Brady interview unveils the Irons future

GWC-Karren-Brady-PAKarren Brady has made it clear there will be no major signing to mark the Irons arrival at the Olympic Stadium saying: “That’s not of major importance to us. ”

In a major interview with Sky Sports, the vice chairman revealed the club expected to pass the 35,000 season tickets sold mark by mid January and declared that every game will be sold out next season.”

She explained the club would move in around the 27th-29th of June adding:that once the 35,000 tickets had been sold in January the remainder would go to Protiy List members.

But she warned: “There’s five times more people on it than tickets available. We will be sold out for every match.”

And asked about a marquee signing she said: “No, that’s not important to us.What is that we have the best possible West Ham team on the pitch playing well and entertaining the fans. ”

And she declared of the club’s immediate ambitions: “We want to give a fitting end to the Boleyn. This is an emotional decision and people don’t like change.

“When people see the size of the stadium, how easy it is to get to, that it’s a world stage and the fourth biggest in the country they will realise just how important this opportunity is for West Ham.”



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9 comments on “Brady interview unveils the Irons future

  1. 1 Entertaining football bang on
    2 can we grow the capacity in the future ?
    3 what do you call a major signing ?

  2. I can’t understand why so many people on this site hate her. She’s an awesome business women and she is doing a wonderful job for the club — I guess it’s plain old sexizem

    well done baroness Brady & I thank you

    • Could be plain old Goonerism….

    • Copy that. She and the 2 Davids are probably the best management team in West Ham’s history…BY FAR. In comparitively very little time, she has turned around West Ham from a no-hope badly run yoyo club with foolishly massive debts into a lean, mean successful fighting force of the 21st century ready PERMANENTLY to scale 1-4 spots in the not too distant future… along with the help, of course, a certain couple of Davids. Who could have ever even dreamt of that before? The meteoric progression is plain to see; this is no fluke. What a dream team!

      Fortune’s NOT always hiding! Thank you all 3: Dream team 3!

  3. Who hates her ?
    Simple questions opening a debate,
    4 has Dainon got a crush and does his mum know ?

  4. She looks bloody tasty in this picture or is it just my hangover,lol,mean,moody,magnificent.Wonder if she wants to come for a curry with me tonight 😀

    • Hi Radai, I am an ‘orrible fat ugly git (according to my friends, anyway)…if Karren strangerly and inexplicably finds herself unavailable, might I get a look in; you do talk SO sexy, you old tart!

  5. Back with a Bang Rads,
    Your make Dainon jealous

  6. Lol,Dainon is ok,he has his Danish lady to keep him happy.He is just being greedy.Brady would chew him up & spit him out anyway,he would feel like someone stuck him on spin cycle in a washing machine for an hour once Karren finished with him.This figa is a maneater 😀

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