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Brentford protest? Please stop being so silly

The Brentford match could be a classic judging on what we saw from the south west London team last evening – a magnificent 3-3  draw against Liverpool.

No question we will need to be at our best next Sunday for a game of rich promise in a stadium which is likely to suit their free flowing game.

Just one silly situation on the horizon could threaten it – a planned protest by those who are still living in the Boleyn past.

For reasons best known to themselves the “never happy ” lobby decided to call off a protest ahead of the match against Manchester United in favour of next Sunday.

I suggest they may be well advised to do the same again and indeed for the rest of the season. Things are tough enough on the fixture list as it is.

Not liking the owners and indulging in name calling is both childish and disruptive and the claim that it doesn’t affect the team is so far out as to be virtually unseen.

The truth is there is nothing to complain about at West Ham – things have never been better as a result of Moyes returning to a club which is now looking as though it could become the next Leicester City.

The board accepts it will never be popular among some who never wanted to leave Upton Park, but going back is not an option. Living in the past appears to be for some!

The unity between the board, manager, team has never seemed to be better. The results are fantastic, one defeat in last 11 league and cup games if the three wins at the end of last season are included  and that was an unlucky defeat by United

WHU was 4th or 5th highest spenders in the transfer window,

Protests are a distraction that can harm and unsettle players, surely the protestors see that. Brentord is a tough game they have beaten Arsenal and drawn with Liverpool, it needs our 100% concentration and attention.UNITED we can win again on Sunday.

Any reason for continuing with these protests is simply a method of disunity quite apart from there being no genuine reason for it.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

8 comments on “Brentford protest? Please stop being so silly

  1. Sick and tired of it all. Upton Park was falling apart. I hope theyre completely ignored if they go ahead. Theres being out of touch and theres being out of orbit .

  2. Why do you keep focusing on they are only protesting about moving stadium? Clearly there is more to it.

    I put it to you yet again, if they stopped protesting now , you would be running a piece about how flakey they are.

    Just leave it alone

    • I think you may want to write that because it makes little sense and I’m not being rude. No I won’t leave it alone. If you can answer for them fine – are you part of them? If tht’s their point it’s totally ridiculous = there’s no going back and demonstrations destabilise all the good things that are happening.

    • They are the one’s protesting. Are we not allowed to ask questions and make comments on it. I think it’s pretty flakey to be doing so anyway given the current circumstances

    • Everyone has thwe right to protest. That’s a given in any democratic society. But isn’t protest designed to bring about change ?

      What I am unclear about is what exactly this lot want to actually change. Yes, we know they want to remove the board, but boards aren’t removed by people shouting slogans and waving placards. Boards are removed when someone comes along with hard cash and buys them out.

      We all know that Gold’s mouth ran away with itself before we actually moved into the LS. Nonsensical talk about retractable seating which, when it never actually materialised, was an avoidable own goal. We also know the LS has a number of aspects which could be improved to make it more “football friendly”. But, let’s face it, Upton Park had become a bloody nightmare to get to and from. And anybody who thinks we could have extended eastwards to add to the capacity conveniently forgets that would have involved more people adding to the congestion nightmare that happened every home match.

      Any protests at this moment in time with the club enjoting one of the most successful periods in it’s history will be mocked by the media. And no protest has ever achieved anything without media backing. My message to these guys would be simply to enjoy the moment. But I don’t expect them to care about my opinion, or anyone else’;s, unless it falls neatly into their own little agenda. Whatever thet turns out to be.

  3. The STUPIDITY of this group of rebels without a cause needs to be highlighted, otherwise, the impression is given that these idiots speak for us all will be something the majority of us cannot allow to happen.
    Us supporters who have a vested interest in this club have the right to an opinion on this subject. This group seem to be hell-bent on causing disruption which could unsettle the team, thereby giving this group the opportunity to exploit a wobble or two.

  4. Those West Ham fans will never change. Many of them follow each other like sheep and they don’t know why. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve heard them say that the board are only here for the money yet, when asked, they have never looked at the accounts. Some of the things they say are embarrassingly stupid. Some of them still ask ‘what happened to the hundreds of millions that we sold the Boleyn ground for?’. Several of my friends go to the meetings and their statements make you cringe. I’m sure they would love us to fail just so they can be seen to be right.

  5. Buddha says, Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. You need three things for a fire and one of them Is oxygen. At the moment the team is doing so well that the haters are struggling for oxygen. They probably thought we would lose against Man U thus the decision to delay their protest until the Brentford game. It’s backfired on them because they need West Ham to be doing badly to fuel more hatred towards GSB. No doubt they will target their protest for the route from the train station to the stadium again so that any pictures show thousands of West Ham walking along and it looks like they are all part of the protest when infact most of them are just fans trying to get to the game. All pretty pointless what they are doing because they are not going to get rid of the board they are only going to cause bad feeling, not towards the board but towards themselves.

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