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Bitter Moyes has so let himself down

By Dave Langton and Hugh Southon

David Moyes was in ‘woe is me’ mood after the Hammers’ defeat to Brighton on Sunday, delivering entirely confusing and over the top quotes about a valiant Hammers squad of which he has claimed to be so proud… until today!

The reality is his disappointment and bitterness was aimed at a group of lads who looked utterly knackered.

It may well have been the final day of the season, and there may have been Europa League qualification on the menu, if Manchester United lost or drew with Crystal Palace, but the Irons just looked utterly knackered in that second half.

It was disappointing. But for Moyes to come out after the game with the kind of quotes he did is disgraceful. The cliff notes are these:

  • “We’re going to be a team at the bottom of the league if we are going to keep losing goals like we have in the last couple of games.”
  • “I’m going to have a break as there is no way I can keep this going at the rate we’ve had this year.”
  • “Overall, if today was anything to go by, we have to do a lot more than I first thought.”
  • “It doesn’t feel like I’ve done a good job this season at the moment because I wanted better.”
  • “I can only think of my last game and maybe in a few weeks’ time I’ll change my thoughts, but at the moment I’m angry with the players today because I’m not going to have the way they performed today.”


This is a team that have nearly gone the distance in the Europa League. They went from pillar to post, playing some of the best teams in the competition, and went within 90 minutes of reaching the final. They made us so proud. We’ll never forget THAT Andriy Yarmolenko extra time strike, or that famous 3-0 win in France.

We continued to fight for Europa League qualification until the final day. We were 45 minutes away.

Ultimately, what has cost this Hammers side, is a lack of squad depth, a lack of a plan B, and the fact that there have simply been too many minutes for the Irons to play.

Two of those three are Moyes’ fault. Nobody else. It’s on Moyes.

Anyone would think that he’d just managed a side to a 15th-placed finish, not another top-10 finish and Europe again despite the moody manager expecting several of the lads to play at the highest level  for more than 50 games or more for God’s sake!

He was even complaining about conceding a couple of goals to Manchester City last week – astonishing, utterly astonishing! That’s the Man City who have won the Premier League title this weekend!

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We’ve been around the block, Dave, we remember this Hammers side playing football in the Championship. If you’d have offered us a Europa League adventure and European qualification this season, we’d have snapped your bloomin’ hand off!

We’re so proud of this team. But suddenly on the basis of 45 minutes Moyes talks like this. What a way to send Nobes into retirement and the lads away for summer. Horrible.

Maybe he thinks the job ahead of him this summer is just too big for him, and that he isn’t the man to rebuild this squad – we will need seven or eight signings in this summer window.

This group needs refreshing. It needs updating. We need more youth, more quality, a few more options.

One thing is for certain, though: Moyes needs to refresh his attitude, because these kind of statements are appalling after the season we’ve had.

What does he mean by such statements as:

  • “I’m going to have a break as there is no way I can keep this going at the rate we’ve had this year.”
  • “Overall, if today was anything to go by, we have to do a lot more than I first thought.”

That sounds like a man who is expecting to send out much the same team as regularly next season as this – one of the oldest if not the oldest in the Premier League.

It’s a confusing, bizarre and worrying bunch of quotes to leave behind which need explanation because speaking of such a great bunch of lads in these terms is shocking.

We at CandH are not holding our breath that he will do so.

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

22 comments on “Bitter Moyes has so let himself down

  1. Moyes is a winner and he wanted to beat Manchester United into sixth place and the europa league again. I understand his disappointment. having been winning at halftime the players clearly didn’t listen to his instructions for the second half. We might not get the new signings we wanted now without europa league. I understand if Moyes was angry and disappointed. I bet the players were too.

    • Graham Potter screwed him He brought on Maupay for second half. It changed the game. Moyes waited until the 80th minute and Johnson and Yarmo were warmed up in 70th. Meanwhile guess what? They had scored

      • 100% agree, Potter is a clever manager, he switched to a 3-5-2 at HT and it won the game, I do not know what Moyes was watching all season but we have struggled against teams who play 3-5-2. Moyes should have reacted and went 3-5-2 ourselves but the guy is tactically limited. However to come out today and say the things he said and put the blame on the players is horrific stuff.

  2. I think he is spot on, perhaps that why this club has always underachieved it’s about time we had a manager who isn’t satisfied ,do you think the best managers are satisfied with poor performances whether it’s the end of the season or not ,it’s not the point we have had a good season you have to keep pushing

  3. Woe is me? Let himself down? Got to disagree on this one. He’s someone who holds himself, and his players, to high standards. I’m glad he does. I’m glad he’s in charge at our club. If only the likes of Redknapp, Pellegrini, Zola, Roeder, and the rest of the chancers and misfits that we’ve had in charge of the Club since 1989, felt and behaved the same way as Moyes, we’d have had far easier lives as fans. I think, given what Moyes has done since January 2020, and how he’s motivated the players, that he’s earned the right to have a bit of a moan up at those same players, and at the increasingly rare poor result, every now and then. He hasn’t been perfect, and he wasn’t perfect today either (for instance, he could’ve brought subs on a tad earlier) but he’s given me confidence that we could win something during his time with us. I’ve only been waiting 42 years. Let’s get behind him, eh?

    • A bit of a moan up …leaving unanswered questions about his future on the last day…waiting until the 80th minute to send on 3 when Potter changes the game with one at half time. In the meantime with our subs being ready in the 70th he sends them on in the 80th; Brighton score in the meantime Complaining that M City got 2 against us when last week he said we were magnificent. Could anything be his fault? Apparently not although he was apologetic for kicking a ball at a ball boy LOL

      • Bit of a knee jerk reaction Hugh? Or have you got a serious beef against Moysie?
        How many managers have we had that have got 2- top 7 finishes in a row……and how often have they repeated that achievement.
        Moyes was not without blame……the dithering over the subs was frustrating. The way we started the second half and then somehow got worse has to be partially laid at his door. But the players were poor and the application was just not there. Apart perhaps from Coufal I didn’t see anyone near there usual work rate. I get and agree with the small squad/number of games but to have the whole team underperform in such a manner was poor and reflects on the players as well as Moyes. BHA closed us down quickly every time, we didn’t do likewise. The players deserved criticism. Yes, the level of criticism from Moyse May have tarnished Nobes last game. Momentarily taken away from how well we have done this season…… but I don’t want the players resting on their laurels in the close season. They could have done better. We should have finished 6th. We had a greAt chance to win the Europa Cup. I would rather they think about how better they can be rather than think how great they have been.
        Onwards and upwards. COYI

        • Nothing against him other than smashing players who have given everything all season many of whom have played over 50 games, and blaming them as failures cos they were knackered for the last 45. Potter screwed him with the Maupay sub and going 3-5-2, He took 10 mins to make 3 subs in which time they had scored. Nothing to do with the future but today, He said things which had left his own future in doubt. We wrote what we wrote based on today – nothing else. The way he was talking also left the impression we wiol be playing the same team next season.

  4. I am afraid it was a terrible inept performance . Moye;s has drained them of any spark of life with his crazy team selections , refusing to blood any of the youngsters or strengthen the squad . A great cup adventure has covered over the cracks . He is a poor manager with an empty cup cabinet and is incapable of taking us any further forward .

    COYI .

  5. Afraid I blame today’s 2nd half solely on Moyes tactical inability and inflexibility. We played Antonio wide left for most of the game, a 4-6-0 formation and 2nd half we didn’t absolutely nothing up front. He set them up to defend for the 2nd 45 and didn’t react until the last 10 mins with a desperate triple sub of players who make no difference going forward. That was utterly brainless and he bottled it. Thanks for the great season Mr Moyes. But you need to get better yourself if you want to actually win something.

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with those comments. Just shows he wanted to do better and was left a little frustrated. It’s all good and leaves no questions over his future whatsoever.

  7. I look at the bigger picture. Our season was messed up, way back in January. Because of our inability to bring any new faces in. Other clubs strengthened and we didn’t. Not that long back we were doing well in both domestic cups. Also in the Europa league and the Premiership. But injuries and fatigue have taken their toll. Top teams have effectively two interchangeable first team squads.We (just about) have one. Until we get depth in numbers. We are always going to struggle. For me it will be interesting to see what happens between now and the start of next season. We need to show some real intent in the transfer market. If we are going to be serious about becoming a top Premiership club.

    I look back and think that it was a season full of promise. Our league and cup positions confirmed that. But lack of investment just when it was required. Wasn’t forthcoming and we suffered for it.

  8. Moyes is fully entitled to feel let down by his players at Brighton…but equally he – or the board – let the players down for not buying some back up in January. That said why did we not inject some youth? We have squandered opportunities to at least take a look at a few youngsters, and give them and the Academy some encouragement for the future. Some eager young lads, keen to impress, and rub shoulders with Nobles, Rice, Antonio etc would hardly have done much worse than the tired out-of-contract players, and might have offered Options for Plan B, C and H! And we do seem slow bringing on the subs, but maybe, as they invariably offer so little, perhaps the bench are hoping the players still on the field will somehow lift their game for a few minutes?
    I think Vs Frankfurt Moyes’ increasing frustration, during 2022, bubbled up with the ball boy incident, and it was really season over. He knows now that for some transfer prospects (plus some current players like Rice & Bowen) lack of Europa Cup place will be a huge disincentive. Any team can lose its way, I just hope we haven’t lost our MoJo!

  9. We should be getting behind the manager, the players and celebrating what they’ve achieved,.not getting bogged down in criticism and trying to infer anything other than bitter disappointment in Moyes’ post-match interview. Those people saying how clever Potter is would’ve been going nuts at him earlier this season if he was West Ham manager. They were stuck on 33 points for about 10 games. Potter got lucky with his subs yesterday. Moyes should’ve rolled our dice earlier. All this comes on top of an article earlier this week where people.were criticising Moyes for what, to me at least, was an off-the-cuff comment about bringing “one ot two” new player in during the summer. We’re in danger of criticising him for spilt milk, which is fair enough, AND for milk that may never get spilt. Which is laughable. Particularly from supporters of a club that, let’s face the facts, has been run like a Sunday league outfit for the whole of my match-going lifetime. Calls for Moyes to go after every setback along what Moyes admitted in a refreshing interviewing at the end of the 2019/20 would be a “bumpy road at times” are just plain idiocy. We’re meant to be SUPPORTERS.

  10. Bit worrying to see GSB’s pet lap/attack dog briefing against the manager

  11. WHUFC have no excuses any longer. We have a new investor and the club have stated that they want to be a top six Premiership club and be competing for cups and in Europe year after year. Our transfer business over the coming months will show us wether that is just more talk. Or wether there is a REAL intent to kick on to the next level.

    I think Moyes is a decent manager…………I mean 6th last season and 7th this one (even if in real terms our 7th place is disappointing). Is better than we have achieved for many a year. There is still a lot wrong and a lot to criticise the club for. But I am cautiously optimistic (until proven otherwise). That this COULD be the start of a new era. Remember Ferguson was a fecking good manager and he picked Moyes as his direct replacement at Manure. Also remember what Everton were like when Moyes had them purring. We need to move a few on and invest a decent wedge and strengthen in EVERY position. If we are not spending (net) £150M – £250M………then we are just playing at it. We need to bring in some World class talent and show some REAL intent. COYI

  12. David Moyes was tasked with making West Ham a Leipzig last season. What did he do refuse to play young Players in the League, even in lesser matches. This could have made a lot of difference, in that some of the more experienced Players could have had a rest.

    Moyes is no good with young Players, he got rid of Cullen, when he was the only one who thought he was of no use. We have Players in their twenties, who have little first team experience if any. This is ridiculous, how the hell can they help the Team and fit in, if they are not properly blooded. He is obsessed by his old guard, continually favouring them, means we have no future stars in the making. Johnson was only brought in because of injury, he would have been blooded and playing in the first team, in many clubs long since.

    Don’t let Moyes have the say on the number of Players coming in. Board please buy us a big enough squad this time.

  13. I agree that following fullsome praise last week against City suddenly he calls the same team out as inept. Many of us have called him out for preset subs last 10 mins – not reading the game, and woeful ignoring any U23 players for 2 years – no team time for any of them. Wrong message today DM. Now you need to show us that you have a plan this summer. That is what will determine next year’s performance, not calling out those who have given all this season.

  14. For the deluded amongst you. A few facts. Moyes has just seen us to our best (year on year consecutive top flight finishes) with last seasons 6th and this season 7th place.

    Only other manager in the last SIXTY years to come anywhere close was Redknapp in 97/98 and 99 with an 8th, 5th and 9th. Previous to that we had Johnny Lyle 81/82/83 with a 9th, 8th and 9th. So careful what you wish for. We haven’t had it better than this for a long time (I am 62 years old and cannot remember it being better league wise). Like I have said. NOW really is the time for the board/management to show some REAL intent to kick on. For the record our best ever top flight finish was 3rd waaaaaaay back in 85/86 (old first div) and we followed that up (in typical West Ham style) with a 15th place the following season.

  15. What would you be saying if Moyes wasn’t angry at a 3-1 defeat having been ahead? Of course he needs to look at himself as well but in an interview straight after the game I’m pleased to see him emotional and frustrated. We’re all proud of this team but we all want more and Moyes is no different.
    Like everyone else is saying, big business needs to be done now to take us up a level. IRONS!

    • Totally agree with you. Whilst I don’t agree with everything Moyes said. I do like his passion and the fact that he want’s even more from the players. Anything less and he wouldn’t be doing his job properly. They are grown men, if they can’t take a bit of stick. Then they are in the wrong profession.

      Moving on. I’d really like to see us do some decent early business. The club have had plenty of time to get all their proverbial ducks in a row. A few early (quality) signings. Will send out the right message. That we have ‘arrived’ and are clearly intent on cementing our position in the top tier of the Premiership. I’ll be disappointed if we once again find ourselves towards the end of July. Having done little or no business and being linked to every player going.

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