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Bowen stays benched as England limp to qualification

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Jarrod Bowen remained on the bench as England toiled to a 0-0 draw with Slovenia, leaving them top of Group C and into the knockout stages.

Astoundingly, England were the only team in the group to register a victory in the opening game against Serbia.

Tonight’s match would have done little to dampen the negative noise surrounding Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions, who played more like two pussycats.

The game itself was a boring affair due to the combination of poor tactics, tired-looking players, an awful referee, and a football pitch which once again gave way under the players’ feet.

Jude Bellingham looks like a shadow of the player who bosses La Liga for Real Madrid, and while Phil Foden was slightly improved, he was in the minority.

Perhaps England will step up and expand their game in the knockouts, and they’ll have to. Southgate’s boys look bereft of ideas and a cohesive attacking strategy. They appear all too reliant on someone producing a moment of individual brilliance, but unfortunately, almost all of the players look worse than they do for their clubs.

Bowen being out probably did him a favour, and he may yet get his chance if Gareth is brave enough to change a team that needs an injection of something.

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  • Ess_Bee says:

    It was an absolutely terrible game. I know it is difficult to break down a 10 man defence but these players are paid millions! They are over hyped and over paid!
    If England meet the Netherlands we will get stuffed!

    • Andy Matthews says:

      Yes indeed mate, I was just saying the same thing to my son.

      It’s incredible how lost the players look.

  • Billy says:

    Bellingham might boss the Spanish league or the German but just another Jason Sancho if you ask me. Can he do it in the premier league or even on the international stage. Doesn’t look like it so far does it.

  • Hammeroo says:

    I think Gareth Moyes should have either started both Col Palmer and Anthony Gordon or at least brought them on much sooner. Things started to look better when they did finally come on. The problem with Southgate, like Moyes, is that he picks his favourites over form. Both gaffers are Mr. Negative!

  • Billy says:

    Play Gordon on the left, Bowen on the right. Foden and in 10, Palmer in 8, Rice in the 6. Not rocket science just round pegs in round holes. Plus all players on form for their clubs all last season.

  • DPC says:

    Love that all the pundits who slagged off West Ham fans for wanting exciting football are now moaning that an England team who topped their group are boring.

    • Hammeroo says:

      That’s because Gareth Moyes is both Gareth Southgate and David Moyes! They are exactly the same. 😱

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