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Bilic left in no doubt about future

slaven10Slaven Bilic is set to get four more games to turn around the club’s disastrous form but the Davids are making plans to plug the gap should he being unable to do so.

Nobody truly expected Bilic to be out of a job until he had been given the chance to get some home games under his belt but it has been made clear to him that a massive transformation is required over the next month.

David Sullivan sacking criteria has always been six straight defeats andout so the Huddersfield Town, West Bromwich Albion and Spurs games look critical. The club will also allow him to oversee the Swansea City home game unless nerves become too shredded.

To say that the board were disappointed with Saturday’s performance would be putting things mildly – privately they were fuming over a gutless and terrible performance.

Now the gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down – it’s three or four games or out. Sullivan and Bilic met at the Rush Green training ground Ground yesterday where we understand the manager was left in no doubt of the situation.

The pair will talk again on the phone today today ahead of David Sullivan flying out for a short break during international week – his usual practice.




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28 comments on “Bilic left in no doubt about future

  1. It’s so easy to put the defence under the spotlight when you concede 10 in 3, but, for me, the problem is the midfield. We are not competing in central areas, we lack pace and back off, which lets the opposition get their heads up and spot the pass to create the chance.

    Carvalho, or similar will help, but, like Lanzini when he came on, he won’t be able to do it by himself.

    We will only improve when we press.

    How many seconds did Pep give his all conquering Barca side to get the ball back from the opposition?

    • Agree Markro 6 seconds I think Pep gives them, with the press you defend as a team that means not just pressing the player but pressing the space where you anticipate the pass will go, if you do that well you will get the ball back most times, the defence against it is to dribble the ball past the press and counter at pace not allowing the pressers time to organise and defend well or to bypass the press and win the second ball high up the pitch using s Carroll type player to work win the first ball. We are not doing anything well at the minute it would be foolish to sack Bilic without a replacement but personally irrespective of results I would be lining a new manager up if not now for January or next season or should the results dictate in the interim, if Sullivan is going on holiday Presumably no more transfer deals are anticipated.

  2. Still remains to find a suitable replacement if he fails. By no means an easy task with the season under way, but easier than to do it at Christmas.
    A care taker may be the best bet, but is there anyone internal to burden with it? Only one name springs to mind for me, and he has no Prem management experience. On his record over the last few years though, Terry Westly has done a great job for the U21/23 teams. He also knows inside out ( better than anyone else ) the best young players we have at the club, and he would be prepared to give game time to Holland Rice, Martyinez, and Quina.

  3. i don’t think he is in any doubt. He is safe as long as he doesn’t punch the club mascot, turn up to the match in his underpants, post nude photos of the Lady on Instagram…..or cock his ear to the fans. Total lack of decisiveness I am afraid.

    • Dead right Hammer! I can’t believe this article is called ” Bilic left in no doubt” what if we get 4 points ? 6 points? Lose the 1st 2 games but have a great game against Spurs the doubt is endless he will 4 game ultimatum all the way to 38 games! He’s been in charge for roughly 100 games and we gone backwards so what will another 4 tell us? After 41 years I’m seriously losing interest.

  4. Pithy posting, Hugh. Thanks.
    A four game performance target makes business planning sense. The international break gives the Two Stooges time to ‘attract’ a managerial/coaching replacement who, on paper, will appear to the fan base to be an improvement on Slaven in terms of actual achievement or current success. This should minimise the disruption of Slaven’s departure allowing a replacement to be slotted in. A sacking now, though justified, would leave a hole, a gap, and this would leak ‘desperation’ in the market place. Who will we get? This all depends on what the Two Stooges are prepared to pay out as well as the kind of discretion coupled with budget they will offer Slaven’s replacement.

    The problem is that the shambles continues at the club while the ‘four game dispensation’ takes effect. Morale will fall further among players anticipating change and whether their faces will fit with the new coaching regime. The fan base will get more edgy.

    Trouble is the depth of the problem at the club. Further evidence of just how wrong things are is provided by Wimmer’s sale to Stoke. A solid central defender, lacking pace has gone to Stoke for £15 million. Knock-knee’d Reid is out for…(who knows how long with Winston?) and with 10 goals shipped in 3 games there’s no sign of securing a brace of centre backs. Collins, who puts it in, is now way out of his depth in the PL. Age is a bummer. What’ would be wrong in perming any two from the following three: Mangala, Smalling, Evans? Why is Chris Smalling languishing on a bench, while he could enhance our central defensive options? How is it that a team like Huddersfield can get a solid central defensive system up and running without big names; though we can’t?

    The unfolding drama of Slaven’s departure is a necessary distraction. He needs to go. A swift departure may appear unplanned, desperate even, but it sends out a signal that the club intends to put things right. It’s up to the Two Stooges and their management team to facilitate a smooth transition for the club. That’s their leadership responsibility. We still lack central defensive players, pace in wide areas, a decisive midfielder, and a further strong and quick striker or two as Chicha is no speed machine. Sakho, Carroll, and Ayew should be sold to go as there’s no genuine hunger or quality among this trio.

    There is never a ‘good time’ for a managerial change by definition. Managers/coaches are replaced when they are not achieving. This means things have ‘gone bad’ at the club. So the argument about giving Slaven four games is a double-edged sword with pro’s and con’s. As things stand, the status quo, David Wagner will be bringing a Huddersfield side looking forward to a feeding frenzy. We have already conceded the psychological edge for that game.

    Frankly, Slaven needs to go quickly. Never mind the business planning issue. But make no bones about it: whether an immediate or deferred departure is on the cards, the instability that has now been created by the situation will be rippling through the players. The situation we are in as a club seems to be ‘lose-lose’: defer things and impatience and ambiguity grows. Act promptly to release Slaven and Lanzini’s departure could be hastened. Once again WHUFC find themselves between a rock and a very hard place at the beginning of a second consecutive season.

    Meanwhile, at Stoke, Hughes who does not have the creativity to take a team up the PL Table, is dour and solid in knowing how to ‘dig in’ and shape a team of limited talents capable of surviving in the PL with limited resources, and ambitions. And he has secured a sound if slow centre back to play alongside or replace Ryan Shawcross. Unlike Slaven who has been in denial about the need for two central defenders. This denial helps to explain the situation at WHUFC.


  5. Unfortunately the owners are not ruthless enough, we will never compete with the big boys, the most important decision they have to make is the Manager and we clearly have the wrong one, completely out of his depth. Another season of disappointment with a squad that should finish in the top 8 , we could be relegated unless something is done by end September, remember Abram Grant, Bilic is as bad.

  6. “David Sullivan sacking criteria has always been six straight defeats” …. so 5 defeats and 1 draw is acceptable? This is humiliating. The sooner Billic goes the better.

  7. If this is the case, they are offing the issue. What we will change if we fail to loose against Huddersfield? Bilic will not becometatucakky more the midfield more hardworking. The manager is the most important post in the club. Get that wrong and you have no hope. We have it wrong. Too indecisive; not ruthless or ambitious enough. There is no reason to wait. Bilic must go. Otherwise nothing will change. Thanks

  8. Were just asking for trouble in my opinion.. Even if he wins a couple games it will make no difference the fact of the matter is he is a poor poor manager …nice man but poor manager and that just will not change ..sorry but it’s that simple in my opinion.. I Will always support but until Slav goes I’m afraid we are going nowhere fast ..

  9. What is the point in giving Slav any more time. Excuse after excuse after excuse. We were in the same position last season when Slav’s job was under scrutiny and he was given chance after chance after chance. What’s changed?. He has his number 1 transfer targets and as a team we are a complete and utter joke. Players played out of position week after week after week. Can’t control the midfield. Wait until the opponents get half way into our half before we attempt to close down or tackle. No creativity. Long balls which is totally unsuitable for the best striker we’ve had in years. The man is stubborn, refuses to change his methods or ideology to get the best out of the team. Backroom staff are a complete an utter joke. Sorry, but after 37 years of being a West Ham fan, enough is enough. Gold and Sullivan need to get rid of Slav and his useless backroom staff now. I’ve never been this angry ever but what’s happening at West Ham is a shambles. Thank god for the U’23’s.

  10. Why is it on this site that most people who want the manager fired offer absolutely no alternative?

    • Because they can clearly see the problem despite not being an expert. As a non expert they cannot choose a manager to replace Bilic. Its not rocket Science. The last time that fans chose a manager – we got Bilic!

  11. Unfortunately it’s left the supporters with no doubt either . I suppose seeing Arsenal lose 4 – 0 helped the decision .

  12. Ffs if bilic goes or stays it is not going to cure the problems is , unless Sullivan puts his hand in his pocket nothing is going to change no matter who you point a finger at !!! Thursday is 4 days away until the next window opens in Jan , spending money then will be a panic buying session ! A complete back line is needed and if possible if he still wants to come carvalho ?
    Or similar , sully going on holiday ?? If he does and no body’s arrive then he’s showing what he actually is all about ? I’ll refrain from what it is , Thursday would be good though 😈
    Should never have got to this , makes the move from the old girl even more hurtful !
    They need to deliver on the Promise’s , 7 years and a move ??? Times up for me !
    Start delivering or pampers shares will start hitting high yields lol .
    Westley , ffs a Birmingham days puppet , they’re having a laugh ain’t they , he trains kids ffs
    No experience in respect a premier team in dire straits , do me a favour who in their right mind would do something like that 😕

    • Brooking for me , best temp on offer if bilic don’t pull his finger out !
      Sully is in charge now , bilic is just in transit ! Sully holds all the cards now he’s made the ultimatum? What you gonna do sully were all waiting to see where you go on this !!

  13. So Hugh does Sullivan going away mean that no more incoming? Given how poor a defensive unit we are and the decisions Bilic is making, does anyone really expect a massive turn around in the next 4 games; I despair the minimum we require is a DCM and CB and that is the minimum? The Spurs game should not count as easy to be up for that one. It is the team’s we should beat that should be any yardstick. If they are just buying time then just fire him and have Westley oversee for 4 games. These players should be able to manage and motivate themselves for 4 games!!

  14. If slav does go please don’t get fat boy rafa sully real Madrid saw his not the coach for them maybe from the past ok now fat boy more into fast food and defensive football that bores to death. Jokanovic great modern coach good solid cv plays the west ham way and ambitious . Mancinii better option if you want defensive football but for me joka day and night. Definitely no paying off fat boys contract sully please.

  15. They need to back him then with at least 2 players to shore up the midfield and centre back positions because the amount of goals we are conceding is very very worrying.Its no good having a decent front line if you are conceded 3 every game on average which we are at the moment.

  16. Ok, I give up. Give him 4 matches and buy no one, but don’t expect me and many other fans to be there to watch us lose again. This is a total joke, it is a re-run of how many Managers we have to dispose of eventually before ? Names like Zola and Grant come to mind. Go ahead ruin the season completely, give us no hope, but don’t expect us to pay hard earned money at the turn styles.

    • I renewed my season ticket but I’ve had enough of Bilic. The first two league games have gone on ticket exchange. The new stadium is ok – Bilic has done what the move couldn’t. I like the board but I don’t trust them on a replacement manager either.

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