Bookies odds of Hammers season ahead


ChicharitoShirt726Bookmakers have been creating odds of West Ham chances and prospects in the Premier League which starts in less than two weeks time.

West Ham to win the Premier League

Best odds:  Skybet 500/1  Worst Odds: Ladbrokes 200/1

West Ham to finish in the top four

Best odds: Skybet 50/1  Worst odds: William Hill 33/1

Arnie1West Ham to finish in the top six

Best odds: Betvictor 20/1  Worst odds: Betfred 10/1

West Ham to finish in the top 10

Best odds: Betstars 6/4  Worst odds: Paddy Power Evens

Javier Hernandez to be the Premier League’s top goals scorer of the season

Hart_726_2Best odds: Skybet 40/1  Worst odds: Paddy Power 25/1

West Ham to finish in the bottom half of the Premier League

Best odds: Bet365 4/7  Worst odds: Betway 1/3

West Ham to stay up in the Premier League

Best odds: Skybet 1/40  Worst odds: Bet365 1/14

West Ham to be relegated from the Premier League

Best odds: Skybet 10/1  Worst odds: Bet Victor 7/1

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  • WakeTheWolf says:

    10/1 to be relegated! Are you kidding me?
    There’s no way we will be relegated this season.
    If anything we could be the dark horse this season!

  • Gaz says:

    We would be odds on to win the league if we had the armchair managers in charge not Slaven lol

    • WakeTheWolf says:

      Hahaha very good point
      There are too many people that play FIFA and football manager. Unfortunately we can’t play football the way a game can make you play football.
      To be fair though. On paper….. chicharito, lanzini, Antonio, Arnautovic, Ayew, Sakho and Carroll… there are goals there. It’s just whether they can play good enough for it to happen.

      • Gaz says:

        Oh yes i agree WTW.Im excited by our purchases and the season ahead.Who knows how it will pan out but the signings have given me hope that we can have a good seaon.
        I was on messing about the armchair fans,we all have opinions but some fans really are very heavy duty and rate themselves up with the premier league great managers lol

    • kevin says:

      Love that point , Gaz . Whether we will miss a player or not . Doesn’t matter . It’s the team we are building that matters most . ARMCHAIRS FOREVER .
      Don’t gamble but I think I might have a flutter on something or other this season .

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    A bet on top 6 at 20 – 1 sounds good, my gut feeling is 7th or 8th but if the big teams all take points off each other could be a real interesting season. The question is whether to wait before or after the Man City game when the odds might narrow or lengthen ?

  • GW says:

    Better odds would be..
    1/2..Armchair manager calls for Slavs head after 1 game and says they could do a better job.
    30/100…Armchair billionaire blames DGS for not spending enough money in transfer window.
    2/5..Arnie, Hernandez, Hart and Zabaleta are described as mingers after misplaced pass by YouTube talent scouts.
    1/10..Kevin says China Doll would have buried that and we were better when the slug was in charge.
    Evens..Same set of fans moan about atmosphere / popcorn and that they’ll never renew season tickets after 1st home game.

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:


      • kevin says:

        Laugh it up Salmon ; you’ll get hooked some day . 😱🤔😱

        • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

          Kev , I was saying only the other day to you’re councillor that you needed to make some funnys 😂😂 , now get the slug and doll,s tattoos removed and recushion the armchair and have a bet on poppadom to get another splinter in his arris and be ruled out until Xmas 2019 😝 at 1/1000 on you could be on a winner 😂😂 put £20 on and pre pay the tax 😂😂

        • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:


    • kevin says:

      Getting rather boring , GW . Bilic needs to get this new looking squad playing good stuff and winning games . The die hards will have a tough time if he doesn’t . He has yet to prove Himself . I’m not talking about one player who I still respect , I’m talking about a manager with everything to prove and a bunch of players with everything to prove . To expect anything less than 8th is pessimistic . So , I am placing a bet on both top 4 and top 6
      + a bet on any cup win . I am waiting for something special this season and it’s down to Bilic to provide it for me .

      • GW says:

        Kev what’s boring is hearing that a manager who’s finished 7th and 11th in the last 2 years still needs to prove himself yet the fat tub of lard who got us up by the skin of his teeth can do no wrong or that the walking advert for Bupa is misunderstood and deserves neverending sympathy 😆😆 You have you flutter on top 4 or top 6 and a cup win mate 😀 Knock yourself out but don’t start bleating and whining if your expectations ain’t met because that’s truly f***ing boring 😆😆

  • Hammer64 says:

    Once you get below 7th it is a lottery. Wasn’t it 15 points between 7&8 last year? After that the gap from 8 to the bottom is pretty small. Comes down to injuries to key players, problems with key players (Payet), etc, good/ bad gambles on incoming transfers. We had all of the above plus the new stadium. Still ended up looking safe, but could have gone down!

    I reckon this season things will be much the same. Nearly all the PL teams have big money behind them now, plus the tv dosh so trying to divide the bottom 13 teams up on the grounds of ‘big clubs’ / ‘small clubs’ does not work so well

  • master says:

    Realistic aim should be win a cup, a decent run in the other (min quarter finals for either) and a top 10 finish where we are comfortably 10th or above for the majority of the season.

    Basically similar (but better than) Southampton’s season last year.

  • GW says:

    So about as likely as the porcelain princess taking a pay cut, switching to Becks Blue and holidaying in Skegness then 😆😆😆

  • kevin says:

    Anyway fellow Fans ; first up Man Utd and the moany one . Let’s stuff’em .

  • Radai Lama says:

    Aint got a clue where we will finish.Think i went for 8th to 10th.All i know is we will probably have good runs and bad runs as the season goes on & you just have to treat them the same.Dont start shouting about CL qualification if we win a few,dont start screaming about relegation if we lose a few.If you can treat those 2 imposters the same,then my son you will be a man.
    Or some shyt like that 😂

  • Hammer64 says:

    Philosophy too now Radai?is there no beginnng to your talents?

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