Brilliant as Irons troll all those jealous UK fans







By Pete Ellis

So, Wednesday night we go out the cup and get trolled by fans across the UK.

Less than 24 hours later the club release the OS tenancy agreement and troll them right back!!!

The talent-less nobodiess that pollute the airwaves on talkSPORT have been purring with their disgust and outrage at West Ham for signing this deal.
“How dare they! West Ham are tucking up the tax payer!!” A dim witted Mr Duh Erm spouts.
“I don’t buy it” says Andy Goldstein (neither did we mate, great isn’t it)
How nice it was for Mr Sullivan to call him up and point out a few facts.
(A fact at talkSPORT is viewed in much the same way as a turd in a fruit bowl is viewed elsewhere, not welcomed at all)
The only flaw In Their argument is that West Ham didn’t dictate Β what the terms are.
If someone offers you a Ferrari for the price of a fiesta, I doubt your moral compass would be so strong that you insist on paying more so those lovely Italians get a fair deal….no, course not.
The deal is phenomenal. I love the fact that every time a West Ham fan goes to the toilet at the OS, Spurs Charlton and orient fans helped pay for the loo roll. Thanks boys!
If it wasn’t for your combined insistence and outrage that West Ham we’re going to be allowed to buy the stadium as was initially planned and agreed, we’d never have got the greatest deal in world football.
When you kicked off about us trying to buy the place, I’m sure you didn’t have this outcome in mind.
What’s that phrase fans of other clubs liked to say in August?
“Careful what you wish for…..”
Ha ha bloody ha !!

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7 comments on “Brilliant as Irons troll all those jealous UK fans

  1. Lol,a turd in a fruit bowl.No one going round to Pete’s for lunch if his missus says she is doing fruit salad πŸ˜€

    • Hahaha,what ya saying then Tys,if Pete tells us it’s just a very ripe banana we don’t believe him? πŸ™‚


  3. I find it bizarre that we seem to be chastised by the footballing world whenever the opportunity arises. Chastised over the Tevez affair and how we ‘cheated’ the Blades. Chastised for booing at the Hull game despite winning. Chastised for wanting more than the drab, inane survival football served up by Allardyce. Chastised over renting a stadium for 25 days a year to save it from becoming a pointless, rusty relic… Yet strangely, any time a club’s emblem appears on a TV show, it seems to be ours. Gogglebox, Eastenders… You never see the Spud’s Cock, despite there being so many of them around…

  4. You forgot the Simpsons too. Ha.

  5. A terrace song for Irons away fans to troll the hone fans:
    href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjnkmNyArNg” But with the lyrics……

    Thank you very much for the Olympic Stadium, Thank you very much, thank very, very much.
    Thank you very much for the Olympic Stadium. Thank you very, very ,very, very much!

  6. Lol,good one.Had to turn it off as soon as I heared a Scouse accent though πŸ˜€

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