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Bowen Embraces Lopetegui Era

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One of West Ham’s star players, Jarrod Bowen, has spoken out about the upcoming managerial change under Julen Lopetegui. Despite his loyalty to David Moyes, Bowen emphasises the importance of embracing the new manager, his methods, and his philosophy.

Bowen acknowledges Moyes’ contributions to the club and the lasting impact he’ll have. However, he stresses the need to move forward. Just as the team had to forget about past trophies to focus on the new season, they must now adapt to a new manager.

Bowen calls on his teammates to be open-minded and receptive to Lopetegui’s approach. He acknowledges the initial awkwardness but encourages everyone to jump on board.

Bowen himself is motivated to prove his worth under a new manager. This positivity is a welcome sign, especially considering some initial negativity surrounding Lopetegui’s appointment.

We will all be looking for tangible changes in playing style and tactics under Lopetegui. Additionally, the squad needs significant improvement, especially considering its age and size.

Nevertheless, Bowen’s openness to change is hugely encouraging. If his teammates follow suit, it can pave the way for a smooth transition and a successful Lopetegui era at West Ham.

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  • Bonzo says:

    Bowens probably Moyes number 1 fan so if he can get onboard with a new management set up then all the players should be able to.

    • Walid Mohammed says:

      I do not tjink we need to make an issue a statement like tjis, these are professionals and in professionalism live have to go on , as at the moment it is the manager or them, and the new manager is the management choice, they have to come on board

  • Hugh Jassoll says:

    why is Zouma captain?

    • Walid Mohammed says:

      It was David Moyes choice, from what he wanted of his captain, the new manager can have a new captain. But Zouma waa David Moyea choice, and by all mens we have to respect that

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