Bilic to meet players for first time

recovery1_726New Hammers manager Slaven Bilic will meet the West Ham players for the first time in Cork, Ireland today.

The 46 year manager will fly out to Ireland this morning to join the training camp.Β The 25 man squad is spending a week in the five star Fota Island Golf Resort.

The squad have been put through their paces this week in intense sessions on the pitches, gym work as well asΒ  hydrotherapy pool therapy.


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38 comments on “Bilic to meet players for first time

  1. Have them washed and brought to my quarters! Lol

  2. Under a week until our season kicks off. Will the BG be a sell out?? We could get nearly half the population of andorra in the stadium..

  3. Reckon it will be about 18/20k next thursday.But the Bilic effect could push it up i guess πŸ˜‰

  4. Like Slaven said “it’s a clean start for all the players”

  5. That’s what I said last week when we saw the showers a Proper Bath,we will have to go back to Ireland to celebrate when we won our first trophy at our new stadium,

    • Haha indeed you did bubs,be careful you may start getting obsessional followers as the new messiah,the questions will be neverending lol

  6. ahah… I like this picture… the train of love… lol

  7. Glad to see you embrace it Matte lol

  8. So apparently we are all the same guy posting with multiple accounts,lmao.Wetpants sink to lower soaking pant filled depths than i thought imaginable.First we are ignorant pigs,then we are rabid dogs,now we are all one mouse,lol,ffs!! πŸ˜‰

    • I’m Spartacus! No,I’m Spartacus! Haha it takes me ages to write all these things to myself then remembering where all my personas are around the globe,it’s murder especially doing my Italian character lol

      • Funny,as i said i never go there but for a site that seems to dislike this one or pops at it they seem to know alot about it,lol.Clearly come here to read articles but then go slag it off.Oh well,hope they have fun πŸ˜‰

  9. Bwahaha,really?Hmm,i wish i was matte or bubs right now,i would be in the spanish or italian sunshine with a figa.Instead i find myself painting a wall.Strange theory πŸ˜€

  10. See I’ve even done a Rads comment,the only one I’m not is Kevin I dunno how to get the claret name lol

    • No im Rads or am i Matte,sh*t,no im Quick.Who shall i post for next.Aarggh so confusing being a one man show,lol.I thought Nav & HH use that site,they seem like good guys when they come here.Nevermind.I aint been there for months,never had a profile either.Dont even remember who was on it.Dont really give a f*ck either to tell you the truth.If they want to slag me good luck to them.I dont get to see it anyway,lol πŸ˜€

      • Lol,seems like a truce has been broken today.Oh well,it was never going to last anyway.The euphoria of Slav has worn off & its back to business as usual.
        There are some good guys on there Rads,but some who are part of their funny handshake society.People can write on the same link but if they dont know you they just ignore your comment & carry on talking to eachother.Its a really unfriendly site if you aint one of the chosen few!

        • That’s what I noticed Sting,it’s like the unknown aren’t welcome. On here sometimes we reply sometimes we don’t but we try to be friendly….most of the time lol

    • Ahah…That’s My problem too… I tried but I’m don’t understand where I have to go to change my name’s colour… Lol

  11. Thanks for telling myself Rads lol. I go to have a look,the seriousness and self importance amuses me but I’ll state clearly as before there is a majority of good guys over there just a strange clique who ignore the non in crowd and love to puff up their own feathers and act like they’re on the panel of Soccer Saturday,Question Time and The Money Programme. But if it keeps them happy let them get on with it lol

  12. I think they totally miss the point anyway.Aint that we dont like the site.Its just some of the guys on it who think they are a cross between Stephen Hawking & Brian Clough πŸ˜‰

    • Unfortunately they don’t cross with a comedian,might explain the humour bypass lol

    • ahahha… I was thinking more like “I don’t have a clue. & I’m just busting balls” …lol

    • Haha Matte you’re one of the Goodfellas or have you been checking out the figa at Bada Bing lol

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