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Bilic vetoes Iheanacho deal

IheanachoCandH Exclusive

West Ham have pulled out of the race for Manchester City starlet Kelechi Iheancho …on the orders of Slaven Bilic.

ClaretandHugh has learned within the last few minutes that the club – having done a deal – saw it snubbed by Bilic at the eleventh hour

David Sullivan had agreed a deal with both City and the player Β but that manager Bilic pulled the plug at the last minute.

Just as the club believed they had landed their coup – having agreed to a buy back clause – Bilic decided that the player was unproven and too much of a risk.

There can be little doubt that should Iheanacho turn out to be a big success – now probably at Leicester City – Bilic could be in a lot of trouble particularly after his insistence that Simone Zaza was the man he needed at the London Stadium last season!

It’s the second blow for the Irons who saw Olivier Giroud pull out of talks earlier in the day.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

72 comments on “Bilic vetoes Iheanacho deal

  1. Surely a club knows, before they get into advanced negotiations for a player, that the manager has already said yes or no?

    • my thinking exactly

    • The only reason i can see Bilic doing this is that he has more or less sealed a verbal deal with a proven goal scorer abroad. We have lost Giroud and now Iheanacho. when we DESPERATELY need a striker so Bilic must have pulled the plug knowing his has a sure thing up his sleeve for the same price. Come on guys why else would he pull the plug after trying to get this deal for 3 weeks?

      • Also Bilic knows if he doesn’t get things right this season for the opening 12 games or so he could be gone!! And we know Bilic likes proven players SO…

  2. WTF???????

  3. If this is not a joke, then the club has become one.

    • Difficult to find a valid explanation for this, how can a manager at the last minutes decide he doesn’t want a player that the club have been after for some 2 months now. If this is true then all I can say is this club is in self destruct mode especially as Giroud is now a no no and Hernandez surely only an outside chance. Personally thus think this is a Club construed excuse for pulling out and we will likely end up with Gray and perhaps some unknown with the excuse that ‘we worked day and night and did our best blah, blah, blah. Beyond belief.

  4. I do hope that he has a plan B which is water-tight, because unless something worthy of great celebrations happens soon, he could be on a very slippery slope.

  5. So Giroud has pulled out…
    And we have pulled out on Iheanacho.

    So one thing I need to ask.

  6. Really? So the board negotiate for weeks on end over a player the manager doesn’t rate and want anyway? What a waste of time and effort ?
    Do the board and manager actually communicate with each other at all ?

  7. I honestly can’t believe it. He is a natural goal scorer. Are we sure Bilic is not an Everyon spy? He made some diabolical player selections last season but this takes the biscuit. You don’t know what your doing! Absolutely gutted.

  8. Think its time for Slav to go back to Turkey.There will not be a plan B as there wasn’t last year and saw us flirt with relegation at this point it will be a forgone conclusion for the championship.20 teams in the premiership I would guess that maybe 4 wouldn’t want Iheanacho and Man C is one of them.

    • Totally agree what other better options are there. The latest list I saw was pretty lame and Iheanacho stood out from it. You really would have thought last year would have taught them something but clearly not. Even Kim Jong-un is more predictable than our set up. I mean what was more of a punt than those we bought and what bar a few outside options can we get that have the experience we need.

  9. He has wasted weeks of negotiations, he obviously doesn’t know what or who he wants, the question now is , do the club want a manager who has not got faith in his own judgement.

  10. This makes zero sense. If Bilic doesn’t rate him now surely he couldn’t of rated him weeks ago. Why waste time and effort trying to get him in. Absolutely gutted, he looked everything we need, quick, great strike rate, young. Just watch him get 15 plus goals for Leicester this season.

    • Would only make sense for a manager to do that fighting for his job if he as an ace up his sleeve:) Watch this space!!!!!

  11. Can just hear Phil Collins singing In Too Deep when I look at Slav tbh. I dont think he has the minerals. Love him but this is just insane.

  12. Cast the line and watch them bite

  13. I was 100% behind Slaven, but now I have Big doubts. Why did we push hard for Iheanacho, build the fans hopes we might get a decent player, worthy of 20 goals, To be told that the manager he doesn’t want him. I think its time for Bilic to go. Who we bring in , I haven’t a clue.

  14. Hold on…. havent all the season tickets just sold out? We dont need to pretend to be chasing top targets anymore do we, Andre Gray it is then.

  15. Can only assume that Bilic has such faith in Lewin, that he’s banking on a full season of Carroll and Sakho – otherwise, this is inexplicable (if true).

  16. Someone is doing a good job of deflecting the attention away from Sullivan on to Blic eh!!!

  17. Crikey its like vultures on a carcass lol

    • Like Sid James in Carrion Up the Khyber.

    • What do u expect give him a pat on backt back for Wasting weeks of negotiations.. Wtf is going on ..we are a laughing stock ..but ur so calm everyone so admirers you Stan ha ha ha ha

  18. Do you really believe this story? Isn’t Hugh, the old newspaper hack, just coming up with a story to get clicks on his website? Only 4/5 people at the club would have insight to this sort of thing and i’m sure it’s not one of them spilling the beans. Hugh , please reveal your source.

  19. The story itself doesn’t add up. No one gets that far in for the manager to say no. Click bait. I await a new post tomorrow saying he’s now having a medical.

  20. Keep the faith, we are signing Moussa Dembele

  21. personally I think we are close to announcing the signing of a striker (not Andre Gray)and this is all smoke and mirrors. As opposed to last season when the owners were blurting out every last detail on transfer targets this time its cards close to the chest.

  22. If this is true and Billic has no ace up his sleeve then we are becoming the joke club with jokers at the helm conducting rediculous transfer business. It makes no sense at all other than to add weight to the theory that Sullivan and Gold don’t want to spend.
    I’ve not given up hope in Slav yet, he must have the ace card. Otherwise he must go. Iheanacho was our striker and main target if we have no back up plan he’s got to go. Let’s see

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    • Rad what is going on here.Its a madhouse lol

      • The forum or the club?

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          • I’ll take your word for it kip.No need to send any pictures thanks 😁

    • I thought I’d clicked on the ‘other’ site by mistake RadsπŸ˜‚

  24. Andddddddddd the disappointment for the forthcoming season begins….

  25. He is more proven than Gray to me. And way more proven I’m premier league than Modeste.
    If true Gold and Sullivan should have said no we are getting this lad. This is why we need a sporting director. The kid was picked in front of Aguero at times and is goal to mins player ratio is fantastic.
    ****ing hell

  26. The problem I see is that the expectation is created by the owners
    Many buy in to what they say
    When it goes wrong they never put their hands and say we got it wrong.
    Passing the buck down the line is natural but to do it publicly is the problem
    Personally I wouldn’t have printed that but then again I don’t run a news site so can’t complain really

  27. Steady you lot. Deep breaths. This site doesn’t have an endless stock pile of nappies like Squaky Bum till I die. Let’s look at this rationally. IMO we are a long way down the line with another striker, I thought (still think actually) that it is Geroud in which case the choice must go to Slav? He’s made his choice and hopefully to justify that an announcement of a new striker will be made over the next few days. I’d take Geroud and Bats and Chicho over Nacho. That’s the option I’m going for. But also maybe Hugh’s story is bollcks , no offence Hugh, maybe it’s a smoke screen? No way would Slav suddenly say no after 6 weeks of negotiating there’s more to this story so just sit back like I am and have another beer in the sun.

  28. It’s on sky sports now so likely to be true, which isn’t good news…..

  29. Hilarious, 1. this is officially the new whtid. 2. This site just guesses…. The earlier Obiang story today which has subsequently been deleted is a perfect example.

  30. Well if what we are reading is true and Bilic Fuchs up , then it must surely be goodbye .
    Don’t know how long exactly us fans have been bombarded with Ihaneacho but , it’s been long enough . Even videos were posted that seemed pretty convincing to most of us as an exciting prospect .
    If Bilic thinks he has found someone Better , then all well and good . If not , then what is left to say . Hernandez looks unlikely also along with Giroud already lost .

  31. We are an absolute laughing stock.
    What the hell is going on?
    You lot on here keep blaming the board.
    When are you all going to wake up, smell the coffee & realise Bilic is a joke

  32. So anything interesting happened today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Yeah Stan shagged me apparently.I thought i got stung by a wasp but it seems it was Stanley shafting me πŸ˜‚

      • So that’s what the wailing noise was then πŸ˜€ Thought it was just all the wannabe managers and billionaires crying into there pot noodles πŸ˜€

  33. Yeah i dont know how i will sleep tonight with this news.Its going to proper screw up my sleep pattern.

  34. If Bilic has vetoed a deal that the chairmen had in the bag for a position that we are desperate to resource with one of the hottest young talents then Bilic should be the one going. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks Bilic is being blamed when the player saw Leicester as a better option than us despite the fact they already have 6 quality strikers, something smells distinctly off about this report, I have got wetpants over it but its mostly from laughing so hard about the PR own goal hahaha

    • Is this story everywhere???
      Until it is then there is no PR disaster.only a story on here.Thats a big difference isnt it?
      Source says compared to a club statement..

  35. Wow im glad im not situated near any of you screeching women in the stadium.Have any of you actually thought that Bilic could have nailed his like for like Iheanacho target before you go off half cock like constipated pigeons

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  37. We have probably been working on 3/4 deals simultaneously. It is only the media that put the Nacho deal in prime position. Perhaps a deal for one of the others has been agreed and the potentially bothersome deal for Nacho has been scrapped.

    • I hope so Mooro.
      I’m not normally a pessimistic sort of bloke, but something doesn’t seem quite right to me, imo of course.

      • Just sit back condor , fire up that pipe and aaaahhhhhhh , bliss πŸ™‚

  38. I don’t understand it, we need more than 1 striker and so what if he ended up going back next summer, it’d get us out of a hole for this season and we’d make a healthy profit out of it. Crazy move that bilic could well regret, the David’s won’t like wasting their time especially when you have so little in this window.

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