Bookies make Rafa odds-on for Irons job

rafaRafa Benitez’s odds to become the next West Ham boss have crashed to  as short as 4/5 in places.

The Napoli boss is even money with another after being a long shot last week.

A quick look at http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/west-ham/next-permanent-manager gives the latest position and shows that Slaven Bilic has now overtaken David Moyes as second favourite in some places.

Unlike some we take bookies odds cautiously but for such a high profile boss to be attracting such a weight of money andmove into odds-on territory is is interesting to put it mildly.

It seems that reports Rafa is being relentlessly hunted by the Irons board is pretty accurate.




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15 comments on “Bookies make Rafa odds-on for Irons job

  1. Rafa is the safest pair of hands if we are going to swap managers at this very crucially sensitive time for West Ham. He is not likely to get us relegated, as he plays a very solid defensive unit as a base to attack from. Not what people on this site want but necessary to keeps us up while we build.
    Another good point is that he will most likely leave after 2 years in search of a club with a bigger transfer budget, which will allow us to re-assess Eddie Howe after 1 – 2 years in the prem.

  2. Dont really get your point ‘not what people want on this site’,havnt seen anyone expressing an opinion of us turning into Brazil or Holland of the 70s.Think people just want a modicum of attaking intent.Something that Sam is loathe to do & having seen Napoli this season & last they have played some good football.Nothing that even resembles ours under Allardyce.

  3. Most people on here have actively argued against defence, in there hatred of Alladyce. Thats my point. Rafa runs the same risk, when we see how much passing is done in his own half.

  4. Lol,well i dont hate him & think very few actually hate ‘him’,perhaps you should say they ‘hate’ his style of football,which tbh i do as well.No one including Rafa will ever produce the mindnumbing football Sam has given us in the last two years overall.Even my friends who were all for keeping him have become sick of it actually.I think most people have had enough of it now.

  5. My problem with Sam is that he destroyed the attacking way we were playing pre Christmas
    just to accomodate Nolan and Carrol.

    • I don’t believe that for one minute but I do concede that he kept them in too long once injuries aloud them in.

  6. Like I already posted I wouldn’t bet the bank on us having a new manager for next season and I certainly wouldn’t bet on Benitez at 4/5, although I’d love it to happen

  7. Lol,Dafishes our expert analyst with regards to Bielsa.I guess you have spent spring in Marseille taking in their matches ,lol,i actually thought you had been caught in a fishing boats net you vanished for so long.I have missed your insightful comments 😀

    • I can understand that Tyse, which is why I have reurned for you.
      I wish I was in Marseille but I am in a cooler part of Europe where right now its ****in down.

  8. Its41% here and to hot,1 Rafa does build from the back instead of using the long ball,
    But he builds his teams with players that can pass to their own side which is not part of are game plan now,
    2 sleeps and canchaz both know they want Uncle Sam to stay and will argue black is white
    That we will suffer if he goes,
    NEWS FLASH BFS stated 2 days ago I will definitely not be signing a new contract,
    So back to subject will Rafa sign for us
    I hope so

    • ” NEWS FLASH BFS stated 2 days ago I will definitely not be signing a new contract ”
      not true he never said it.
      As for the rest … yaaaawn lol

  9. Yep that was just The Telegraph talking crap for a change.If it was true then it makes his talk of negotiations today a bit screwed up 😉

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