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‘Bilic out’ calls start as fans react

It was a horror show…a performance so extraordinarily bad that it was hard to find words. However, between them ClaretandHugh’s Facebook forum members have found quite a lot.

Here’s some random views after the Irons leaked four goals before deciding to give it a go at West Brom today.


Slaven-BilicO Carry on like this, teams will be queuing up to play us.
O Zaza doesn’t look a Premier League striker 
O Absolute shambles of a performance
O I wonder what Collins lovers will say now. Slav dug his own grave when he sold Tomkins.
O Can’t believe how bad our defence are
O  Wonder home many season tickets we will sell for the championship at this rate
O  Too many individuals. Not playing as a team.
O I have always backed Slav but this week I’ve looked at his history as a manager good starts at all clubs then well always drops off big time
O If truth, we don’t deserve to be losing so a lot of over reaction. Schoolboy defending again and a striker who doesn’t look up to speed.
O At this rate it will only be one season in the premier league at the London Stadium
All that possession has counted for nothing against a well drilled Pulis side!!!!
O We brought in 13 players and it hasn’t made a jot of difference. Barely seen any of them on the pitch. Zaza looks slower than Carlton Cole!
O Sack Bilic .. dont be stupid
O I’m saying it as well! Bilic is Martinez 2.0 Get rid of him. I love the guy but all season we’ve been horrific.
O Change in management. Lol Fickle fans or what
O The team are not playing for bilic anymore something is missing
O New signings have added nothing. Truly awful. West Brom showed West Ham how to play football.
O Too many people lauding Billic as a God because he had a very good season but had won nothing in football. People lauding the owners who were responsible for taking us down with Avram Grant. We have had no good momentum since pre season and it has continued and will continue until the owners bring in a manager who has won trophies.
O I have said we will struggle this year!! Said it from the off!! A new stadium can work against you, doesn’t  feel like playing at home. Everyone will blame injuries, but they’ve had the transfer window to sort that. Collins and Reid are, a) past it with Collins and b) not up for it with Reid. 
O The buck stops with Bilic, if he can’t get the formation right or motivate the players to perform then he has to take the blame, so far this season we have not played anything last season, all blaming injuries but the squad we have available should be performing a dam site better than this
O So – wonder what the excuses will be this time. Can’t score, can’t defend, can’t hold onto leads, can’t get leads. But, hey, a team doesn’t suddenly become rubbish over night, does it? Second season syndrome. Get ready for a whole load of :manager out”, “owners out”, “should have stayed at the Bolyen” Never mind, its early days, wait till our injured come back and watch us go, then!
O Totally disgusted. Team selection once again wrong. I fear for Bilic’s future. Are the rumours true? Has Bilic really lost the dressing room? I’m also disappointed with summer signings. Just making numbers up rather than providing
I can’t understand all the criticism for Billic. Poor penalty to give away. Ogbonna schoolboy defending for the second and suicide for their fourth. The players need to take the blame not the manager
O That was shocking. This is going to be a long season. Where’s the speed and drive of last year?

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

33 comments on “‘Bilic out’ calls start as fans react

  1. Can’t believe this – yes it’s been an horrendous start, but people calling for the manager to be sacked!? Come on!

  2. I agree hammersfan01 but he his to improve his team selections. I would like so see this team out in the league cup. Randolph, Arbeloa, Oxford, Reid, Browne, Fernandez, Obiang, Feghouli, Antonio, Calleri, Fletcher. I will be very angry if he does not give youth a chance i.e. Oxford, Browne, Fernandez, and Fletcher. I personally do not want to see Byran, Nordsvelt or Collins near the team for the next two games. I really hope the people on here giving out about Reid wake up and realise he is our best defender with Oxford.

  3. Still remember what Lukaku did to Oxford last year. Too lightweight for top PL strikers at the moment. Needs to build up .

  4. Bilic IN.

    Defensive midfield IN.

    First team against Stanley.

    Get the win and confidence back IN.

  5. So it’s now Slav out? How about throwing some blame on our snail paced captain and those other players who didn’t seem to give a toss? About time the players took some blame because after going today and watching them **** about they deserve some flack

    • Agree GW the midfield are not tackling back like they did last season and that is the problem, the answer is to get them to do what they did last season but from his press releases that is what Bilic is drumming into them but the players are not doing it. I don’t blame Bilic for keystone cop defending, although I do think at times he is trying to fit square pegs into round holes, against Stanley give the kids s run out if they show they can defend and create move some of them into the first team.

  6. Bring back the Hippo.Resign from England Sammy Baby.Come back lol f*ck me some of our fans are f*cking mental im telling you.If you read some of the Tasmanian devils & total fruit & nuts on sites today you realise we have a fan base full of Rampton escapees 🙂

    • Rads it beyond a joke mate, Slav takes a hiding week in week out yet the out of form and currently playing like ****e club captain is defended to the hilt as is the china doll 🙂

      • Hahaha,yeah & then you get all the FIFA Managers coming out to tell everyone how it should be done if they were manager.Which of course would coincide with the club winning the prem,followed by the CL the season after lol

        • Btw yeah Noble is having a shocker amongst many others but don’t forget he is bullet proof lol

  7. Don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so.
    Some time back I said on here that Bilic should have been looking for a top defender instead of chasing strikers that were never going to come to West Ham. Apart from this I also slated him, like virtually all WH fans, for the idiocy of playing Antonio at RB. Furthermore, I said I could not understand why he was so obsessed with signing wingers. What have we had from Tore, or Feghouli? I want Bilic to prove me wrong, but I have no faith in him. I think he has been sadly lacking with some of his decisions.

    • Ed, Why don”t YOU apply for Slaven Bilic’s job? You’re confident that you have all the answers as you told us all so. You might be able to convince David Sullivan and David Gold that you know everything about signing players, team selection and tactics.

  8. We struggling in attack which invites all pressure on us at the back.. which aren’t performing well enough!

    Martinez in reserves is banging in goals left right and center and looks a goal machine real poacher… why doesn’t he make the bench at least?

    Wait till Cresswell back Arbeloa at RB and Ayew starts Feghouli Antonio Payet and Lanzini hit top gear we will find the others pick up around them!

    then add… Carroll and Sakho we will be fine just bad start like last year all teams have a bad spell

  9. Crikey seems Bilic is getting roasted.This electronic social media does bring out the worse in some people.There is a lot to be said for the days of a good rant over a pint with mates on a Saturday night then putting it to bed ready to support the team the following match.
    These days you get the same people grumbling all week because they now have a platform to try to show they are the new Bill Shankly or Alex Ferguson

    • Bob most of them just crave the attention of there virtual friends instead of going down the boozer and mixing with real people 🙂

      • I think I have found out forums are not my bag GW.They are just a platform for moaners in 90% of cases.A friend of mine who won’t use them for any amount of money did warn me but I didnt think they were so bad Lol.Crikey it’s too much for me mate.
        At least this isn’t the worst,that WHTID is madness 🙁

  10. We should ask everyone the question are you a West Ham Supporter? or a West Ham Hater?

    I think we have a good squad and continue to believe we will end up top 10 ☺

  11. Cobblers. We need Sakho back so badly. On the brighter note if things keep going we won’t need to loan out our youngsters for championship expereance

  12. Sensationalist Crap!!!
    Another bad result and yes it’s really not good conceding 4 goals at West Brom.
    Leave Bilic to sort out please – he is the best manager we have had for a very long time, he tells it as it is, and this team once they sort the defence has the best group of players we have had for over 30 years.
    This site is doing its best to destabilise West Ham as I do not believe reproducing 10 Twitter comments from God knows who, truly reflect “Fans views”.
    Yet more evidence of the owner of this site wanting press headlines at West Hams expense, and wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he is actually a Spurs fan.

    • Are you commenting on the right site? Destablising West Ham on here? You need to go to WHTID and read there inciteful thoughts mate 🙂

      • He must have hit the wrong button on the app,either that or he is visiting from our favourite sister site where ammonia levels must be the equivalent to radiation levels at Chernobyl lol 🙂

  13. Go and have a read of MR CAPS LOCK it will cheer you up and prove British beef actually was dodgy for a while 🙂

    • Im in a good mood tonight even after this defeat GW. I can’t be bothered to go to Ramptons recreational room to read the patients going loopy lol

  14. Calm needed , no panic , I saw enough today ( watched whole game ) to see we have a good attacking team . West Brom set up ” parking the bus ” then hit us – but we were naive and really we’re not used to this with opposition , particularly away from home – the 4th goal proved that emphatically . Slav is a good manager , no question of changing manager , please .
    We really need a central defending captain in total organisational control of our defence – I really hate to use the words , but a John Terry figure ( sorry but you’ll know where I’m coming from ) – can that person be Reid , Ogbonna or maybe Arbeloa ( I hear he is more than capable of playing mid defence ) . This captain needs the respect of the dressing room so that out there he can shout , cajole , organise and motivate his fellow defenders and the midfield in front . From that solid base and with our attacking midfield options and forward options ( everyone fit ) we will race up the table . Slav can shout from the technical area but it needs a strong , respected , influential skipper in the heart of the defence to look players in the eye out there and lest anyone slacks , goes slow , isn’t fired up , this skipper can ensure they are on his radar and more is expected . We may have to wait to the next transfer window to get this person – it needs a strong personality and respect of fellow players . All great teams have had this set up – Mooro , Bryan Robson , Roy Keane , Tony Adams , John Terry even Kompany when City won the PL .
    We have the rest of the jigsaw – just this one vital piece missing . Calm , unity , confidence and patience . COYI ⚒

  15. Billic is the best manager we have had for years. Time to get behind our manager and show we have faith rather than give him these negative damming vibes!! Shame on you fans!! Maybe we can get big sam back after England fail to reach the world cup??

  16. Is it his fault no strikers are scoring?? Zaza and Calleri had big Reps.. Fans called for fletcher to play!! If they can do what Carrolll does and stop their defenders having time on the ball then the defense can start from there and filter down!! The strikers are CRAP and that is no fault of Billic cause he begged for a top class striker. and now we are stuck with Zaza the guy that needs 5 seconds to control a ball and Calleri who wishes he was still in Brazil or Argentina

  17. I said before this game Slav needs to show the other side to him now
    No more loyalty to Noble,Collins,Reid,
    Obiang,Oxford forget how young he is,Calleri Fernandez
    All need a chance
    Zaza needs a couple of weeks or he will never get his confidence back,after he learns the basics again,
    Slav will come good the Hippo lovers who have waited for this and I believe have wished this on us can whatch there country go backwards but not our team,
    We looked good at times yesterday but Pulis had worked us out,stand strong at the back then hit us fast and wait for the mistakes,
    We should have taken Noble and Zaza off after 20 minutes and that would have shaken the team up and put some fire in the others,
    Some players need a real reality check

  18. In Bilic we should thrust,five games gone stupid behaviour. COYI

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