Bilic lifts Randolph pressure with post match verdict


BilicberrySlaven Bilic picked his words carefully over the manner of the two goals conceded by the Irons at the Stadium Light describing them as “strange.”

But he refused to blame cock-up goalkeeper Darren Randolph declaring: ““It was a well taken goal from Borini and OK, you expect to clear the ball, but with our goalkeeper in that position, the ball dropped and unfortunately he couldn’t hold it.

“We aren’t pointing fingers. We are winning, losing, scoring and conceding goals as a team. We do it all as a team.”

He added: “We were looking for three points and when you concede goals in that manner – for both of them – they are strange goals and you’re disappointed.”

Discussing the game in more general terms he added: “We are disappointed because we were leading twice and after we scored both times, we were in charge and played some good football

“It was a fair result today. Three would have been brilliant but at this stage of the season, a point can be very, very important for us.

He explained: “We tried to win the game today and we got a point so we have a chance next game to get to that magic points number of 40 and we will try to win it,” he continued.

“Today, after we scored the first one, we got nervous and then we had a good spell, but again after the second goal, it was us around the box.

“But we couldn’t finish them, and they started to throw the bodies up front, playing risky football because they were losing.

“Of course when that happens, you expect a job to do in your box but they were also leaving a lot space in behind and we couldn’t finish them off.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • winchester hammer says:

    Bilic must have been watching a different game. How can he possibly be under the illusion that they played well. No closing down. Lazy, thoughtless passes, either to no-one or making team mates go backwards to retrieve them. No desire. They were nearly all to blame. Snodgrass is a disaster. He looks like my old chemistry teacher, not a footballer. Please can this season end soon and we can start again. Hopefully with a new manager.

  • JMan43 says:

    I am fed up with the excuses for inept performances. Bilic may think he is protecting his players but he is making excuses for them to hide behind.

  • PopRobson says:

    Seems we tried to win the game, honest, Bilic said so.

  • John says:

    Well I reckon there is one big over reaction on blogsland. The usual sites are the worse but it’s everywhere man! If it weren’t for Calamity Randy we would’ve won. Granted unconvincingly but we would’ve won and we would be safe on 39 points in 12 place within striking distance of 9th. Madness really because we ain’t a top 10 side. But we didn’t win, I thought our whole 4 looked good, thought Ayew and Lanzini looked good too. But you know what? We ain’t a good side and we are missing far too many players inc our skipper, top scorer and almost the whole backline!

    We just need to get through this season and hope that recruitment is better for next season. I happen to think Slaven will still be here and I’m damn sure the owners will be so what’s the point of all the abuse?

  • ReggieHammer says:

    Can’t think of a worse keeper in the Prem than Randolph

  • John Mc says:

    You know, there is something really wrong about West Ham. In fact there always has been, but for once in their long history they get in a really classy manager who knows how to lock up his teams at the back. He uses what he has at his disposal, whether they be above standard players, below or what ever, and he forges a team & a solid defensive unit that can lock out an opposition. That man, of course is Sam Allardyce. Whichever club that man has gone to, usually to a team that’s in dire straits, he sorts it out and he fixes it. I mean a few weeks ago who would have given Crystal Palace a hope in hell of surviving? But survive they will, mark my words on it. Why because the man, the manager is class, world class, and all’s the stupid idiots here could say is that he doesn’t play the West Ham way. What is this “West Ham Way?” Does anyone know?
    The last person we had who could keep goal was probably Phil Parkes. I mean we’ve had Green, Adrian & now Randolph. All of them have been/are a shambles. West Ham are a shambles. They finally had a class manager in Harry Redknapp, just under 20 years ago. He toughens West Ham right up. He gets us 5th place in the Premier, all for what? To be sacked. What an insult and lack of thanks that was to Harry, and we now have a manager who doesn’t seem to have a clue of how to lock his team up at the back. I mean before yesterday’s game at Sunderland I tried to remind people about how desperate Sunderland were for a win. We had nothing to do, only lock out the back, park the bus if that’s what you want to call it, frustrate the hell out of them and wait, but as the game turned out it got even better because we had the lead within 5 minutes. 1-0 should have been all that was needed in that game to have got 3 points, but no, we have a goal keeper who continually gets locked into his 6 yards box by big beefy opposition, and he lets that happen, and it goes straight in from a corner, well that is such an embarrassment, but even then, with the 3 points gone, along comes James & gives them back to us. What on earth is wrong with this team. Why couldn’t they just park the bus and close the game out? Because it was Randolph once again that’s why. I mean spilling the ball like that right in front of goal was inexcusable and he really doesn’t deserve to be in West Hams goal, neither does Adrian. I mean don’t worry, West Ham won’t go down, but since that FA cup 3rd round loss of 5-0 to Man City the season was finished, although we still had Payet playing so it was highly possible to have got into the top 6 again.
    No, for the last 50 years, I don’t know what it has been with this club. I think deep down, emotionally it suffers from a gross inferiority complex. It conscience seems to refuse to accept that one day it can become a big successful club. Immediate solutions could be to install Ranieri as manager. I mean what that guy did with Leicester was phenomenal and yet he’s out of a job, unbelieavable, Harry Redknapp, Sam Allardyce, anyone who can lock up our back line. Even Pochetino can do that. Mourinio can do it, but never West Ham, why? Is it this invisible ethos the West Ham way again? That’s holding us back. Ffs there were stages during yesterdays game where I thought I was watching a team of spastics. Thank heavens we got a point, because West Ham never realized the point that David Moyes is a loser. He is gone. 1 point is no good to him and how, after his teams winning just 5 games from the last 32 does he think they are going to win 5 from the next 6. And that would still only be a total of 36. Swansea Middlesborough, Sunderland & Hull, there all losing so incredibly West Ham’s 37 will be enough, but David Moyes current total of 21 definitely is not. Sam would have had no trouble at all in shutting a team like that out, even 0-0 would got us the same 1 point, but after 2 beautiful goals from Ayew & Collins (even Snodgrass should’ve scored if Ayew had left him the shot) what respect did Randolph and others give to those 2 goal scorers. I think West Ham need to change everything, from selling the club, changing the manager, and finally, once and for all dump that stupid ethos of “The West Ham Way”. Get real & get into the modern world.

    • Max Willow says:

      An excellent summary of the present status at West Ham-thank you!
      West ham is more than a bunch of guys pushing around a football..
      We are part of a historically significant community..
      I* never thought that my feelings could change so radically; however, it is time for new owners, dedicated to improving the status of our club (eg Markesh & Nita Ambani, owners of the Mumbai Indians Cricket team), a manager who is a little wiser than the present incumbent, all part of taking us to the next level(s).
      In retrospect it was Payet that made West ham, and not Bilic!

    • John says:

      John Mc that’s a good post. Certainly right now I’d take a cross between Big Sam and Slaven. Is that man Rafa?

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Whatever you think of Sam with unlimited funds the best he would get you is 7th place, I agree he improves players defensively, he is absolutely clueless offensively, he was given the chance at West Ham for 5 games we played great football then Carroll was fit and we pretty quickly became boring and defensive. I respect what he does but I want us to be the best and I want us to entertain if possible that will never happen under Sam.

  • John Mc says:

    Thanks Max, and after Bilic and Payet developed a rift, it now seems there is a rift between Bilc & Sakho. Geez, keep this up Saven & you’ll have no one left who wants to play for you. I mean the Slavs are known as hot heads & have you ever met a Slav with an ego that doesn’t think the world revolves around him? A manager sometimes has to listen to his players not puppet listening to his puppeteer, and if Diafra, justifiably so thought that he should have gone on first, especially, well in my opinion anyway, Diafra is a far better player, if not just a better finisher than Carroll. I mean I’ve seen finishes from Sakho where, while we’re all thinking about it, he has the ball in the net already, and then instead of going on a big egotistical goal celebration, no, he humbly just wants to get on with the game after scoring as soon as he can. Maybe like Payet, Sakho has had enough of a manager not listening and taking heed of advice from one of his players. So is this a case of, it would have been to much for Carroll to mentally handle, to have to be told he was being brought on at half time or whenever. I made a suggestion of starting one of these guys & bringing the other on at half time. Sakho, whenever he starts, seems to come on fired already, and I saw enough of Carroll in his 1st year at West Ham to know that West Ham could’ve done better. People who work on their personal fitness, such as Billy Bonds did, don’t get injured like Carroll, who is continually injured, well we’ve seen how he parties if the media is anything to go by. People who party too much are lazy with their training and personal fitness levels. People with back pain are just unlucky and I personally know, that back pain is one of the worst most debilitating pain one can experience, so if Sakho’s beaten a bad back, yeah sure, maybe the manager should’ve listened and given him the respect of a start. Ironically it was Carroll’s disastrous miss fortunately falling to Ayew that produced West Ham’s 1st goal, but yes, a lot of change needs to happen in the off season, because a lot of fans want to enjoy watching West Ham & not paying a lot of money to endure nerve jangling, teeth grinding, excruciating torture, never knowing what crazy antics a disjointed mess can produce next

  • jaybs says:

    Why? does Slav continue to defend Randolph? a times he is like a clown in goal, how long did he defend Adrian? who I see as still better than Randolph, and I have respect the way he has acted during his time on the bench. Is Randolph the favourite son of the owners from and must Not be dropped.

    I don’t know where we start for next season, feel sure we will be sending talented young players out on loan still, rather than developing them from the bench, the summer and January signings were abysmal.

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