Brady confirms CandH Cresswell news

Cresswell goalKarren Brady has said that we have no intention of selling Aaron Cresswell.

This is no particular surprise to ClaretandHugh readers who were told last Sunday that the left back was going nowhere when we reported a source as saying: “We’ve heard all the speculation like everybody else but have had no contact with anyone over there.

“It’s mischief making. We are entirely comfortable because he simply won’t be leaving  be leaving in the summer. He has been an absolute revelation and we are delighted with him.”

Brady said in her regular column in The Sun She said: “I dare say we could quadruple the figure we paid if we sold him to one of the Big Beasts this summer.

That doesn’t appeal to us though and while it might to a number of others, mainly agents, we are firmly building our club and definitely not selling such a prized asset.”



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11 comments on “Brady confirms CandH Cresswell news

  1. Fighting talk indeed from cock in a frock and let’s hope that her ” firmly building our club” statement also means replacing Rolladice with a top manager with the vision and mission to take us foreword and see us United once again !

  2. Why can’t she shut the f up.

  3. What’s the matter with our so called fans all f#ckin keyboard warriors , cock in a frock ,milf , why can’t she shut the **** up ? Maybe because she is the CEO of west ham and you are just a **** who can’t make a serious comment, she’s the best assistant chair we have ever had, or don’t you remember the previous icelandic regime who almost ruined this club and Brown and the cairns before that. You kind of fans embarrass yourself and the club.

  4. Your language is the embarrassment. Caution advised

  5. Haha,another of our lovable friends from wetpantwhenidie no doubt,who doesnt embarress himself at all with his inane rant.Very impressive to have such superb vocabulary & use it so succinctly 😀

  6. The irony of someone swearing & cursing at people when using a keyboard to call others keyboard warriors.Not well thought through.Taxi for No.6!! 😉

  7. the difference is mine is aimed at you idiots who slag the club off every chance you get, i don’t send abusive messages to club staff,, thats probably because you have nothing constructive to say, it wouldnt surprise me if you were all armchair fans. you type of fans make whu look like tottenham fans

  8. The irony of calling himself Englandsnumbersix given Bob never swore or abused people admitting it was his one serious hate.

  9. Thanks for that No.6,but no i am a season ticket holder,have been for over 30yrs so yeah i will say what i think.Which is the chairmen are doing a fantastic job but we have a fool as a manager.If you can find any reason to justify him continuing as our manager good luck to you,but im sick of him on so many lvls.Still what do i know,seems im a spuds fan 😉

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