Bizarre West Ham fact …not a lot people know that!


Yes, we are still in the midst of the silly season ,but in the words of Michael Caine – “not a lot of people know that” come to mind as the days pass!

West Ham have not had a goalless draw in their last 71 games in all competitions which must be something of a record in the circumstances!

Even Michael Caine himself may have had some trouble getting to grips with that one particularly given the mediocre League form we suffered last season.

You have to go way back to a Premier League game against Burnley on December 12th 2021, for the last West Ham match not to feature a single goal.

Using cricket parlance, are we now allowed to call it Moyesball ™ ?

Seventy-one games since December 12 2021 is also a startling indictment of just what a crazy amount of football the Irons, with their Europa League and Europa Conference exploits, have played in the last 15 months.

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