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Bony update


bonyWest Ham will not be pursuing the Wilfried Bony option following the arrival of Simone Zaza.

Instead, if they make any further transfer market movies, they will be looking for a back up right back to Sam Byram.

Slaven Bilic has decided against Bony after bringing in Zaza and, with Jonathon Calleri on board and Ashley Fletcher looking more than capable at the moment, has turned his attention elsewhere.

With Andy Carroll, Enner Valencia and Diafra Sakho on the books he could be overloaded with strikers when they are all available and unless there is a late change of heart – as of course can always happen – the Bony option has been closed.

There remain hopes that the Ecuador international will find a club before the window closes.

Byram, however, is the only natural right back on the books and the manager is hoping that a back up can be brought in before the window closes.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    Zaza,Callerie,Ayew and AC possibly Sak but Biggins is a non runner unless you want to throw the game,
    More chance of Adrien scoring then him,

  • IronHammer says:

    Bring Tomkins back! Ginge is slooooow

    • TRB says:

      But he is a better defender.

      • JB says:

        It’s all about speed these days TRB.If a player is faster then they are better.That seems to be the view from some,however misguided it is imho 😉

        • Paul says:

          John Terry isn’t quick not was Rio Ferdinand!! If you can read the game and anticipate a run early then you can handle yourself at the top level!!!

  • Radai Lama...Rises From The Ashes says:

    Tomkins can’t even get a start for Palace lol.Well over rated player by some fans imo.He got the extra brownie points for being ‘one of our own’.Take that away he is bang average 🙂

  • johnham1 says:

    Good to hear but can I say we need a proper RB not a back up.

    • Fish N Chips says:

      Watch out Johnham, you’ve got the bullyboys passing judgement over you (without even the tiniest hint of pot kettle black about them!)…Welcome to the club…

      • Radai Lama...Rises From The Ashes says:

        Spot on baddow.It cracks me up,fans call for youngsters to be given match time but then when they do play they nit pick their performance.Ofc they will make errors while they learn their trade.So you either send them on loan or give them their head in the first team.Its as simple as that 🙂

        • Radai Lama...Rises From The Ashes says:

          Ain’t got a clue why it is here.Sorry I was replying to you baddow not the battered haddock or Johnham

          • johnboy says:

            That happened to me the other day as well rads lol.
            I think the wettys are putting in a cyber attack ? 🙂

          • johnboy says:

            Even weirder as I pressed post comment it asked me if I wanted to navigate away from the page ? I thin k Daphne has sent in the wet force for sure ! 🙂

      • Eddie says:

        I’m sorry FnC what’s your big mouth spouting now.Am I not allowed to say it’s no shock Johnham doesn’t like Byram???
        Must I run it by you first as head honcho on here??

        • Fish N Chips says:

          One racing certaintly is that I’m a loud mouth. You got it spot on there. I’ve got lots to say, and do so. There I’ve admitted stuff about me – no problem. How about you? Going to deny you are a bit of a bullyboy? (So not only would you be a bullyboy but in denial too! …Well, they go hand in hand, don’t they?)

          • RickHammer says:

            Well maybe if you hadn’t have come on here shouting your mouth off in the first couple of days trying to stir everyone up & admitting you were a loudmouth you wouldn’t f#ck people off would you.Then now start all this oh poor me what a bunch of bullies bs.
            There you go,you got a reaction,now you can go back to your colouring books & crayons

          • Fish N Chips says:

            Just like you, eh RH? You love to sling the dirt but can’t take it: transparent as a pane of glass, but not to you of course; another denial merchant! Liking JB’s comment: best ignore each other.
            Admitting my faults seems in short supply amongst the bullygirls…

          • Radai Lama...Rises From The Ashes says:

            You really are pathetic ain’t you FnC.If you had any f*cking clue then you would know that Johnham has been on here since the Romans were in Britain.He is a good guy but we tease him because he dismisses 90% of signings as not good enough.However when he is correct like with Jenkinson then we acknowledged he was correct.Feel free to call me a bully girl.Water off a ducks back from a self proclaimed loud mouth.

          • JB says:

            And there was me thinking FNC knew everything about everybody on here Rad.What a sap.I bleedin hate people who shout their mouths off then go all defensive & hurt after.Oh & then try dragging others like John in to it.Typical gobsh#tes tactic.Try getting others on board with him.As I said ignore the Berk.If we are lucky he will f@ck off eventually when he is bored.

          • Bob says:

            Crikey has that big gob started AGAIN.I should have guessed it was only a matter of time before he started trolling looking for an argument.

        • JB says:

          Ignore him I do.If he thinks being a loudmouth is something to boast about it tells you all you need to know guys!!

          • GW says:

            Your all a nasty bunch of bullies:) This is the new West Ham where we all get along holding hands sitting together waiting for Daphne to read us a fairytale about a 1 legged man with a ponytail who appears twice a year then disappears and teaching us how to write letters to that nasty Mrs Brady 🙂

          • Bob says:

            It’s all beyond me GW.The fella comes on here in a blaze of glory,shouting his mouth of at anyone & everyone then has the temerity to start moaning about bullies.The poor little soldier Lol

          • GW says:

            Bob he ain’t worth replying too especially when it’s been sandpit day at summer camp 🙂

          • JB says:

            Lol GW,dont be a bully.The strange thing is that he p#sses off people new & old on the site so the old guard users argument is invalid.However it is everyone else here who are the problem not him while he shouts from the rooftops that he is a loudmouth pmsl.Stupid t@sser.

  • Eddie says:

    What a shock that Johnham doesn’t like Byram.Should we expect any different!

  • Tone says:

    No because according to Johnham buying Antonio would have been a crazy buy by the board.Moses was who we needed because john had seen Antonio play if you remember ha ha

  • Fish N Chips says:

    Music to my ears: Slav wants a RB!….
    If they can fiind a hidden nugget as good as Masuaku, we’ll be sitting pretty….although I was v worried at how cavalier he was v Man City. He should have been sent off a couple of times; don’t know how he got away with it….THAT would have created a real problem for the near future….
    Hopefully, they can put hte brakes on his more risky behaviour….But overall, he’s the Dogs B’s!

  • baddowhammer says:

    As soon as Byram came on in the second half,we looked more balanced, and I thought he played some good ball at times and handled his defensive role aggressively but fairly.Reminds me of Cressa when he first joined,competent now and will get better,rate him.COYI

    • Fish N Chips says:

      I agree. Some fans have a bit of a problem with Byram, but I don’t really understand why; I think he’s pretty good, and just like Cressie, will improve the more he plays…I’d be happy for him to be 1st choice RB. I’d be sad to see him playing 2nd fiddle to another player brought in…Perfect age for backroom to develop Byram into a superb long term prospect like Cressie.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Agree Baddow we have a better team shape with Byram, I hope if Slav gets a back up in it is either someone world class (unlikely) or a genuine back up, Byram is young he will make a few mistakes but he has already showed he has the potential to be a solid player for us if he gets the experience.

  • spyinthesky says:

    Slight exaggeration with those numbers, Valencia simply offers no other function than making us play with 10 effective men and Sakho? Well there is no future for him whatsoever at this club. Its bad enough to get a gut feeling that Valencia has been played mostly to try to boost chances of a sale (failed abysmally), but as the opportunity to play either of them for that purpose will be gone in 48 hours, and any other reason would be seen as little more than desperation by fans and the media alike, that can do nothing to benefit the club and in the case of Sakho, would potentially put the Manager’s authority in the dustbin as viewed both inside and outside the club.

    Just imagine in a worst case scenario Sakho being played and being booed by the fans (after all Valencia was for far less reason), what would this guy in the mental state he has been in since being signed, and especially of late, would react to that and the effect that could have on the whole club in front of millions of viewers. We don’t need a Chelsea size melt down thanks. It simply does not bear thinking about. He should not even be considered as part of the squad he is so corrosive a character.

  • johnboy says:

    Having fun I see lads 🙂
    Been out all day with Dion Dublin ! Been trying to get biggins on board homes under the hammer? But was politely refused on the grounds he couldn’t sell a dummy let alone a house ?
    One thing is a cert ? When everyone is fit including sakho and carol we have an awesome front row , if sakho stays and Bilic plays him ! Its because he doesn’t have a problem , if fit and doesn’t start then sakho has a problem? Simples right ??
    BIGGINS has had his coco IMO , the feeble run with Silva which led to the goal was pathetic and showed he doesn’t give a shirts ! He should have clipped his heels and that would have been 0-0 still ??I officially hate him ? I liked him and even felt sorry for the bloke ! But that done it for me !! Lol.
    We all love Johnham on here ! Its always tongue in his ear hole , he’s entitled to his opinionsas we all are ! There’s no bullyboys on here F&C a few may be outspoken at times me included ! But its mainly good natured banter , no harm is meant , the only problem I’ve got is that my old woman wants to know who Daphne is !! I told her it was henry and minn , crumbs village Parish chair woman who is having a affair with a donkey called jenks?
    Funk me ! If looks were Carling then I was looked ? After a short explanation she smiled and said I’m losing the plot ?? All true I kid you not , 🙂

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