Brown on Sam ‘rescue’ mission!

Phil BrownSouthend boss Phil Brown – a former Sam Allardyce No 2 and his personal friend – usually makes an appearance at about this time of the year talking about his former boss.

We made contact with him last May getting his take on the manager’s position when he told us: ““Sam knows he has a huge job in front of him winning over the Irons fans and I reckon if he does so will be the biggest victory of his entire career.

“I know for a fact that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to do that and I also know he is well up for meeting the challenge from them.”

Now this morning The Mirror has turned to the Shrimpers boss for his view of things a year on and unsurprisingly Phil is supporting his old mate.

He said: “Whether you like him or loathe him, it doesn’t matter. He’s done exactly what he said he would do – get them promoted, keep them in the Premier League and then challenge. He’s done it.

“For him not to be rewarded with another contract is just beyond me. I think that’s the reason why the season has begun to peter out and taper off.

“I don’t think we do appreciate him enough. He’s probably looked at by a lot of people as the manager of a Premier League club who needs to stay there rather than being seen as a successful manager who has achieved an awful lot.

“My time at Bolton with him is best remembered for us getting promoted, stayed there and then getting into Europe three years later.

“But when I first joined them, they were in the second division where I am now. That’s a fairytale story. There’s a lot more to Sam than meets the eye and there’s not enough appreciation of him.

Not to give him a new contract is – according to Brown – a mistake “unless they’ve got a grand plan which includes an incredible appointment which will make supporters swoon. But it would have to be one hell of an appointment.”

Brown in his interview with us declared: “The fans will need to be patient and I hope there won’t be a reaction whenever a player hits a ball over 30 yards. Sam can mix it up – but he has to get a fair crack of the whip.

“I hope he can win the fans over and I hope he can but if the Hammers are to play a different kind of football there will need to be some heavy investment.

“I believe Sam can take the club into the top ten but for every two or three places beyond that there will need to be more and more investment.”



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7 comments on “Brown on Sam ‘rescue’ mission!

  1. Everyone is entitled to their opion and Mr Brown is not biased at all,
    Where is your little twist you put in Hugh so that I can make my BFS HATE COMMENTS.
    why not ask Kevin Nolan or Joey O,Brien what they think just to keep it fair,
    Just joking Hugh we love this site and if we use it to comunicate with true hammer fans it’s a good thing but those who have other vices and can’t be honest with their selves need help and me,Tyson,Matte,chicken runner,Hamburg and Rads will continue with their treatment
    BFS FOR SOUTHEND ( as number 2 of course )

    • I knew when i saw him jogging along the seafront the other night i should’ve mounted the pavement in my car.

  2. No point in twisting everything anymore – it’s over!

  3. wots this save our sam campaign no thanks hes outdated tactics & subs go to that little club sarf of the river there welcome you with open arms as they dont understand football either

  4. Thats it then,we should give Sam a new contract immediately on the strength of the wise words from a guy who Sam has in his pocket & knows so well what it takes to be a prem manager he is now managing in league 2 because he wasnt up to it 😉

  5. Sam’s loyal oompah loompah stands up for him again,that’s no surprise that’s what mates do. Some of what he said was true he got us promoted and kept us up but I must’ve missed the “challenge”, for what exactly? The league,the cups? Maybe he means by his discipline by teaching the team to be good boys by trouncing everyone in the fair play league? Who knows. As for Sam’s biggest hope to win fans over he obviously doesn’t watch his mate’s press conferences,his body language on the bench or his team selections and tactics.
    He seems a nice enough fella and he’s doing well at Southend but if he wants to help his big buddy then he can get his help in league one next season.

  6. this guy should get married to sam or see a head shrink to sort out the bullocks this **** speaks

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