Bilic wins backroom team battle

west_ham_manager_slaven_bilic_celebrates_after_the_match_with_th_157553Slaven Bilic will retain the same back room staff when he goes into the new season despite the rumbles of discontent heard throughout the last part of the season.

Speculation had persisted throughout the campaign that the board wanted changes to Bilic’s staff as the team ย look under-prepared and unable to see games out.

Bilic added Julian Dicks to his team of three Nicola Jurcevic, the assistant boss along with coach Edin Terzic and fitness guru Miljenko Rak.

There had been particular discussion over 70 year old Rak but ultimately the subject of replacements was never approached at the end of season review meeting.

Having decided that Bilic would continue into a third year, to discuss his support team was considered unwise and was not raised at any stage in the conversations.

Bilic is known to be fiercely loyal to his chosen lieutenants and would have been almost certain to have refused any suggestion that they should be replaced.

And it means that for now anyway, the Croatian boss is in total command of the ship as we head into the summer and towards and into the 2017-18 season.


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12 comments on “Bilic wins backroom team battle

  1. So he is still the Captain of the ship…all very well but so was that Costa Concordia Captain….I sense a more upbeat feeling from this site now that it is all over….but I for one will not accept a repeat of such misery and capitulation next term.

  2. I beat everyone is shaking in their boots knowing that Pops.Captain Pops will accept no more capsizes.The knees are knocking already ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. We’ll discover the wisdom of it all sooner or later .

  4. Wow you are cheerful chappy Pop.The usersโ€‹ and site are more than likely upbeat because the seasons over,looking forward to the summer and dont have the inclination to start moaning about next season already…

  5. Still In total command of the ship. Jolly good. That worked well this year did it not? I have been trying- for a change – not to be too negative. But if something has not worked first time that is ok, but you do need to learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Looks as if the strategy at the club is going to be ‘Well not too bad after all was it? Maybe it will just work better next year’. Risky, in my opinion….

  6. Why dont you negative lot give yourselves a summer off if you can go that long without moaning of course…one does doubt it.

  7. Only one thing worse than people moaning. People moaning all the time about people moaning. I think the idea of discussion is that people don’t always have the same opinions.

    • Oh that boring old chestnut.the people moaning about people moaning reply.Well ok heres my opinion then if its all about opinion.I think that in general the only people who want to use our football sites are the ones who want to put a downer on everything..you love the negative articles or blogs and if everything was going swimmingly you would be lost with nothing to cry about…
      And most of you go on the defensive with the moaning about moaning remark because you know you would be lost if all was going well with the team.Lets be honest its hardly a hidden secret amongst football fans that their sites and blogs are the domain of the fans who love to be down in the mouth about everything but that truth hurts…

      • You are welcome to your opinion Steve, as am I, these sites are supposed to be about debate which means we can differ in our opinions.For the record I post a lot of positive stuff, I am overall a supporter of Bilic and only missed one game at the LS last season, unfortunately for me that was the famous Chelsea win, I also went to three away games. I mention this only to dispel any perception that I am merely a ‘keyboard warrior’. My point is, as also mentioned by Hammer64 that obviously something was broken last season and to carry on with no changes is, as he states ‘risky.’ Back in your box.

  8. Come on fellas its the summer now time to be tranquil and relaxed.Its ment to be three months of ceasefires between all of us lol
    If you want a chuckle you always have rugny irons blogs to read on whtid over your morning bacon sarnie.Yesterday was poetry day on there.Now that would be good for your blood pressure H64.Do you fancy yourself as a Pam Ayres my friend lol

  9. Not too sure I remember who she was Stan! Wish I could claim it’s because I am too young but I know I would be kidding myself. Was she an agony aunt or something? I could do that job for poor old Steve who seems in a right sweat. I am pretty calm & even cautiously optimistic about next season. Not over the moon about Bilic staying but I reckon he is someone who will think about what he can change for the better. Just think that we have to make a few changes- players obviously but elsewhere too maybe. That’s all. Let’s see if I I can find one of those happy things ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ there we go. Everybody happy now?

  10. Ah yes those dreadful poems! It has come to me (well only after looking at your comment again Stan tbh).

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