Bilic returns to London

bilicwhWest Ham manager Slaven Bilic flew back to London today from his family holiday in Croatia to attend his work permit hearing which was described as a formality. He also took time out to visit the Boleyn Ground for the first time since his appointment.

In an interview with the club’s official TV channel Bilic said

“It feels great to be back, I was expected this kind of feeling but when I entered the pitch, all the emotions started to come back. The Chairman asked me if it looked the same, but it has been nearly 20 years and it has changed a bit and is definitely bigger!

“The atmosphere around the whole stadium came flooding back to me and it felt like it did 17 or 18 years back. I can still remember the roar and the atmosphere and the good feeling to be in this stadium.

“Why have I come back to east London? Because it’s a great club and is my club and it has never gone from me. It’s one of the best, if not the best league in the world and it was always my ambition to one day come back and manage this club, my club, West Ham.”

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11 comments on “Bilic returns to London

  1. There he goes again saying all the right things. Seeing a proper West Ham man in that dugout is brilliant,roll on July.

  2. Yes, he’s the right man.

  3. I think that I am going to cry! Brilliant.

  4. Certainly knows what to say.. if that other #### had tried to engage with us supporters then who knows. I can’t even bring myself to say his name anymore. Bilic said years ago he wanted to come back as manager one day. Welcome back, thanks for keeping to your word.
    wants to be one of us, shares our passion. Perfect match

  5. I love this man. Was screaming for him before we ended up with the fat slug. This man is passion personified. When we lose a game it will be so much more forgivable because we know he feels the same pain we do. Ditto the times of pure joy too. Roll on July 2nd.

  6. The fact that he’s a lawyer and knows all the right things to say makes no odds to me,i actually believe him. Because i choose to,because i want to. I remember reading a quote from him years ago. “One day i would like to go back and manage West Ham United”. Even back then it gave me a lump in my throat. No jokes please..Ha. This bloke is as classy as Mourhino. The Blues boss knows it too and took the time to text him a welcome.

  7. Well, he’d obviously have little trouble getting a job in the diplomatic corps but that’s OK by me. I think we all need a bit of that after the huge letdown of last season.
    Yesterday I wrote something like this on another site” what has been happening at WH since the disaster days of the Icelanders, seems like a kind of pre-ordained inevitability. First, these two most unlikely saviours appeared and proved to be the only ones prepared to try and pick up the pieces, and slowly inch by inch, they brought stability and respectability back to the club
    Then came the Olympic stadium opportunity and they had to fight nasty dirty tricks from some clubs before securing the deal.
    Yet, in spite of all this and having the wrong manager, they still managed to strengthen the team (I still think in spite of everything we are potentially better than we were).
    Now, we have what is almost the return of the prodigal son to take us up to the next level and looking at all this together, should we doubt it will happen.

  8. Let hope you are right Can.By ‘other site’ you mean Wet Pants,dont be scared to mention this name.I read your thread yesterday on it actually,lol 😀

  9. I hope youre not just ‘Whistling in the wind’ Canchaz,after all Bilic was ‘The last man standing’ wasnt he? 😀

  10. Notice he said “Me and my players”. Not used to hearing that.

  11. Proper Gezza

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