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Board MUST axe Bilic now…Moyes speculation grows

BilicupDavid Moyes is tonight being speculated as the manager-in-waiting at the London Stadium tonight with  many sources reporting the former Everton, Manchester United and Sunderland boss was at today’s game.

The Hammers were soundly beaten 4-1 by Liverpool and this HAS to be the end for Slaven Bilic who as the final whistle blew turned on his heel screwed his face into  disappointed snarl and matched straight down the tunnel.

There were no waves to the crowd , no greeting of his players. His body language said it all and if he isn’t fired this evening it will almost seem like a dereliction of duty by David Gold and David Sullivan with the Hammers now sitting in 17th place.

MoyesmeetingThere are only so many times you can describe performances as dreadful, abysmal, hopeless and disgusting so I won’t use any of those words again.

Instead let’s just say this was the game which ended any thoughts that a likeable Croatian could do anything other than leave …and straight away.

Two goals from Salah and one apiece from Oxlade-Chamberlain and Matip were more than enough to see off a Hammers team which frankly didn’t put in a full shift.

Manu Lanzini’s chipped effort was nothing more than a consolation and the one moment that will give the incoming manager – whoever he is – some hope the Argentinian was above criticism, showing plenty of ability whenever he was on the ball.

But the fans have sussed this Slaven Bilic team – they don’t look interested, they didn’t close down, they were without heart and at times players were clearly trying to avoid receiving the ball. The are not giving 100per cent and that is entirely unforgivable.

We’ve seen it all before too many times. This team is not playing for Slaven Bilic and Gold and Sullivan have to act pretty damned quick – like now.

He has to go!


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

30 comments on “Board MUST axe Bilic now…Moyes speculation grows

  1. Bilic has to go, but Moyes? I’m not convinced but he will be an improvement on the current set up. I think….?

  2. Yes Billic must go but what is the point in Moyes? No keep Moyes well away from West Ham, don’t be an idiot Sullivan.

  3. Bilic has to go we know that.When your own players call it a mess its time to go.We need a manager right now and its obviously the worst possible time to find a replacement.Somebody needs to come in and get this lot fitter,Motivated and settled and not be terrified of dipping into the U23 team who are the polar opposite of this shower.It needs shaking from head to toe.

  4. Moyes did wonders at Everton… but his jobs since then…….give over.
    Awful at United, awful at sociedad ad awful at Sunderland. We should not get moyes.
    Right now.. I think what we need is a manager with something to prove, someone that has ties to the club…
    Hell right about now id take pardew back.

  5. At 3-1 Bilic went to his bench to speak to his coaches. It would not surprise me if he said ‘ I am resigning and will recommend Julian to take over. After he spoke everyone nodded and pointed to Julien who was left smiling and nodding. Even the cameramen noticed and focused on him for several seconds.

  6. Dicks! God no! I’ve said it before on here that’s it my opinion that he should not even be on the coaching staff. He’s not qualified and with no experience and was known as a terrible trainer when he was a player. Let’s not tarnish this Irons legend. He’s not the answer.

  7. How about we give him 2 or 4 more games ? If that doesn’t improve things then we’ll have to have the emergency “save our season” games .. if we’re still in trouble after that then he can have just 2 more games.

  8. This performance reeked of dressing room lost and Slaven has to leave now, no doubt. But the ‘threat’ of Moyes’ imminent arrival is salt in the wound to Hammers fans. Echoing the thoughts of Cas and Westside. No way Moyes.

  9. Moyes failed at Sunderland in a very similar situations. Simple choice go get Nuno Santo from Wolves, he wants Martinez on loan so clearly knows how good the kids are already!

    • He ready turned down Everton he wants to stay w Wolves bring them up.

      But go for Wilder been brilliant past 4 years winning everything w lil support, & I still fancy Jokanovic has exoerince speaks English &won promotion

  10. Bilic must go and take Noble with him . Noble is the pits . He is clueless , a waste of space .
    Get him off the pitch , out of the Stadium and as far away from the team as possible . Fricking terrible . As for Dicks isn’t he the defensive coach ???? say no more . Moyes is desperate for a job and is probably cheap . For Christs sake dildo boys show some ambition and get someone who will take us forward . Thought I heard that Carrol was coming on at half time ??? don’t remember seeing him !!!

    • Dicks has never been responsible for our defense. He was only responsible for crossing and corners ( I think )

  11. If they get Moyes or Mclaren we need to hang the board, Bilic should of gone a year ago and yet he is still our manager. Utter disgrace the board are taking the fans for mugs, they have one job to do, get in a proper manager, pay up Watford and get Silva ( if he’d work for these clowns that is)

  12. Moyes would be no more acceptable than a return to allardyce. Give Westley care taker role and start looking for a credible alternative. See if he can pick up some points in the meantime and get some of the youngsters out there. Holland, Rice and martinez would get more backing and give more back than several of today’s performers

    • It will have to be a care-taker and Westly is as good as any choice, but as someone said before, he would not want to go back to the U23s after.

  13. Chris Hughton if you want an East End boy who played for club and is totally underrated

  14. Had the chance to go tonight with all! Exspence paid I chose to stay home …I would take anyone over bilic at the min ..bilic should of gone months ago …absolutely clueless.. Utter utter rubbish… If they don’t sack him straight away then we are definitely going down ..they’re is no direction no fight no tactics its basically the worst I’ve seen for a gutless team …pathetic

  15. We’ve lost out on any decent alternative. They are all in jobs and why would anyone leave to join us? I agree with Jonny. Westley all day for me with Collision and Potts assisting.

  16. Bilic has now proved, without any doubt, that he cannot get anything out of this team. Likeable, or not, he has proved that he cannot continue as manager. The players have, largely, proved that they are not good enough for West Ham, too. We have to get rid of Bilic – but we certainly do not have to replace him with Moyes. How low can we go? Some drastic action has also to be taken with the players. They are taking money under false pretences – The false pretence being; that they are Premier League players. “ The juniors aren’’t ready “. My God, the seniors aren’t capable ! – proved yet again tonight.

  17. He must go tonight !!!
    And a temp put in place until a manager comes available who we need to take us forward lol
    Were already in trouble , so we have to ride it out and hit the market in Jan , sully needs to put his hand in his pocket for sure and if not then he should go as well !!! I don’t rate moyes so get pardew in on a temp or my favourite would be brooking !!! Sack him now , immediately !!
    Its getting worse ffs 😤

  18. Agree with all said about Moyes, he inherited a team capable of defending at Sunderland And they shipped goals for fun, at Utd he inherited champions and turned them into losers, it took him a while to turn Everton around also. Whoever comes in will need to get the players onside fast and motivated, it’s a huge challenge Moyes is a miserable mofo so that should be enough to count him out.

  19. No, no,no. If they bring in Moyes they will show they have learnt nothing and are completely unfit to fun a club. The man has failed at his last 3 clubs and is not an improvement on Bilic. Koeman is the obvious replacement and would be free

  20. Koeman ? That’s going from the sublime to the ridiculous !

  21. If you asked me any other time if I’d want Moyes I’d say no as his style is ideal. However, we are in a crisis and this current situation defensive stability is needed.

  22. Moyee at Sunderland was walking dead negative said they were likely to get relegated publicly said he squad wasn’t PL good enough etc.
    If want a free agent I would go for Guss Haddink was great at Chelsea 2008-2009 he left but they wanted him to stay players loved him won 3 PSV titles Natl experience, LA liga & more then got Chelsea back on track again after Moyes left.
    Moyes is not a relegation type manager & hearing Phil Neiville is gonna be part of his staff.


    Other free agents: Tuchel recently said he would be interested in PL maybe not us but, Pardew, Schubert, Enrique (worth a shot), Mazzari, Guideloen, Suso, Suaso, so many….
    But I think going after Chris Wilder or Jokanovic would be much better a chance at PL doesn’t come often and we spend £24m on Arnie a spend some money to get managers out of a Job Rodgers who has point to prove in PL Houghton, AC Milan’s mgr name blank now was great w Florientina & could be short lived there.

    I just think Moyes is past is good years he quit Sunderland if we go that way hope I’m wrong but….

  23. Firstly I believe everyone has short memories about what Moyes achieved over 11 years at Everton on a very restricted budget. He brought many youngsters through to the first team and his teams were very fit. He did not get a fair shake at MU and Sunderland were relegation fodder with zero money available. I would take him tomorrow because for sure Noble would not get in his team.
    But one name no one has mentioned. Sean Dyche. He would cost money to get but how I would love him as our manager. But I would not turn my nose up at Moyes.

    • Have mentioned Dyche not in this article but in would take him I think he would play more attacking style with our players & get us organised & defense right.
      I think they should spend money on getting a manager rather then free agents. Mgrs will leave for the right money and chances.
      But Mkyes did do good at Everton its just how he did at Sunderland that worries the most. That actually had some decent defenders. And .Ade some questionable signings but they have a horrible boss I am more worried about his attitude & his style which takes a while to implement.
      I will take Moyes and hope he does well but will they give him money in Jan?

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