Bullish Moyes!


Moyes bullish

What a change from last season as the now beaming David Moyes spilled the beans on what he told the players following our successful visit to the seaside yesterday.

Our fresh- faced Supremo won the tactical battle with his preferred deep back line and counter attacking format.

And it worked!

During the post-match press conference, he was asked about his thoughts about being top of the league.

He told the post match presser:  “I can’t believe we’re top of the league! I’ve just said to the players that the challenge now is to keep fighting, keep pushing, and challenge each other.

“I remember three years ago, before we got in Europe and we were in Scotland for pre-season, and I said to the players about getting into Europe. That was our goal. I’ve told them we need to challenge the top teams this year, so we’ll see what we can do.”

For the normally calm and stoic Moyes to come out and say something like that shows that we could have some real hope about this forthcoming season.

Yes, we have handed out a lot of criticism in the past and nobody at Claret and Hugh could be more delighted than- at the moment – he is proving his wrong.

Luton away at Kenilworth Road on Friday next and then into the international break in a lofty position. Pleased? Of course we are pleased.

Chuffed to death would probably more accurate!

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  • eromittal says:

    Beware the Luton banana skin! New to the premiership, first home game, shades of Forest 2 seasons ago. But let’s hope that’s all behind us.

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