Brady facing no confidence vote

Karren Brady faces a no confidence vote from WHUISA members at a meeting tomorrow (Sun).

In an e mail to members chairman Mark Walker says: Karren Brady’s latest comments in her newspaper column are ill-judged at best, inflammatory at worst and includes this link to the story which appears in a national redtop! ”


She declared: “We have some problems at the London Stadium caused to a degree by the terms of our lease, which we are tackling, but also by malcontents and keyboard warriors.”

The e mail adds: “The ignorance and arrogance of this statement, in addition to others made in this and previous seasons, indicate that her position as vice-chairman of West Ham United is untenable.

She has fundamentally failed to deliver against any of the promises made when justifying the stadium move, and her continued inability to either understand or respond to justifiable fan grievances prove that she is no longer fit to hold her position.

“Therefore we, as the West Ham United Independent Supporters Association, have no confidence in the current Vice-Chair of the club and call for an immediate end to the Sun Newspaper column for the good of the future of our Football Club. 

We will therefore be holding an emergency debate and vote tomorrow and propose the following motion: 

The meeting will be at The White Post Café/Bar starting at 12:00 Noon

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  1. Do people actually still read the sun. Garbage paper like the daily fail and express. Only right wing scared of corbyn becoming the pm and pro brexit at all costs as long as trump support is gauranteed to trade. Karen Brady is good at her job let’s be honest but wrong fit for our club as it’s about working class people supporting a working class club that has had its heart ripped out by the board of billionaires looking to only make more money for themselves. Hugely unpopular as they all have no idea on what a family club is about. Ok were now thrown into the future world of football huge stadia better facilities easier transport from outside the area of the stadia but we still need avtrevor Brookings bonzo or cottee who we relate too from a working class background that hasn’t forgot where we were brought up and still has the heart ruling not the sky rocket all the time on club matters and fans that care imo

    • What a load of tripe you have written, would you have done so if she wrote for the Mirror, I doubt it. Criticise her for her comments if you do not agree with them but where she writes and her political allegiances have nothing to do with any of it so leave that out of it. This is a football forum not a political debating one.

  2. There are certainly plenty of keyboard warriors and malcontents but she should look at herself and DS in particular with their empty promises as to why so many are upset, we didn’t move to a bigger stadium to fight relegation. Short term planning by DS and an inability to sign a manager that he or the fans wanted, not too mention the numerous failed signings due to penny pinching and all of the negative media that surrounds their frequently misguided contributions to the press, DS courting ex hooligans with an axe to grind hasn’t help much either, if they delivered a team that won more than it lost much of the noise would die down imho.

  3. Let’s address the issue. She said the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time and the emergency debate is about that alone. Everything else has been well discussed. Let’s return to it when the personnel concern give us cause. I have said many times she should bin that column – for me calling out fans is a no no and a really unintelligent generalisation.. Actually she has about 10 jobs so how she can give her all for us is unrealistic. Needs to leave

  4. The more pressing concern is the naivety of people actually thinking she will listen or even give a **** about their views. She doesnt care if you vote no confidence and theres no way she will stop her column based on a vote of no confidence from a fan group. If that was the case we’d have had new owners years ago.

  5. I have never before been called a malcontent but I am undoubtably one in her eyes.So it seems I am more to blame for the club’s plight than a Board who made a net profit in the transfer window despite being in relegation trouble.The Board should give her an ultimatum.-Give up her Sun column or be sacked.

    • Not likely Paul unfortunately, I have been called a lot worse if its any consolation 😉 She seems determined to draw the spotlight on herself as often as possible, being malcontent about it is appropriate imho

  6. Surprised that somebody who writes for the Sun actually knows what a malcontent is.She has no love for our club.Its just a business venture to her.We will still be here long after she has F….. OFF to pastures new.

  7. A no-confidence vote from a random fan group? Big deal. If and when Ms Brady and the rest of the board do step down it will be on their own terms, not because the keyboard warriors and malcontents want it to happen.

    • So would you sooner they did nothing!?

      • But what does it achieve?

        • It sends a message – a repeated message – and that’s what fans have been doing all season…should they stop?

          • I don’t think the board care what we think. Like vacuum cleaners don’t care about the dogs that bark at them. The board are there for their own ends and that won’t change.

      • We went through all this thirty years ago with HISA and the Bond Scheme. We got to meet the Board – we even became shareholders and got awkward at the AGM – but it’s all pointless energy-sapping cr4p. Makes you feel you’re doing something meaningful – and it can be fun – but it’s just burning your time, money and effort.

        It’s a business, folks, and we have two choices; stay or go. You wouldn’t expect a random customer group to be able to pass a confidence vote on the CEO of Tesco and it be taken seriously, so why here?

  8. With regard to this whole “ anti board “ and “ anti Brady “ campaign ( still rumbling along in the bowels of WHUISA ) we should all really be careful of what we wish for . We have ( I truly believe ) in Sullivan , Gold and Brady a senior Board with the Club’s best interests at heart . We could have some Korean / Indian / Chinese / dodgy Russian owner who is rately here , appoints a faceless boatd and STILL doesn’t invest cash to the levels that WHUISA might expect ! The switch to LS was more difficult than expected , I accept that the Board underestimated the difficulties BUT I do believe they are doing all they can in addressing them , from fan simple facilities to full stadium security !
    Ms Brady is leading much of this and ensuring its implemented . I’m not sure a far Eastern owner might care so much about “ matchday experience “ . The Sun column is itrelevant and to lead to a vote of “ no confidence “ by a small breakaway supporters group is unreasonable , disproportional and irrelevant .
    We are fighting Khan the “ Mayor “ , the Stadium freeholders and a whole bunch of others who would drastically change our lease terms if they could – for the worse !!
    BUT THEY CANNOT because Ms Brady and Co . have used top lawyers and got us a legally watertoght lease with a very decent deal !! She is standing firm on that for the Club , frustrating our “ enemies “ and in fact pushing for more and more for us ( making the stadium feel like our home ) . Regarding constant criticism at her / the Board about expenditure on players , we / our Board do not have the MASSIVE financial resources of City / Utd / Chelski / Arsenal /Liverpool . Even when we do “ match “ one of them on an offer to buy a top player , the player goes to them and is prepared to sit on the bench rather than be our regular star striker !! It is the way of top professional football across the world now . We nick good players off relegated clubs , persuade guys with great potential to leave lesser clubs and come to us ( Arnie / Hughill ) – the Board ARE TRYING in my opinion – it’s very difficult to outbid the big
    boys !!
    We have maintained our Premier League Status for 2 seasons in LS and I’m certain we can build and build with the LS facility improving and improving . First regular top 10 ( 8th , 9th , 7th ) then top 7 , attract.better players , top 5 – consistent , win a League Cup and FA Cup – give it 5 years with ALL of us pulling and supporting in the same direction . Keep dialogue open , honest and regular with the Board – I’m not advocating blind gaith in the Board , sure – keep them on their toes , check – in – balance at all times but ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL !!!
    Drop this “ vote of no confidence “ come back in the fold and let’s make this GREAT club GREATER THAN EVER .
    COYI ⚒⚒

    • 2 years ago I would have agreed with you Brian but the more windows that pass the more I doubt them, I certainly believe they want us to do well but they appear incompetent and their frequent press releases are mostly ill judged. As for the deal of the century that they concluded bravo!! Let’s be realistic the LLDC are far more incompetent than any could have anticipated so it was perhaps not as great an achievement after all as we suspected ? The way they have treated Moyes seems poor also with no backing in the transfer market, his comments about making a profit and keeping us up seem spot on, he has been highly successful in what they asked of him.

  9. No club in the premiership would allow this only West Ham we just sit back and let it happen no other club would put up with it how do we expect to hire top class managers/players with all this old clap trap all the time it’s time to call a day on her or her sun column or better still on both a clean start for next season without all the distractions this causes and puts out views that are hers and not the clubs

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