Bring the swagger back …and no excuses

By Richard Oses

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West-Ham-v-Hull-Sam-Allardyce-bubbles_2756968The difficult run is over!

We have all ¬†accepted that West Ham were not good enough to pick up a string of wins against the league’s elite. Some would even say we did quite well to draw against the likes of Man Utd and Spurs.

Whichever way anyone look at it we didn’t win enough games, end of story.

So now the Hammers face an easier run of games but Sam Allardyce has already put the stoppers on high expectations by stating that Leicester are too good to be relegated and are simply unlucky.

Considering the majority of our remaining fixtures are versus teams fighting for survival or for honour (Man City away) it leaves us as the only team with nothing left to play for.

Where exactly does that leave us then? Are the other teams we face set to put us to the sword because they need the points more?

Do we hold our hands up to the fact that by starting the season in such spectacular fashion set us up nicely for a top ten finish therefore we can all look ahead to next season with nothing to fear?

Absolutly not! Not in my books and I trust most certainly not in yours. That early mentality; whoever we play, whatever the outcome we shall fight till the bitter end for those three points or die trying needs to come back!

That swagger and confidence displayed by the Hammers is the stuff champions are made off.

No, I do not think we should have been in the top four, but at the same time, I think every game is a potentially winnable game if the attitude is right.

This last month and a half of the Premier League that is left to play should highlight and showcase how good this side really is and how no matter who we play or why THEY need the points, we are not here to make up the numbers, we are here to win!

No more half hearted attempts riddled with excuses please.




























5 comments on “Bring the swagger back …and no excuses

  1. Points,Points and Points that’s great but for me it’s got to be,
    If we play with the above and add energy and attitude we will collect the points,
    If it is the same as the last game count me out till BFS has gone,

  2. Hi bubs, how are you? I agree with you, style adventure and entertainment. I would prefer an 11th place playing well, insted of an 8th place watching this kind of rubbish, but this will never happen because victories don’t just happen. Thanks to a fluid and well-organised play style the results just pour out as the first 2 months of this season show us. When the Genius restored his winning prehistoric long ball style we collapsed. It’s not randomness, it’s pure incompetence of the manager.

    • Its not too much to ask is it? We saw ot early doors, let us see it again, on paper we have a quality team

      • Yes i made this point lastnight,we have shown we can play really good exciting football.Only one man is responsible for how we play,the man who picks it,chooses the formation & style of play.Even those hardcore Sam fans must see he isnt utilising our squad to its best effect.Its unarguable & anyone who does clearly spends their nights howling at the moon.

  3. Im afraid to say it but i see little more in the way of swagger than we have seen since christmas.The season went flat & i really cant see it can now being addressed.I am not a Sam hater but i really cant see how you cant be disappointed in what he did once Carrol & Nolan were fit.Yes Sakho got injured but moving Downing to make room for his trusty soldier Nolan is something that i find irritating to say the least.Too many changes were made to a winning,exciting team just to give jobs to the boys so to speak.

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