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Brady confirms Stadium wrap delays

WestHAm2West Ham Vice Chairman Baroness Brady has acknowledged delays in the former Olympic Stadium wrap by confirming ClaretandHugh’s story last week that the giant Stadium TV screen part of the wrap will be delayed until October.

Brady told WHUFC.com “Construction projects of this magnitude are notorious for their delays, but we are on schedule, to the very day, to open in full football mode, for the Premier League curtain raiser against Bournemouth. That’s of enormous credit to everyone on the construction side, not least with the added complexity of Europa League football.”
 “As we explained after the draw on Friday, we’ll be operating at a maximum capacity of 54,000 for the Europa League game. This is all part of the ramp up to the Stadium opening at its full 60,000 capacity for the Premier League opener, but I think we all agree an earlier start to the season due to European football is a position we’re happy to be in.”

“Yes, the Stadium has been delivered on time, but there are of course still many elements and finishing touches that are scheduled to be fully in place early in the season. Of course (just like a new house) there will be elements we need to assess and get right once we’re in and we’ll always be striving to improve and add things, just as you would expect of any world-class venue. “
For one thing, once the complete seating solution is in place, work will begin on the bold West Ham branding to sit at the back of the lower tiers.

“Likewise, the world-class Stadium wrap, boasting Europe’s largest digital screen will be fully operational for the Hammers’ meeting with Sunderland in October. “

“As you may have seen in my last video update, the Stadium will of course be fully connected in the fullness of time. The WIFI is being installed in stages, over a number of months, and should be finished later this year.”  

Brady later clarified on personal twitter To clarify West Ham’s world-class wrap WILL be in place by first Premier league game v Bournemouth. Due to delays with planning permission Europe’s largest digital screens will be in place for home game v Sunderland. 88% of wrap is static in West Ham United colours/logos & will be in place for 1st Premier League game- 12% is digital fully in by Sunderland”  

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

21 comments on “Brady confirms Stadium wrap delays

  1. I’m back in the UK for a while and so this weekend I traveled across to London with the old man to catch up with family but before that we headed to the new stadium as I’d never seen it (apart from on the TV).
    I was in the remain camp recently, on the more important question of Upton Park or the Olympic Stadium not the EU, however the new place looks fantastic and that’s from only an outside view. The club shop blew me away (the last time I was in the club shop it was still a temporary building heading to the stands), the merch was top quality of which I availed myself of several items of clothing and the coffee was good too. I can’t wait to experience the atmosphere inside, it would be fair to say I am a convert.
    Now back to the shop and West Ham merch, is there a West Ham beer brewed yet? If not I’d like to make a request and being from Down Under that request is whatever the brew can it please be served cold! Of course it goes without saying, with plenty of bubbles too. COYI!

  2. Must be a knock on effect to the ticket office where s/t/holders are having a nightmare getting tickets and general information concerning availability , people having their seat allocated to people who did not pay for the privilege of !
    The phone lines are having the same problems as they are simply ripping people off and after twenty minutes on hold get cut off ! Accidentally of course ? And apart from the obvious IT problems and not having top bods install it and commission we appear to have what feels like engineers on loan to see if they can do a job before commiting to someone else with greater skills ? There’s no excuse for this as the club have had long enough to sort this out , professionally ? Well lady Brady I’m afraid this is down to you , maybe spending more time with the club rather than visits to the H.O.C , or TV commitments etc , and putting in cameo roles at the club for personal P.R . It would have progressed better .
    The position you command deserves 100% full time effort , not incorporated with all you’re other commitments ! To many irons in the fire saps all the heat out of it !
    Sort it !!.

    • Is there anything about our club you don’t moan about John.Come on give it a rest or if you can’t then join the miseries on Wetlands.They are in their element when they have something to grumble about.

  3. Oh no,no WiFi until later in the year,how will I survive for 90 mins.Maybe I will watch the football.Now there’s a plan haha 😀

    • What about that lovely big screen that wont be there, you might have enter the stadium without seeing a thousand adverts with five mins of West Ham related footage thrown in every now & then… 😉

      • I know Essex,im gutted,i was really looking forward to watching it for an hour before I went in the stadium haha.Im relaxed about everything,it will be get sorted.I ain’t qualified for SAGA holidays yet so I don’t need to be a grumpy old fart for another few years 😀

        • Well, even though I haven’t qualified for SAGA yet, I am reliably informed by my (few) friends – who by the way are EXCELLENT judges of character – that I AM a grumpy old fart…so that status is NOT the exclusive preserve of SAGA qualifiers…Let’s just set the record straight, eh P45?

          • If you are over 50 you qualify for SAGA Holidays,go on one,make yourself smile grumpy old fart 😀

          • Thx for that brilliant info, Sir P45: So I DO qualify afterall: Fantastic; I’m going to gas all those SAGA bast@rds out big time…(give my ‘friends’ a break)….
            I’m grateful that football stadia are open air, as I fear I would be banned…but that’s ALL I’m grateful for, being a grumpy old fart, obvoiusly….
            Incidentally, your grumpy score seems to be zero; disgraceful! …Happy to give lessons, if you are interested…for a nominal fee….

          • Haha,nah I will wait another couple of years until I am officially a SAGA man & can be a grumpy b4stard with the rest of you.
            I really don’t know what would happen if everything ran smoothly for the club,90% of the punters on blogs & forums would have nothing to say.I guess they would just sit at home or work picking their noses or farting like you 😀

  4. At least with no WiFi we ain’t going to see any pitch invasions from those looking for ****ing pokemons!

    • Haha,you mean Detective Pikachu wont be at the stadium,gutted!!!
      Ok,ok,i know about Pokemon from my nephew,i ain’t actually running round the country playing it 😀

      • Detective Pikachu is that what Mystic Bradders is calling himself nowadays?

      • Yeah, yeah, yeah…that’s your story, Sir P45. So that person running around playing Pokamon that looks exactly like you, isn’t in fact you, yeah?…Yeah right! Nice touch saying you leanrt it from your nephew…someone, somewhere will believe you…some martian from outa Emirates….

        • Feck me are you my own personal stalker haha other people have commented as well as me.Go on get off back to WHTID ComethTheMoment or have the balls to front up here as the same name as on there you chicken lol 😀

  5. My grand daughter nearly caught Baccachewy but he ran away at the last minute 😉

    • He is a sneaky Pokemon.He hides most the time but appears in Milan occasionally.Sometimes on a plane to America or maybe a plane to London.He was last spotted in a cocaine plantation in Columbia collecting Mattes present 😀

    • Apparently Hippomon is the most difficult to catch as is protected by numerous blind followers and is so far up one individuals ass you need a pot holer to find it!

  6. You guys are mad lol.
    But hey it beats moaning about our club & waiting for things to go pear shaped so you can get some kind of perverse pleasure out of it.

  7. So endeth the fartamon…

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