Bronze medal for Bowen barnet!


Nice haircut Jarrod !We are definitely in the “silly season.

The shampoo people,VO5 have recently surveyed 2,000 football fans on who has the best Premier League haircut.

Being follically  challenged myself, I would not normally  write anything about this, but CandH is the gift that keeps on giving. LOL

It appears that Harry Kane , the Spurs striker has finally won something,  as he has topped the poll for the best haircut in the Premier League according to fans and our very own Jarrod Bowen has come third.

Our callithrixian ( for any Millwall supporters reading this  it means lovely haired) forward Jarred Bowen took the bronze medal

According to Dan Lynes the Head Stylist at VO5 who carried out he poll says: “The Jarrod Bowen haircut is refined yet laid-back. His barber has simply kept length on top, with shorter sides and back.

“Although Bowen does not have one, you can add a low-fade to add some extra edge to your look. Apparently to complete the look . Ask for a soft scissor cut, keeping the length on top and shorter sides. A low skin fade is optional.

So now we know and given his winner in the Conference final here he is registering a nothe trimp top add to his growing collection.

Well done Jarrod , your mum will be very pleased!

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