Bilic under pressure? The fans speak out

BilicberryA few of the natives are getting restless and Slaven Bilic may be coming under pressure following seven games without a win.

There is one very big reason why things have become a little worrying – six key injuries – and ClaretandHugh suggested that judgement should be reserved until the end of the season.

Is that right? Here’s some of the fan reaction.


O Our injuries are hindering us, not because they are just injuries, but because they are injuries to key players, and lots of them. Take a few nuts and bolts out of any machine and it don’t work the same. But you need a good engineer to keep it running untill the nuts and bolts can be replaced… We have that in Bilic and when the injured start trickling back we shall see a different West Ham I’m sure. There are good reasons to be positive and we still have over half a season to go.

O Bilic isn’t constantly making excuses when things go wrong, he is honest and up front about it.
He isn’t blaming officials or always lamenting decisions that didn’t go our way as an explanation for shortcomings.
He displays an acute awareness of the traditions of the club.
He tries to win every game, appreciating a point but not setting out to only achieve a point.
He doesn’t claim personal credit when the team win,
Most importantly, it is very clear that he respects the fans and identifies with us. He has refrained from insulting us and it seems he is too much of a gentleman to ever do so

O We are doing as well as can be reasonably expected in the circumstances. There is no way we can be at our optimum when half the starting team is out injured.

O Injuries severely disrupt seasons and Slav and the boys are doing a great job coping. On the flip side if you can go a whole season relatively injury free it’s a huge advantage. In my opinion this was one of the major reasons for our success in 85-86. It’s the same reason Leicester and Watford are doing well. They’ve avoided injuries and it has led to familiarity, consistency and success. I’m so tired of all the fans who flip flop between euphoria and desperation after every result and have no appreciation of what our management and coaching staff have achieved.

O The injuries came and the moaning started. moaning and mind boggling negativity. Just remember back then we didn’t have the squad to cover like we have now. No flair players to come back like Payet and Lanzini. Back then we didn’t have those players in the first place.

O Sometimes our supporters are embarrassing with they way they carry on!!!

O Yes we become more like whinging Spurs every day.



About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Bilic under pressure? The fans speak out

  1. For goodness sake!
    Slav is a very well respected ex Hammers player doing a great job, brought in under pressure from last Boleyn season and trying to restore proper football to West Ham.
    Anything better than where Sam left us is a huge positive.
    Yes we need creativity……but its injured…..so don’t get beat
    Nobody needs new managers every months like Man U now. Stability and understanding is whats needed and we’ve got the man in place. All that top 4 stuff after a few wins was a bit naive. We don’t look like we will be in a relegation skirmish and we’ve got a better situation than Sam having a new contract.

    Great squad. Have a good Christmas and lets enjoy the huge positives.
    Thanks Slaven & DS & DG

    Merry Xmas from Australia. COYI


  2. I have noticed the similarity of some of our supporters to spurs supporters, in the way they stab the club in the back whenever possible, but I don’t think for a moment it affects Bilic. He is very level headed and camly authorative in his thinking.
    Only 4 ponits of 4th place and our best players to come back soon. Looks good to me.

  3. Cannot see any negative comments on this post ? Only realistic ones . Where are the negative ones ?

  4. Seen some negative comments, on ****TER , all baloney only lost 4 games, OK NOT won but with ALL the top creative missing, what do fans expect, we could still have KN marshaling a Midfield wuth Jarvis VAZ TE et al
    COME ON YOU IIIIIRRRRROOOONNNSSSS ,get behind the team or bugger off to spurs or CFC
    OH merry Christmas to one and all

    • I am entitled to negative thoughts after witnessing 25% possession against Swansea who are third from bottom with two wins. Yes we have injuries but even Fatty wouldn’t have served up that rubbish last year. We were appalling. I work hard to fund supporting my team so you can do one with your spurs and chelsea comments you happy clapper

  5. Pressure? What pressure? Are we losing constantly? OK, so goals have been something of a rare commodity the last few games, but when the bulk of your most creative players, not to mention the ones that score a large chunk of your goals, have injuries of various types, that’s only to be expected. Three successive clean sheets is not to be sneezed at for us either. We have people on the verge of coming back. We have games that could be classed as “winnable” over Christmas. We’re still in the top half. We aren’t getting carried away like last year. We have a manager that we all have the utmost respect for, because he tells it like it is, doesn’t make excuses, and only complains about chances not taken. Anyone that is saying anything negative about us, or claiming that Slaven is “under pressure”, should be put into the same category as those idiots that booed Tottenham off having lost their first game since August.

  6. Agree, agree and agree.
    Today’s doom and gloom merchants were yesterday’s happy and exciteds. Fair weather fans.
    We are still gathering points and the defence is doing a great job.
    Unlucky with our injuries, but (to a certain extent) lucky with the teams we are playing whilst we’ve got them.
    The creativity and goal scoring options are on their way back and we’re are still top half of the table.
    There’s far more to be pleased about than the moansters’ nonsense would have you believe.

  7. Once we have our star players back we will have creativity again and Im sure the goals will start flowing again. For Gods sake we lost half of our first team we were bound to see a difference in play. At least we have not crumbled like we have in other seasons when loosing main players 🙂

  8. Hopefully having Carroll and Valencia fit, available and hungry will mean we don’t have Jelavic in the team. Having play the whole 90 minutes against Swansea was embarrassing.
    Cullen deserves a run out and would offer more.

  9. Look at any other club with injuries to key players e.g. Citeh without Aguero, Silva and Kompany and all of a sudden they are losing games and struggling. Bilic deserves praise for clean sheets and accumulating another point which keeps us in touch.
    Btw, has anyone else noticed that predictive text replaces Bilic with Biblical?? It’s a sign I tell ya!

  10. We are Not in great shape ; let’s admit it ,, but at the same time we are not getting hammered and could actually have won a few of those games despite the injuries . There a few important players that are with us this season ( injured ) that we didn’t have last season .
    But , and it must be said , that with a less technical squad and injuries we were in a better position at this time last year … QUESTIONS are bound to be asked , and right rightfully so. We are pinning our hopes and our desires and our hearts on a explayer with whom we have the utmost respect and cult Hero worship . I would have expected a better league position this time around ,, but we have a manager that can do no wrong in the eyes of some fans .
    It brings us back to the scenario where points are more valuable than being pretty .
    If we can achieve more points when injured players return it’s all rosy in the garden ,, but if not , then comparrision’s are bound to be drawn with BS and his So-called failure .
    Don’t get me wrong Pleeeeease , I am a supporter like any of you .
    Right now I feel like we can amass more points this season than last with Bilic .. Somehow I feel more secure with Bilic than with BS …. Hope to f(uc)k I’m right .,, but there is a niggling feeling running through me … One thing for sure ; we are better than Palace , Watford , Spurs , Everton and Stoke . The test will be when the clubs above us start to get injuries and if we can surpass them with our injured players returning …. Then Judge ,, but not before .

    • Only thing that matters to me is where we are after 38 games and how we got there.

      Ask yourself this, do you think we can get another 23 points from 21 games?

      Because if you do then we’ve bettered last year. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t hit 50+ points.

      Right now, whether we like it or not and I hate to say it, we’re not better than Spurs.

  11. Come on Kev don’t try stirring it up for the festive season you know there is nothing wrong and this time last year we started the Hippo slide,
    This year we have been playing entertaining football the Westham way we have beaten teams we only dream of beating,when everyone complained we leaked goals Slav changed things and we have not let in a goal since,
    When many wanted us knocked out of Europe ( not me ) he played weak teams to save our players,why most are having a break now anyway,
    We went out of the cup away to the best team in the league so far ( no shame )
    He has given youngsters a chance when he could,
    We sit a few wins away from a European place with our best players coming back,
    We are in a great position at the moment so rejoice everyone and all you non Hammer who come on here pretending to be one of us Bon voyage addios or Fukc off

  12. Pressure from who? Only an idiot would thnk Bilic hasn’t in fact done a brilliant job under the circumstances. I didn’t think Bilic was the right man in the 1st place, but boy did I get that wrong! Shrewd, honest and clever.
    If I have a criticism,it is that I never wanted Jelavic (he’s not Prem material – never was!…but maybe coming back to the club,Bilic wanted a fellow Croat on the books etc) or Obgonna (when we have SO many brilliant youngsters coming through AND Ginge still fantastically on his game)
    …but hey, that’s small beer…Thanks to Bilic: “We got Payet; Dimitri Payet, I just don’t think you understand etc etc”

  13. Only the usual pressure that all managers face ???. If but just cause some twits want their team to win the world?? And more?? Let them xxxx off and support Barcelona !! Im happy with the situation, and Slav.

  14. I for one am proud to have him as boss. All these keyboard warriors moaning are just that. It’s the game going fans who should be heard over all others and I haven’t heard any negativity so far. To have got rid of Meatloaf last summer and have Slav in charge is the best Christmas present I’ll get this year!

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