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Bilic v Grant – what the stats say

Slaven-Bilic-Football365So just how bad are things!

I regularly hear on the forums that we are in Avram Grant country as the team staggers through another seriously worrying season – a quarter of which has now passed.

Having read this morning that we are gonna suffer the same fate as we did during that disastrous 2010-11 season under Grant, I decided to make the comparison between the two sets of results over the first ten games.

avram_grant_1763410bAnd those who have big fears can claim some justification – Bilic isn’t quite at the Grant level this season yet but it’s a close call and the next ten games will tell us a lot more when there was a marginal improvement in 2010/11.

So here’s the stats match-up on the pair and the fact we are doing it all is hugely worrying.


Lost to Manchester United away 4-0

Lost to Southampton away           3-2

Lost to Newcastle away                 3-0

Beat Huddersfield Town home    2-0

Drew with West Brom away         0-0

Lost to Spurs home                         2-3

Beat Swansea home                        1-0

Drew with Burnley away                1-1

Lost to Brighton home                   0-3

Drew with Palace away                  2-2

Played 10 Won 2 Drawn 3 Lost 5

Goals For 10 Against 19

Points 9



Lost to Aston Villa away  3-0

Lost to Bolton home          1-3

Lost to M United away      3-0

Lost to Chelsea home         1-3

Drew with Stoke away        1-1

Beat Spurs home                 1-0

Drew with Fulham home   1-1

Drew with Wolves  away    1-1

Lost to Newcastle home     1-2

Lost to Arsenal away           1-0

Played 10 Won 1 Drawn 3 Lost 6

Goals for 6 Goals against 18

Points 6

Grant managed to pick up elevcn points from the next ten games – it’s too close to comfort far to close.

Davids we learn our lessons from history!



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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Bilic v Grant – what the stats say

  1. The rise and fall of sugos empire ! Lol history in the making 😂

  2. Am I missing something? We have nine points, not eight, and Grant’s games as shown produced six points, not elev(c}n… Perhaps you should leave the stats to Sean, Hugh. But then again, perhaps not.

  3. We could be at 6 -7 points it not for a lucky Swansea win. That is one of the biggest issues even our 2 wins weren’t convincing…
    And out schedule hasn’t been hard the next 10 will face a lot tougher teams from Liverpool to City.

    I think we know the players know that Bilic won’t have a job come summer so keeping him in isn’t doing the fans players or Bilic any favours bc he is been linked w other jobs… And he doesn’t look happy.
    Think it makes since to end things and we have this Liverpool & Intl break to make changes

    • Sorry to say, but Bilic has to go.
      Stumbling from one disaster to the next..
      His public vilification of Antonio was the last straw for me..
      I know little about Avram Grant, except for the apparent respect he got from all quarters for behaving like a decent, king, manager (despite his apparent failings). I doubt that Grant would have stuck the knife into Michail in the same manner which Bilic did, yet it was Slav’s stupidity in putting on a half-fit player in the first place.
      Time for Slav to do the right thing and give Mikey an apology for the outrageous way he humiliated him-anything less reflects the behavior of a true coward, who at the present time is apparently clueless!

  4. Time for one or two people to start looking over their shoulders and it’s not the big boys in the top four.

  5. Hugh, as you are besties with the high ups, can you ask why Sullivan looked so unhappy at the final whistle at Spuds?

  6. It would be interesting to see what the stats are for a calendar year.
    It has been a mess since Christmas.
    I bet we have shipped more goals in the last 12 months than the Grant team.
    last three games when under pressure, 3 brighton, 2 spurs, 2 palace , it just goes on and on.
    No team can win needing to score 3 goals a game to get three points.

    • Our Win % since start of 2016/2017 season under Bilic is 29%….

    • From my count we have won 8 games since 2017 out of 29 PL games. 2 this season and 6 the last half of last season.
      Our results from last season

      Any other Club and Bilic & Dicks & Hand ball coach would be gone. Change has to happen

    • You can’t compare like for like dave as grants tenure was less than twelve months.

      • That is true but u can also say Bilic as had more time and got players etc. Hate to say it but 2 1\2 years is a long time for a mgr now.
        At very least over summer we should of brought in defensive coach or another First team coach etc.

      • I would like to see Chris Wilder given a chance especially if we want to go back British. Tho I doubt the board are even considering him.
        Wilder has been brilliant w squads of lil talent & w lil money. He won trophy’s & promotion w Oxford then someone else took over he went to Northampton who were in relegation took them to mid table first season then 2nd won league 2 w 99 points then takes over Sheff Utd took won League 1 first season w 100 points and biw has them at top of Championship in first season.
        He was a CB and plays very rounded football with good attack & defense.
        Looking at British Managers besides Dyche who would cost more I think Wilder could do a proper job

  7. Hugh – Earlier in the week you said you were fed up with a few of us playing the same old tune time after time – Bilic out, sack the board. Then you produce a stat like this which supports our view that we need change at the top? I’m confused? All this could ever have generated was more calls for Bilic to go. Perhaps, after yesterday, you’ve changed yours now and agree its time for a change of direction?

  8. I agree with the comments that we are just killing time with Bilic, he should be put out of his misery, we don’t want to be leaving it to the last minute, our last couple of months are tough!

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