Bonzo on season and what comes next!

Billy BonzoHammers hero Bill Bonds doesn’t believe “the state of the season” dictates how players approach games and added: “I always took my A game out – there was no B or C.”

Stewart Downing and Aaron Cresswell have both declared that they will be as fired up for the rest of the season as they have been throughout the campaign.

And Bonzo – speaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh said: “That’s precisely how it must be because whatever the state of the season the fans expect you to go out, give the lot and win.”

Reviewing the season so far Billy said: “I think it all went wrong in the FA Cup against West Brom. Hopes were so high and it was a bad defeat.

“To lose 4-0 after that night against Everton in the Upton Park replay was so disappointing but in reality it hasn’t been a bad season.

“We remain in the top ten but obviously after such a great start when hopes were so high it feels as if it’s all gone wrong. In fact it’s been quite a successful campaign.”

Bonzo is entirely ambivalent about the apparent uncertainty surrounding the manager saying: “Oh the whole managerial thing is just a merry-go-round! What will be will be.

“People are saying the board should have made it’s mind up by now but it’s their club, their money and they will do what they want. I don’t have a problem with that.

“And to be perfectly honest I really can’t believe there hasn’t been a dialogue between them by now. They aren’t gonna tell the fans absolutely everything are they? There’s no reason why they should.

“Whatever happens Sam won’t be short of offers if he doesn’t get one from West Ham and we have to leave it with owners. End of.

“We need to end the season giving everything and gaining as many points as possible. After that the big decisions will be on the table. A little patience is now required.”




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

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  1. mmm… I don’t like so much when he says “People are saying the board should have made it’s mind up by now but it’s their club, their money and they will do what they want”… That is like saying that Colosseum belongs to Rome, and if the mayor wants he can break it down… there are “things” that belong to all the people. Personal opinion.

  2. It may well be the Owners Club , their money etc. but they have nothing without the fans to attend the matches,
    The fans are the Club, we stay year after year, Owners , Managers and Players move on,
    I repeat , THE FANS ARE THE CLUB and let no one tell you different.
    Been coming to Upton Park for 55 years but Stoke will be my last game until Sam goes.

  3. ahaha… This has nothing to do with this article… I just read some comments on westhamtillidie…It would be like getting inside the lion’s den, it’s full of Sam lovers… I’ll think about it … ahahah
    We’re being spied on, we are the enemy… ahahah

    • Haha,yeah i read the article earlier,lol,that muppet who was here the other day was on there slagging them for doing a story about Allardyce & Man Utd,haha,must be his pet project atm.Damn,some people take things too seriously.Most of these discussions are had in pubs everyday,but as soon as it is in a forum or a website some people take it more like a political debate than a bit of banter & winding up of eachother.They should get a life,lol:D

      • hahhaha… yes Tyson, I noticed our friend who was here yesterday. ahaha he’s one of the most ardent preachers…lol

  4. i hate WHTID Site, as soon as u say one thing negative about Sam or the team formation u get labeled as a troll, and then they have the cheek to say u have gone quiet even tho they know that they have barred ur account from commenting on the site,biggest bunch of Sam arse lickers i have ever come across,they are the reason our club will never be top 6.

    • ahahah… yes Sarith, but probably you don’t know Sam is like a messiah, anyone can doubt his word, you just have to believe in him. lol

  5. Funniest thing was that our friend from yesterday was telling them on there that he would expect that story on C&H but not there,wahahahaha,that made me laugh so much when i saw C&H mentioned,lol.

    • yeah i think i saw them *****ing about hugh ur right πŸ˜€

    • Blimey,i think that site is run by the Allardeci Family.There are guys there who take the p*ss out of this site for being Anti-Sam but most of them have their heads so far up their own ar*es its unbelievable.If they dont like a site dont come here.People on here dont continually take the rise out of their site so why not just wind their necks in.This is first time i have ever even seen comments about other sites on here.Each to their own,they can have their beliefs this site can have its own.It makes neither right nor wrong.Just proves what Allardyce does,he even manages to get fans of the same team fighting amongst themselves.Its ridiculous,if for any reason he should go its to stop the fans b*tching with eachother.Whoever came in would never split fans who support the same team like Samasaurus does.It was easy for Newcastle fans,too a man they nearly all wanted him out,lol,at least they didnt have to argue with eachother for 4 years about the same issue πŸ˜‰

  6. Anyway guys….Bonzo……legend.

    Here’s a quick tale. I met him once when he was visiting my university (Southampton) with his daughter. I couldn’t believe I bumped into the manager of my team in my halls of residence. I grabbed the nearest thing I could for him to sign, a student magazine. The other side of the page he signed had a crossword. One of the clues was ‘Crap football team managed by B. Bonds.’ (we were bottom of dvision at time) Seriously spooky. I still have it.

  7. Had my first look at the site today must be in conkerpots opium den,
    If they have open minds its a sad day for our club,
    We who love the beautiful game ( that means BFS haters on that site ) are better off without those sort of morons,
    How we become BFS haters in there eyes is easy to see because they have very narrow views on football you would not want to rub to of them togeather to get a spark.
    Just for you on that site WHUtiIget released,BFS OUT NOW FOR THE GOOD OF WHU

  8. Just had a quick look on there, my mrs had to hide the sharp knifes. Zzzzzzzz i thought i must have gone on fb by mistake. Very clukky. Anybody who does not agree may not apply.

  9. You may find this surprising but I don’t go on WHTID FORUMS LOOOOOL

    • You don’t know what you’re missing Hugh, you’ll find all Sam’s relatives…ahahah

    • Haha,nah,i dont either,only once or twice before & today when matte mentioned it.I dont think i would last long on there before i got black balled,lol,they are the members of the Sam Party,we are the revoluntionaries,Che Guevaras of the West Ham forums πŸ˜€

  10. Hahaha,that idiot from yeaterday is getting attacked on there tonight as well,haha.Now i have decieded i might have to infiltrate the clan,lol πŸ˜€

  11. Ahahah… He doesn’t find pesce… I suggest him to call conker and ask him for political asylum in Sicily…

  12. *peace not pesce

  13. Hahaha,he is on a par with flowerpot for sure.I am starting to wonder if he is flowerpot actually,lol πŸ˜€

  14. Ahaha legend is the right word… Conker is like Di Canio in this site…

  15. Well there is some geezer on the other site that has raised interest today claiming he has managed at Prem lvl,haha,just proves the loonies you get on there.One only route to take,the C&H route & screw the rest,lol πŸ˜‰

  16. Ahaha.. I don’t want their invasion… Imagine 200 Crackpots here…

  17. Ahahah… There’s a revolution there… All against their guru… The world is spinning round… Ahah

  18. Haha,many tell us we are crackpots anyway,a few more wont matter πŸ˜€

  19. Ahahaha… It’s fantastic!

  20. I see Trevor Sinclair was on Talksport yesterday saying that he is finding it hard to defend Allardyce anymore.He was bigtime Pro Sam during the first few months of the season.Seems now that has all changed,what a shame πŸ˜€

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