to every home game,never go out on Sunday’s because Monday is a work Day,
    Never eat foreign food,
    Read wetpants.com at 9.35 every day,
    I bet everyone of them that reads this is thinking how did he know that
    It’s because you are strange grey people
    Wet pants.com GET A LIFE
    Canchaz don’t get down when you read this you can have a beer on Sunday

    • You must have a much calmer demeanour than me bubs.I wanted to hang some of them on there when i used to pop on it,lol,now easier for my heart rate to avoid it,haha 😀

  11. The problem with the internet rads is you can’t stick you hand through the screen and pull them out,but that’s why they are so brave on there site,
    They are school yard bullies who think they are untouchable and that’s where the people who run that site are different from Hugh,he would not take some of that attitude and they would be out,
    What goes around comes around I live by that and in my many years it normally comes true
    The old days of getting rid of your frustration have now gone ( shame ) but that’s life

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