Boleyn Memories: Lampard senior’s beer belly, an old lady, Tim Breacker and a Christmas turkey!

Back in the day before they moved the pitch towards the Alpari, the players used to have to lean on the wall of the chicken run to take throw-ins.

This led to lots of comical exchanges and two I recall with great amusement involved Frank Lampard snr and Tim Breaker.Frank was in that tradition of West Ham stalwarts who went on well past their sell-by date. His shirt was more like a second skin and a well developed beer belly often protruded just above his shorts. This look was often made worse by the fact that on cold mornings “steam” used to rise from him like an old pit pony.
In one particular game against Leyton Orient the rather nimble John Cheidozie was giving Frank the runaround (Frank used to kick him quite a lot, then just slide tackle him into the stand!)The first corner came and Frank was leaning against the stand looking for someone to throw too.After a few seconds he got tapped on the shoulder and said: “What” rather angrily?

OI! Frank came the reply, “If you’re going to watch the game come and pay your quid like the rest of us!”

%&|||*& Off said Frank!
Tim Breaker suffered a similar fate one Boxing Day when the ball flew into the crowd, and was taking a while to come back.
“Come ON” said Tim.
“Hold on” came the reply from an old lady who had a very large hat, horned rim glasses, a massive coat, and a very large bag. Just as an aside  we often used to see her pull a medium size “lunch” from the bag at half time. Lunch consisted of cold meats, bread, tea and cakes.Anyhow she looked at Tim and said:  “Have THIS instead” whereupon she Tim a very large TURKEY!The game was held up still further by a now very confused looking Tim Breaker waiting while someone from the west stand got a Ball and relieved him of his new possession..

I spotted the lady after the game and her bag looked suspiciously full as she left.

The ball NEVER came back.
Mike Tricker

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