Boot boy Cressie’s no ‘Billy Bigtime’

CressieThere’s nothing remotely ‘Billy Bigtime’ about Hammer of the Year Aaron Cresswell – nor is there ever likely to be.

For our left back showed his humility and down to earth character again on Friday when sitting down and cleaning his own boots just as he did as a kid at Tranmere.

In the rarified air of the Premier League, Cressie seems a breath of fresh air – a guy with an old school mentality in a football world gone finance crazy.

The 25-year-old learned his trade at Tranmere but barely raises an eyebrow over the glowing accolades he is now receiving as he looks to be standing on the brink of international acclaim.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘We did everything at Tranmere. I liked that – it’s true that it keeps you grounded. In the youth team I was cleaning corridors, cleaning boots, sweeping floors – all the little jobs.

If someone in the first team asked you to do something, you did it. Some kids these days miss that experience.’

One of his chores was to clean the boots of Ronnie Moore, the manager who is now in charge at Hartlepool. His £30 tips at Christmas were at the tight end of the market.

‘I don’t think the apprentices do it here – we have kit men who look after you,’ Cresswell said. ‘At Tranmere we would get bonus money for it. You’d do the boots and then come Christmas you’d get £50, £60.. that was the going rate.

‘It’s about that grounding. I still clean my own boots.’


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15 comments on “Boot boy Cressie’s no ‘Billy Bigtime’

  1. Seems like a likable lad. Realises that one good season in premier league doesn’t make you a superstar. Keep going in the right direction & he could be one of englands future.. stay with a club (qwest ham)where you will be first choice & you will stand out, playing is more important that picking up vast amounts of money but never play.

  2. Good lad,seems like a proper decent kid.Great to see him be so successful this season.

  3. Good old ethnics, will stand him in good sted in the future are you listening Roy not a prima donna,
    Cressie ther will be a young boy there ho needs £60 and old love to clean your boots
    Find him and keep the good old ways going,Magia might want to do them next year ?
    Good luck today boys

  4. Is it just me, or does he sound like an elderly person talking about how things used to be in his day .

    On a serious note though, it’s obvious he is a really down to Earth lad and continues to impress me, both on and off the pitch!


  5. Proper geezer is Cressie,good grounded lad for sure.One of Sullys best signings.Ok,i know Sam is credited with signing him but it turns Sammerettes into a frenzy if you credit Hippos signings with being Sullivans.Poor guys,have to grasp any crumb of bleedin comfort in these difficult times to be a Sam worshipper 😀

  6. Why cant we have a reply without turning it into another ant-sam rant. This should be about how good Cresswell is & that he is a grounded lad & not a billy big b#####x.
    i really enjoy this site but most of the posts the comments turn into the same thing.
    i dont want sam here anymore than most.
    This is my opinion so dont just start chucking abuse at me.

  7. Does it really f*cking matter,lol,anyway im off to the match.I will leave you lot to squabble 😀

  8. Essex is a cunning man,lol,he tells people on here not to keep mentioning Sam but then he goes to WetPants & slags him off over there.And thats not abuse essex,just makes me laugh 😀

  9. who…. me????? Lol
    just cant stand people blowing smoke up his arse..

  10. Off out now, catch up after game. Coyi……

  11. Yep laters Essex 😉

  12. Man crush on Cressy

  13. OT but southamptons performance in the first half against Villa really does make our efforts against Villa look pretty damn pathetic,just shows what can be achieved with a manager who allows his team to express themselves.Not try to turn them into something they aint,10 defenders 😀

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