Bolton Nolan return emerges

NolanSpeculation that Kevin Nolan could be on his way to former club Bolton has been dismissed “at this stage” by the Hammers.

A story emerged this morning claiming that a move back to the club was on the cards but an Upton Park source told ClaretandHugh: “We’ve hard nothing from Bolton although we are aware of the story being around. We know nothing at this stage”

Nolan would have to take a major cut on his personal terms to make the move into the Championship although the player has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to sit on the Irons sidelines.

He claimed recently: “If that’s the case I will have a conversation with the manager although that’s for later.”

West Ham are ready to let the captain move on if he gets the right offer, our source saying: “He’s been a great servant but everybody understands the position.”


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14 comments on “Bolton Nolan return emerges

  1. Come on Bolton,come & get him.He is all yours 😉

  2. Soon as you like, Kevin – I’ll drive you, if you like. And you may take your mate Carroll with you.

  3. This seems like a non-story by the press, Bolton can’t afford his wages and why would we let him go when he may yet prove an important player and chip in with a few goals ? I can’t understand what he has done to generate such animosity from a section of our support, he has been a good captain and played an important part in stabilising our club when it was on its knees. I am more interested to find out what is happening with the Raul Jimenez is there any news about that Hugh ?

  4. After all the c$$h we have shelled out on Carroll & trying to get him fit for more than a handfull of games we would be crazy to sell now. If possible try & get some return from him. If the same thing happens again then yeah get shot of him.

  5. Nolan ain’t skint. He can take a cut and go where he’s happy.

  6. Would be great news if it happens.I

  7. Sooner he has gone the better for everyone.Though god knows what bubs will do without hippo & Nolan at the club.Going to have to find someone else to hate,lol,got any ideas who it will be yet bubs?? 😀

  8. Come and get him , Bolton . Don’t know about the wages though , he is certainly not worth it now ,, maybe some years ago yes , but today , No .
    We must get Carroll back to full fitness and playing regularly ,, he is too dangerous a player to throw away .. Not His fault he is injured . Bet he is more ****ed off with it than any of us Fans . I’m more concerned about letting Jarvis go to compensate Nolan . West Ham have already made one Huge Mistake in letting Downing go ,, let’s not make another one .
    The possible new signings look very attractive and generate a lot of enthusiasm , but until we have them in the bag ( as it were ) we need to be a bit more relaxed and take the Away game against Astra more seriously . We can still beat Arsenal ,, if not then we have lost nothing … Our record against the Gunners is not an impressive one , so to be honest , I don’t understand all the shouting and screaming . We were a second division club when we beat them in FA cup Final ,, we got promoted .. They are more established in the Premiership than us , so to lose on Sunday will not be the end of the world … We Must Win on Thursday Night or Draw 3 3 … , that should be Bilic’s priority ,, NOT ARSENAL .

  9. No mistake letting Downing go,the guy is 31,was going to be worthless by the end of this season.Pretty much wanted to go back home & the fact he is now happy to play in the Championship shows what ambition he had left in him with regards to playing for us.None!.He got offered a decent deal but for playing in a league lower.Good luck to the boy but all this Slav didnt love me like Sam did crap was pathetic!

  10. Sorry , Usain ; but find it hard to agree . Even at 31 he demonstrated a will and ability to play a good few years more in the Prem . There have been , and still are , players older than him giving good performances in the Prem . Experience counts for a lot . I remember we loved Sherringham … How old was , He ,,, near 40 ?.
    I agree that all the rubbish about Slaven didn’t love me is bull**** . But , did Downing get the right treatment and urge to carry on ?? . Maybe Downing was right and West Ham have lost a very good player as a consequence . I still think there was a place for Downing in the current West Ham squad . He is better than either O’brian and Jarvis ,, and of course Nolan and Nobel .

  11. The guy wanted to go back home.Whatever he said about Slaven was sour grapes.He would have gone to Boro whether Slav had even got him a bunch of flowers & Chocolates.He has gone jome to be a big fish in a small pond.Anyway the geezer gave us a couple of good months in two seasons.Anonymous the season before last,nowhere to be seen after christmas this season just gone.Totally overrated player in my view & if he didnt want to go home why didnt he not move to another Prem club? No takers? Or the truth that he wanted to be back at Boro.No one at West Ham did anything stupid.He wanted out to go home,simple as that.

  12. Just go Nolan. You are able to link up with Emile Heskey.It’s a dream ticket, what is he waiting for? Carroll to get fit? You only have a year left he may not be back by then.

  13. Bore off nolan .. thank you for the first two seasons but you have faded massively the last two and the whole being picked EVERY week last season killed any remaining love i had for you.. was the managers fault but you could have told him you were off form and asked to be rested, that would have been a real captains example

  14. We will never be that lucky,I can’t believe 32 thinks he has anything to offer our set up,
    He has to move for his own career,s sake,
    Just wish he was not playing on Thursday,it is going to be a battle as it is with at least 8 of our best players not taking part,
    I hope he can find one more good game in those tired legs and that will encourage another side to take him
    Every dog has had his day

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