Bilic thrilled with Payet and Dicksie

bilicSlaven Bilic has expressed his total delight at the club having attracted Dimitri Payet to Upon Park declaing:” “He is a great player and did really well at a big club like Marseille.

“He was fantastic last year and I really wanted him. The Club did a great job to get a player who had so many offers. We are expecting big things from him and we will help him to adjust.

“Everyone who is connected to West Ham will enjoy seeing him. The French League is one of the big five and we have seen so many good players who have come over from France and done well in the Premier League.”

He seems equally pleased to have brought Julian Dicks into the club as a member of his coaching staff but said: “It was my choice from the beginning.

“I didn’t bring Julian onto my staff because he is a legend. He is my friend and we were room-mates when we played together. We were very close then.

“We met after I signed and it was like we had never been apart. Without a doubt it was something I wanted to do. I am very demanding and ask a lot from my players and staff.”


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33 comments on “Bilic thrilled with Payet and Dicksie

  1. You never do forget your first love.. ;-D lol

  2. Haha Essex it wasn’t like that at all,it was more innocent like Morecambe and Wise lol

  3. Hinge and Bracket,Hippo and Nolan,its never ending but this is more like Arnie and Stallone,
    They probably spent the nights watching reruns of Bambi
    He is walking tall at the moment and its rubbing off on everyone at the club and the fans

  4. Thats what slav said to dicks..

  5. Bilic & Dicks ; sounds like a TV double act , like Little & Large . Let’s see what happens when they are in the ” Dug Out ” . All very cozy right now , but there is a Season Ahead of us which will prove to be ,, Historically ,, for the best or for the worst . They are both playing the ” I am legend ” card a bit too much … I think the Fans are every bit entitled to see something special this season . If it doesn’t happen , well , you can imagine .
    Come on you Irons ; give us that special thing we are craving for . Otherwise it will be a load of ” Billicks ” .

  6. Kevin I can’t tell if you’re the new optimist or back to being careful what you wish for,a bit of both I suspect. I’d say right now only JD is a legend in my eyes but once they get going they’ll both have that status,no egos just get down to business.
    As for their joint name it’s Dickic cos they’ll be on the opposition like the clap lol

  7. Optimistic my friend , but with caution .

    • Fair enough and wise I think Kev,me I’m just loving the new times and as long as I’m enjoying it I’m not too fussed about the serious stuff

  8. Correct QuickD entertainment is what it’s all about and at the moment we are the only act in town,
    Everyone is watching to see what we do on the pitch and the transfer market,
    Keep it light Kev

    • Yeh , your’e right , bubs . But the fact is things are hotting up somewhat and I reckon West Ham know it and are loving sticking us all on the edge of our seats .
      Vamos West Ham , este vez si , por favor . Estamos Esperanto also especial .

  9. That’s it bubs entertainment all the way,world domination can come later lol

  10. Speaking of it… I’ve heard rumours about some close relationship between Ian Bishop and Trevor Morley back in the days, can anyone confirm this?!

    • A bit of a Bishop bashing was the rumour , never confirmed though .. It all got rather stamped on pretty quick …. Reminds of the old Fashinu rumours .
      Oh well , onwards and upwards , as they say .

  11. Morley is working as a Premier League expert on matchdays over here, that’s where it came up!

  12. There was some **** about him being caught in bed with Bish but he always said his missus spread the rumours when they had that fight.Btw his ex-missus/missus is Norwegian isnt she? 😉

  13. Haha… yeah now that you mention it, that’s what he referred to.
    yep, think he’s been living in norway since the late 90’s and ended his playing days here from what I remember. Wiki would know!

  14. It was his wife spread the rumours,the crazy ****ing ***** who stabbed him i believe.They were never turd burglars.

  15. Thanks for clearing thay one up Spoonie,so glad to hear they wasnt ‘turd burglars’,hahaha,nice terminology 😀

  16. Keep yer turd cutters well clamped .

  17. Haha… I’m going to write a song called turd burglar!!

  18. In norway we say “ham rider”

  19. Haha I love the way these threads go,just for clarification Slav,Dicksy,Bish and Moerley aren’t West Ham riders and keep their turd cutters well clamped

  20. Haha,over here they are also known as Sausage Jockeys 😉

  21. Oh my god,thats it now.Not only will we be called Rabid Dogs & Ignorant Pigs,but now you can add Homophobic to the list,hahaha:D

  22. I share apartment with a gay couple, so I cant be much of a phobic!! Bit glad that my bedroom is far away from theirs though…!!

    • Good thing I’d imagine that’d be a pain in the ass lol

      • Haha b@llocks to them,they’re the main reason I say things lol

    • Hahaha,i aint saying anything,dont want to get in trouble with the Politically Correct Police by making any jokes,lol 😉

      • Dunno how my answer to you got above,looks like I’m talking to myself,Billy no mates lol

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