Brown: ‘West Ham are letting him go’

brownSam Allardyce’s former assistant Phil Brown just told Adrian Durham & Darren Gough on Talk sport radio “West Ham are letting him go” when asked about his good mate Sam Allardyce.   The Southend United manager quickly tried to cover his tracks after he realised his gaff  but it appears the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

Last month Brown heaped praise on his mate Sam saying “Sam has done a fabulous job. He’s always been a manager who does what it says on the tin. He’s bold, brash, hard and he’s fair. He tells you what he’s going to do and he does it.  You can’t argue that he’s done anything else at West Ham. Whether you like him or loathe him, it doesn’t matter. He’s done exactly what he said he would do – get them promoted, keep them in the Premier League and then challenge. He’s done it.

“For him not to be rewarded with another contract is just beyond me. I think that’s the reason why the season has begun to peter out and taper off. I don’t think we do appreciate him enough.”



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18 comments on “Brown: ‘West Ham are letting him go’

  1. You earn the your tenner Brown what a good friend you are,is he staying with you now he has no where to live ?
    My eyes are great and if there more to him then I can see I need big screen eyesight,
    Who is next ?

  2. Good,now i just want it too be official to celebrate.Screw the ‘too risky’ mugs.We wll be fine without hippo & his negativity 😉

  3. Well done Mr.Brown.Good work my son!

  4. Finally could we,after abject football for the best part of two years be seeing light at the end of the tunnel.Taxi for Hippo,pls 😉

  5. No!! Dont get rid of Sam,it is too risky,we must be careful what we wish for.Better the devil you know.We need Sams stability.Yeah whatever:D

  6. you know what gets me? its all these assholes saying that hippo has done a good job,yes its true he has done a good job you can’t take that away from him, but what none of these so called experts dont seem to mention is that it could and should have been so much better. picking nolan at times was just taking the **** and his refusal to pick the best team was at times just plain stupid.when he had no choice and the team picked its self we done good,same goes for youngsters we should have seen a lot more over the last ten games,and i don’t mean chucking them all in at the same time,like against forest..

  7. Cheers Phillip,lets hope this is true.Happy days,now bring in someone to move us on & get us out of this lethargy surrounding the club & fans.Apart from the ‘too risky’ ones who are currently filling their nappies at the prospect of life without their hero 😉

  8. Shut up Brown, nobody cares what you have think … actually Wetpants.com might

  9. I feel sorry for Hull because even if they win they will be relegated. Allardyce will send out the team concentrating on achieving a clean sheet. Newcastle will like other teams gain confidence throughout the game and more than likely get 3pts .
    The team has lost its spirit with SAMs tactics . Thank heavens the points were in the bag early season.

  10. wouldnt mind but browns crap

  11. Sibbo you can’t sell Browns poo
    Or was it his hat you wanted ?

  12. God i hope this is true.I have watched some real lows supporting the irons,fewer highs over the years.But this last 4 years,apart from brief periods has been some of the most mind numbing crap i have witnessed.All i want is to watch some decent matches again on a more regular basis.Not just 3 or 4 a year that we are then still talking about 6 months later because there has been nothing inbetween.Sam Allardyce,the killer of the beautiful game as it should be played.Good riddance!

  13. ahahah… What is this? The calvary cross? … It’s nice to see how much Sam is loved… I think it’s sweet that he has a lot of friends… so he won’t get lonely on Monday… lol


  14. Another good omen this time from old faithful Brown-Tongue who’s head is so far up Sam’s arris that he only sees daylight when the hippo yawns. He lets the cat out of the bag and then we get the same old sh#te he’s so fantastic,done a great job,it’s unbelievable they’re not retaining him yada yada yada. I expect it of him but wasn’t too impressed seeing TC spouting the same garbage on Sky earlier..
    Roll on Monday,get shot of the genius and welcome a forward thinking football thinking passionate new manager who will brighten up our lives once more.

  15. Yeah people are feeling sorry for Sam.He isnt liked by some fans.He has never been liked.We are gong to end up with a useless manager because Sam is a god,blah,blah.Ffs,poor Sam,get the hankies out 😉

  16. On Monday afternoon we all have to meet in the middle of a football pitch so orange faced Brown-Tongue can tell us we’re not good enough or worthy of the messiah Sam

  17. I hope the teams out there with no manager are shixing there selves because you could end up with BFS,you will feel secure but bored to texts,
    I just hope the losers who keep posting for him follow him because they should not be fans of our club LET IT GO
    be brave try some Foreign Food,have your first alcohol drink,try dating even go out the front door,
    We are a team of attacking adventurous football no we don’t win every time yes we yo yo but we entertain if that’s not for you,go with the Fat man

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