Bilic Poll: Fans delivering crushing verdict


Slaven-Bilic-Football365A big majority of West Ham supporters want Slaven Bilic to leave the club.

The ┬ápopular independent website ClaretandHugh launched a new poll on the manager’s position after the 3-0 defeat by Newcastle asking fans whether they would prefer hes hould stay or leave the club.

And the site’s followers rushed to cast their vote with over two and half thousand doing so overnight ahead of morning reports that the Croatian is due to meet the board tomorrow morning to discuss his future at the London Stadium.

In the meantime the supporters have made it crystal clear that enough may now be enough and that the club should find a replacement.

The voting figures this morning (Sun) after the poll had been up for about 12 hours were:

YES (he should leave) 74.16 per cent

NO (he should stay) 16.63 per cent

Don’t know ( 9.21 per cent)

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Max Willow says:

    The one aspect about Bilic’s past which worried me, was his failure while manager at Dynamo Moscow..
    The only thing that saved us from likely relegation last year, was the great, spirited victory over Spurs.
    However, despite the signing of some quality players over the summer transfer window, nothing much has changed.
    Despite the continuing failure to get consistent results with the 4-2-3-1 formation, Bilic persists with this formation (which is not suited to our present squad of players), with failures in defense, midfield, and attack. If he had used a 3-5-2, a 4-4-2, or even a 3-4-3 formation, we might have fared better.
    However, aside from major issues with formation, I sense that Bilic may have lost the admiration and confidence of his players. Very sad, but we are playing in the best league in the world, and something must be done quickly to malady the situation.
    Perhaps, we, the supporters were lulled into a false sense of comfort when Payet was content and playing at his best, but we need a manger to take a group of talented players and re-organize them into a cohesive team.

  • kevin says:

    I always harbored doubts over Slaven . Right from the off really . He wasn’t after all first choice Manager to begin with . But we gave him our support neverless and wished him luck and were hopeful of a West Ham resurgence as permanent Premiership force . We gave him the benefit of the doubt when we were forever with a weakened squad through injuries .
    We gave him benefit of the doubt due to the Stadium move . We gave him benefit of the doubt when Payet wanted out .
    That all started to change with ludicrous team selections and playing players out of position and the constant one up front formation . The constant use of players out of form or not performing to any level demanded by the Premiership . A complete failure to listen to the fans and consider Thier observations and ideas . Letting decent youngsters out on loan and turning decent players into useless ones overnight .
    There is something very definitely amiss with the coaching and a lack of tactical awareness . Snodgrass was a decent player , Fonte was a decent player , Feghouli was a decent player ,, they all were before they signed up to West Ham . What the hell goes on to turn them into shadows of Thier former selves . What goes on to snuff out the ambition and will to fight of these players . It seems that the system is our biggest hurdle , not the players.
    We have been seeing the same incompetence for almost 18 months and the situation is now so dire that it’s time for a change . Bilic and his coaching staff need replacing asap .
    To show more patience and to give more time would be depremental to our Club .
    If the Board decide to give it more time we can only hope for improvement . Just how long we need to wait for any improvement is anybody’s guess .
    The Davids should make some kind of statement sooner than later . A 75% vote against
    Is no small matter Msr’s Sullivan & Gold . If it gets to the stage of demonstrations as in the case of Sam Alladyce we are in big trouble .

  • webmeister says:

    It always seemed that the main reason for hiring Slav was that he’d played in claret and blue, rather than because he was actually a top class manager, and he’s done nothing since then to establish himself. However, let’s not go down the Villa road, changing manager every 5 minutes and ending up as a mid-table Championship side. The board need to take their time so that when they replace him it’s with someone of real pedigree.

  • crewehammer says:

    75% from the visitors to this page…. this place is not renowned for supporting managers or indeed much positivity – and you’re deluded if you think any managers ” listen to the fans and consider thier observations and ideas.”

    • kevin says:

      West Ham have been deluding me for ages , crewehammer . But I have never been so deluded in all my years as I am now . Think you’ll find ” this place ” has given fair support to Bilic . Patience running on fumes .

      • Ben says:

        Always the same on these sites CreweHammer.All the fans who thrive on drama use them.
        Car crash tv addicts like Kevin.

        • Hammerman6 says:

          Don’t agree, this forum has a wide range of critics, with a knowledgeable understanding and conflicting views,but, always for the good of the club.
          No one is being dramatic about this mess. It’s a tragedy not a drama. The current situation is dire and most of the opinions aired on here are now beginning to sound the same. It’s time for a shake up before we are adrift at the bottom with only the championship to look forward to !

    • Nobody has been more supportive of Bilic than this page. Clearly you are a Candh newbie.

    • Stow-hammer says:

      I don’t think that’s true Crew. Most of the regular contributors are not posting. Most are supportive of Slav. Personally I would be gutted to lose him. Three nil to Newcastle is a disaster following on as it does from two other losses. So if he still has the dressing room maybe one more but he needs a good performance from his team.

  • doc66 says:

    I was dreading coming on here today to see all the hate and Billic out vendettas but i must say a big thank you to Max & Kevin for your concerted and constructive summations of what is a dire position to find ourselves in and at present, not a lot of hope on the horizon unless some changes are made.
    Whether those changes are the manager, players or tactics is yet to be seen but certainly 2 from that list are a must right now!!

  • HammersFFS says:

    Kevin I have to agree – I cannot believe with the group of players now there are many managers that would be achieving the kind of results we are getting now.
    How is it we are conceding so many goals now? – basic defending!!!
    No gameplan, no aggression, no pace and seemingly no fire in the belly.
    Last year I think in terms of quality of Football, conceding possession and general performance, was one of the worst Seasons I have ever seen and we got away with it.
    3-0 against Newcastle Is embarrassing and not a one off and cannot be tolerated anymore.
    We would still lose 3 – 0 to Arsenal now even in the state they are in.
    We need to make drastic changes in coaching staff or we will not get away with it this time.
    Buggar the philosophy of waiting any longer and giving more time.
    Sorry Slav got to go.

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