Bilic makes Noble position crystal clear

Mark-Noble-640914Slaven Bilic is not for turning as far as Mark Noble is concerned!

Many believe the time has come to rest the West ham skipper but the manager is having none of it and in a major interview on the official website couldn’t have made his position any clearer.

The manager – having probably been alerted to the widespread inquest on Noble – said: “He is the leader of the team. He keeps us balanced. Sometimes he has a great game, sometimes he doesn’t. But overall he is playing good for us.

“And he is more than a player on the pitch. His presence means a lot. It means a lot for the others around him.”

The high profile mistake which led to Eden Hazard’s foal against Chelsea is hard to forget but the manager took an example from Varcelona’s staggering comeback against Paris St Germain in the Champions League this week,

He said: “You can’t just judge a player on one mistake. If it’s like that, Barcelona should have sold all their players after the first leg in Paris. Now they should give them all long-term contracts. Paris the other way around. Sell them all.

“Before Chelsea I was asked the question: Does Mark Noble deserve an England call-up? Now, after nothing basically, I am being asked: What about Mark Noble?

“It’s about believing in your team. The Barcelona game showed that that changing something when needed is good. But what is 100% is that you never stop believing in your players.”

“Mark loves to train,” said Bilic. “He very rarely misses a training session. He listens, he leads, he is a top professional. He never trains at 50, 60, 70 or 80 per cent. He trains at 100 per cent.

“It’s ideal when you have players like him.”


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34 comments on “Bilic makes Noble position crystal clear

  1. Eden Hazard had a foal did he Hughie.I bet that made his eyes water lol

  2. No way absolutley no way will Bilic drop Noble.It aint going to happen at the moment.
    Whoever wants him dropped are in for a long wait.
    I read yesterday on an article here some ex pro or pundit?? thought we should play him at right back.Well if that is the best suggestion they can come up with they should either be sacked or docked a months wages.They must have as much knowledge of football as a flea.

  3. Noble obviously uses his energy up on the Training Field!

  4. It’s Football . What else do some people expect !! .
    Yeh , he should have crossed instead of trying a rather passing game but , hey , how many times has he intercepted in midfield and turned things into a counter ?? , loads of times is the answer . You can’t criticize players for things that are not errors . It’s easy to sit or stand in the Stadium and watch and judge . Not saying he did the wrong thing ; he obviously did but , don’t forget Chelsea is a quality side and will punish even the smallest of bad plays .
    If we want to compete at the highest level we need players that can hurt and cause damage from the tiny mistakes of others . Chelsea can , we , at the moment can’t .
    Chelsea made mistakes and we weren’t there to capitalize,, end of . That’s the difference in class we need to address . At the end of the day it’s all about Big Money .
    But , shhhh , don’t tell the gooners or gonnas .
    But having said all that ; I want to win playing Football not , cheatball like Barcelona .
    Sorry Slaven , just can’t agree with your analogy .

  5. Swanie that r/b idea was nothing to do with an ex-pro i believe.It came from a fella on another site.The one that proudly shows off his First in the egg and spoon race cup and has wet soggy dreams about Karren Brady.
    I will say no more lol

  6. Live it Stan. I’ve heard everything now. Noble at rightback. Carroll at leftback and Adrian up front. It’s coming together now. Total football Rugbyiron style 😂😂

  7. Lol Stan,well that description narrows it down to,um,one.Will say no more thougjh as there is a peace treaty in force 😂
    I dont think im giving away any trade secrets though if i tell you he is now going to Notts County matches on Nolan Watch.He checks he is pacing up & down the touchline at a speed suitable to a pro manager like himself 😂😂😂

    • Lmao Rada I’ve just seen that!! They’re not allowed to slag off Hughie Sean or C&H lmao 😂😂😂😂 I’m going to report the first offender I see!

      We never slag off that nice Mr Dale or his excellent and well put together site do we? Just the posters that inhabit it lmao.

      • Sorry i can add no further comment.I am bound by the treaty to say nothing for fear of retribution from H 😁

      • So iain lays down the law and quite rightly imho , hugh calls for the same snd you keep on dont you ?

      • Lads. Will you give this a rest. I really have had enough. Some of you asked me to deal with it. I jhave done. You trying to take the **** or what. It’s over. Don’t make me come in here again

        • Hang on a minuye here,Rugby Iron posted on here for a fair while before Hugh booted him & though we disagreed on much it was always done with no anger.As for joking about a peace treaty,well if people want to get the arse about that they need to get a life 😁

          • Maybe if that Florida Hammer had been kept in check in the first and not continually insulted Hugh.Seems many are quick to come here “self policing” while saying nothing yesterday to him.
            Just the opinion of an old bugger so what do i know.
            The End….

          • I’m not gonna continue this – I’m grateful for your personal concern and the best way to help me is to now shut up cos all that’s happening is you re giving a green light to others to start up and I really have had enough of this nonsense. Now start talking bloody football

          • Stan, in general people don’t get away easily, there is self-policing going on from fellow users in most cases, in Florida’s case the offending comment was deleted and there also was someone objecting to his comment beforehand.
            Now of course Hugh and Iain have made sure matters will be dealt with properly from now on, so that surely is a good thing.

          • Understood Hugh,Got you Hamburg.Good men the pair of you…
            Sorry my fault i originally joked about the old soldier Rugby on here.Didnt know it would be such a sensitive issue.I will now go take my Sanatogen tablets and apply my Giles cream lol

          • So let me understand this the chaps on here now cant mention or joke about a chap who used to use this site and interact with them because he now uses another site.
            Thats plain daft.So anyone who moves from here to whtid will then not be allowed to be mentioned because it will be seen as keeping something going.Absolute madness and extremely petty.


  9. It’s like deja vu I’m sure I saw a captain play for us before who’s legs had gone but was a so called inspirational leader ! Can’t quite place him though 😀

    • At least that one was a genuine Captain GW but we carried him in the last couple of years, we probably carry Nobes a bit less but as soon as we take him off the ball moves around the field quicker, Slav sees him every day in training and no doubt he is full of passion for the club but his leadership doesn’t translate into any points at the end of the season unlike a Terry or a Kean, he lacks presence and when things are going badly seems to go into himself. I understand why he is loved and respect him but as the old adage goes football is a results business, I read Payet say he could see his career going backwards at West Ham much as I despise and disagree with the way he acted on that much I agree with him, Bilic is getting mediocre results against mediocre teams, he has a quality squad full of potential the best squad any manager has had since 85/86 they should be challenging in the Europa League positions but they appear to lack leadership on and off the field and we will be lucky if we finish in the top ten.

  10. Sorry but I’ll have my say. First of all Mr BSB needs to get off his soap box. To the best of my knowledge posters on here don’t go to whtid to have a pop so why does he come here to stir? HH comes here with a degree of humour and takes the light abuse he gets well. As did that Tom chap.

    Now IMO the issue is, as Iain Dale pointed out, that certain whtid types were having a go at Hughie Sean and this site. That’s discourteous because they rely on this site every day. No one on here slags Iain Dale off or his site. As I’ve said before the likes of Hughie Sean and Dale deserve credit for bringing us the service they do.

    Now then, if I read nonesense being said on whtid or someone is making trouble for this site or a poster is bullying someone like Zaman, why the hell cant I comment on it here? If you state a view or behave in a certain way on a blog site then you attract comment, by nature that’s what you want. Good and bad. I’ll post my comment where I want and if I say something here I have no problem on others commenting on it anywhere they please.

    That’s all I’m saying on the matter.

    • Believe me, BSB does not stir. Like me though he doesn’t get the vitriol and mocking between fellow fans, no matter if they use the same or different blog. Both blogs are great in their own way.

    • Re the sirrer accusation , I made an observation that despite hugh and iain asking for mutual respect between the bloggs you seemed intent on carrying on with your wind ups and referencing just about everything thats discussed on whtid in a **** taking manner ,

      Re the get of me soap box , i take that on the chin because its fair opinion and your absolute right .

      • BSB no axe to grind with you,im too long in the tooth but i will say one thing and one thing only as i have no desire to argue.Its easy for you to come here to put people in their place you dont know but i read both sites daily and regularly Hugh and the silly Clickbait and Hugh,its just a clickbait site,Hugh is all about the money comments have appeared.You have seen them you know you have.But i have seen nothing from you telling them to leave it out.
        Why,because their your mates so its ok and you dont want to get involved.No level playing field for certain has been shown.
        Still i wish you a good evening sir.

      • I’ll say it again it’s not about commenting on the comments that’s fair game, it’s the selective few on whtid that slag off Hugh and Sean and their site that they read. People like Rugby Steve, Origional Russ/Misery, Florida and a good few others are fair game because they invite **** take. It’s harmless mostly but Hugh and Sean deserve more respect as your leader rightly pointed out.

        • As one of the original so called “Rabid Dogs” who was told that I hated the club because I slagged off the Slug this new friendship circle seems a bit strange 😂😂😂

  11. Let it lie John.Its what Hugh wants 😉
    And im staying out of the Noble debate.Hero worshipped by some,Sid the Sloth for others.Its splintered ass time for me on this one.He is going to become a West Ham legend,its a bit like Francis Benali is a Southampton legend.Shows what barren times both bloody teams have had 😂😂

    • Oh come on Rads you know you want to get involved in the Captain Slow debate 😀 As for the other I’ve now found my inner calm and live a tranquil life where there is no anger or judgment 😇

      • No trust me i dont mate,its never ending.Nolan Mk2 😁 Along with Brady definately Rugbys obsession was Nolan.And yeah i will mention him because though we disagreed on much & agreed on little i actually thought he was ok,so why the f*ck shouldnt i mention him 😂😂
        Do you remember Matte or cant i mention him either 😬😂

        • Good old Matte he’s probably on a night out chasing ***a around Rome with his West Ham shirt on and a cornetto in hand 😂😂 Don’t know about you Rads but miss the old days where banter was the norm with Matte, Bubs, P45 etc etc etc

          • Lol GW,yeah i miss the lads having the crack.If nothing else Hippohead gave us some good laughs before everyone went all boo hoo the stadium stinks and the owners are the devils offspring 😁😁

          • Matte is sorely missed, hopefully he will be back at some point 🙂

          • Yeah definately missed 32,he was a really funny guy.Great sense of humour 😁

  12. As an objective viewer who has read this thread with interest i am curious to know why Iain Dale recently said he had received complaints of bullying,aggression and sexism on his site.
    Now i feel very sorry for the man he is only trying to run a fan blog but it begs the question where were the men who come here to complain when it came to keeping their own house in order.
    Their silence on there is deafening hence the complaints to Iain one would assume.

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