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Bilic squad farewell story denied

BilicupSocial media rumours that Slaven Bilic has twice said goodbye to the squad after handing in his resignation to the board are entirely false.

In doing so he could sacrifice a pay off in the region of around £2 million should he be fired and he simply hasn’t offered to leave at any point this season.

The rumours that he did so at Newcastle have been all over the social networks as have stories that he has two games against Spurs and Palace before the axe may finally fall.

Chelsea-Chelsea-News-Chelsea-Team-News-Jose-Mourinho-Jose-Mourinho-Sacked-Mourinho-Sacked-Guus-Hiddink-Guus-Hiddink-627609However, we have learned that Bilic at no stage has made such an offer and the club are continuing to look at alternatives as a matter of urgency.

We were told: “That simply hasn’t happened at any stage.

The club would not have accepted such an “invitation” even if it had been made as there is nobody currently available to take over the first team duties.

The manager is running out of time with the club favouring a move for a caretaker boss with Guus Hiddink very much a favoured candidate.

However the club still have to discover whether at 70 years of age, the Dutchman fancies a return much to the game he left after a spell as interim Chelsea boss in 2016.



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10 comments on “Bilic squad farewell story denied

  1. Unless ex says it was a false story I would be inclined to believe it as more or less correct, that he said he would be on his toes that is, managers rarely do the right thing these days…

  2. Why should he walk away from £2 million. Do I think Slav’s time has run its course? Yes clearly. But do I think he should hang his head in shame? No, not at all. He has always done his best and clearly feels for West Ham. It’s not that he doesn’t care, only that he is no longer up to the job. And do I think he should sign West Ham a cheque for £2 mil? No, of course she should not.

  3. Ffs what is the point of giving him two more games we did that a fewcweeks ago and we are in the same position.. Get a grip ffs he is a poor poor manager end of …Jesus juzst get it done

  4. No way would anyone sane miss out at being given 2m and walk away with nothing. The reason Bilic is still there is the board don’t want to give that much away seeing as it could end up in there pockets instead as loan interest. Personally I think the club will fail to get a good manager with PL experience simply because they can’t keep there noses out and undermine the manager because they think they can run a football club on there own. Perhaps they should appoint themselves as joint managers.

  5. It’s a strange old world where you can be as abjectly dismal as we were and still rise up the table over the weekend because other teams are ever worse than we are!

  6. The only thing that will happen is Bilic will dig the hole he’s taken us into that much deeper.
    He knows it, we know it, the players know it & if only sugo would admit it they know it as well. Bilic has to go right now, any longer will just cause harm

    • I can only conclude it’s down to money, they must know that anybody can do at least as well as Slav with that squad of players, we are lucky that numerous other teams are abjectly awful, two seasons ago we should have been champions league now we are more like Ryman’s league, get shot pay him gardening leave or whatever, for all of you that may boycott the Liverpool game I hope you do, the season is effectively over in October with only a relegation battle ahead as things stand, hopefully we will beat the Spuds but I doubt that with Bilic st the helm.

      • You mean do at least as badly as Slav 32?
        Spuds will put out a reserve team Wednesday night and still see us off, because at least they will play as a team. Nothing will change until Bilic has gone and someone gets hold of these lazy b***ards and forces them to earn their money.

  7. Hopefully Slav will put out a 2nd team too and save all our superstars for the Palace match as ‘Woy’ seems to have them organised & firing in the same direction now.
    But what happens if we lose in extra time or on penalties Wed night and then grab a 0-0 draw with Palace? Is that acceptable to buy him more time?
    It’s got to be 2 wins or walk. I hope that point has been made clear to him!!

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