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Brady’s latest threat so wrong!

KarrenBradyKarren Brady has chose to sent a ‘we’ll ban people for life’ message to the fans on the morning of a crucial clash against West Brom.

Sorry but ClaretandHugh doesn’t understand the motivation or the point of such an approach.

After all the ‘threat’ has now been issued several times and to continually repeat it is surely unhelpful and unfair in the extreme.

The vice chairman made the position clear in an earlier website statement and only yesterday we reported that 20 people had so far been banned after CCTV footage had been examined.

Err, that’s 20 from 270,000 who have watched the team this season! PLEASE!

The position is crystal clear and everybody in their right mind knows the outcome for those who decide to behave in violent manner.

There really is no need to keep repeating it because in my view it is confrontational and unhelpful particularly at a time when people are working hard to bring a meeting together between club and fans where all the issues should be aired.

Writing in her Sun column the vice chairman talks about moving home always being a hassle and declares: “Nothing excuses fighting in the stands and our reaction is unforgiving β€” anyone responsible for violent behaviour will be banned from the ground for life.

We don’t need people like that, least of all when we are asking for patience while we are in the process of bedding down.

Ok that’s enough. People aren’t stupid – the majority of us are fully grown up now and ‘get it’ without a big stick continually being waved.

How about, instead, giving a pat on the back and offering a hearty congratulations to those who have had to put up with the issues through no fault of their own.





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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Brady’s latest threat so wrong!

  1. Well said Hugh, to much negativity inside the club at the present, everyone needs to get behind the team, last season feelings as a supporter was magical and everyone needs to get back on a positive note.

  2. Don’t see anything wrong with her comments, if as you say the majority of people are not stupid then they’d know it’s directed at the minority of idiots causing the issues and not be bothered by her comments.

    She’s right to emphasis the fact that there are repercussions if there is violent or aggressive behaviour, even if it had to be repeated every week.

  3. All clubs automatically life-ban these tossers. No need to keep on!

  4. Not defending Brady as her column is a joke on Saturday & Sunday, but it is a Diary Hugh and is she did not write about what was happening then she would be accused of bias, last weekend felt to me more than 20, and the booing was something I have hardly ever heard in a premiership ground, a disgrace, the atmosphere was intimidating and can’t be allowed to continue and spoil it for the majority as well as the team and our club.

  5. Karen Brady didn’t milk the crowd trouble like certain media outlets did she? Karen Brady didn’t write article after article about the hooligan element. Karen Brady didn’t make up attention grabbing headlines. Karen Brady didn’t make videos talking about how bad it was with all the violence and the children crying. She can warn the thugs as many times as she likes as far as I’m concerned. These idiots are below average intelligence remember so you have to repeat the message many times.

  6. It’s a pity we can’t dish out a life ban for the person responsible for the majority of the problems.

  7. No starter of a story.So Brady mentions it in her paper slot,so what.If fans are really starting to get so agitated over something like this they need their lumps felt.

  8. So bored of hearing the same thing! Bigger concern is Cometh the Moment has reared his head again πŸ™‚ Anyway off to The Hawthorns and a sing song.

    • Has he,aint seen that πŸ™‚

    • Lol he must have thought if he hid under his rock for a week everyone would forget he got shown up to be a total bullsh1tter of the highest order πŸ˜‰

      • Oh it’s back ! Same old ******** from Cometh the fish moment πŸ™‚ Be warned lads he’ll be spouting some rubbish throughout the day, glad I’m in Birmingham πŸ™‚

        • Yeah I just saw his reappearance again from last night.He must have put his head under the pillow for a week & now he thinks everyone has forgotten he got shown up for being the fraud we all knew & told him he was πŸ˜‰

  9. Not saying this is the case but how about this for an alternative view Hugh, we are being investigated by the FA for failing to control our own supporters, by reiterating our zero tolerance stance she is building a defence to say the club is doing everything it can ? Like I say, can’t speak for her but I doubt unless there was a reason she would be putting things in print that could affect the image of the club…

  10. Just seen it in the sun.
    A week has gone by since last Saturday, most of the mainstream media has moved on and Brady decides to focus her weekly diary column, with this.
    What a stupid thing to do, provide more ammunition for all the millions of sun readers to continue slagging off West Ham Utd.
    If she had to bring it all up again, why not put a positive spin on the story and praise the 270k West Ham fans that have done the club proud…
    And while she’s at it she could apologise to the fanbase for the disastrous migration process that she and her team have delivered, or is that gonna be in next weeks diary?

  11. Karren Brady has done a great job for West Ham United – she has been Gold & Sullivan’s best signing……….but sometimes she gets too big for her bra.

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