Burke joins Allardyce’s agent – Curtis!


ReeceburkeControversial agent Mark Curtis has signed young Reece Burke to his stable of players.

The 18 year old is understood to have agreed to join former manager Sam Allardyce’s representative towards the end of last season.

Curtis last found himself in the news, when it was reported that attempts had been made failed attempts to woo Ravel Morrison into his stable which allegedly led to bust-up between the player and former boss Allardyce.

Curtis has now added Burke to a list of players which is currently understood to include  James Tomkins, Jussi Jaaskelainen, Joey O’Brien, Kevin Nolan and Adrian, although there are reports this morning that Andy Carroll has left him.

Various sources report the pair have parted company over an alleged disagreement and the striker is now looking for a new representative which would appear to kill all stories stone dead of a deal to take the striker back to Newcastle.

However, a club source confirmed to ClaretandHugh exclusively that Burke had joined Curtis saying: “Yes, that’s the case.”

The youngster was previously represented by Stuart Richardson of Skill Equal which also looks after Mark Noble and who signed Reece to his professional contract with the club in October 2014.

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  • bubs says:

    Carroll does the right thing but Burke is mad joining Curtis has he not been watching what’s going on,
    Never mind when he leaves we should get a good price now he has played first team football,
    Wonder what Curtis promised him ?

  • Quickdraw de Boer no more says:

    As far as I can make out most agents are leechy spivs. The main concern for the club was the BFS/Curtis combination and that’s now finished. I think we should remember we have a couple of street wise wide boys as chairmen so I think they’ll have the measure of most agents.

  • Boys of '66 says:

    One of hippos last bits of business before he fukced off.I read Burke signed for him a couple of weeks ago.Yet another of the lads in the Curtis stable,pair of fukcing crooks.They will both be found out one day.Already got history as it is,bast*rds!

  • TysonM says:

    Hippo & Curtis,pair of rogues,dodgy dealing *******s!!!

  • oldiron says:

    I agree, Burke didn’t get a look in until he signed for Curtis, probably a deal was done, sign or rot in the reserves type of deal.
    As for Curtis’s other players at West Ham, well get rid of them all, they all overstayed their welcome under Sam , just sorry Burke signed up with him.


  • oldiron says:

    Also get Adrian & Tomkins to change Agents, don’t want Sam having any influence over my beloved West Ham from afar.

  • pabloonechop says:

    There is a massive conflict of interests if a manager has ‘interests’ in players and their value. This surely can result in players being selected (to build value)and being left out i.e i want to p*** him of so he leaves and makes me some money. Should be banned but i am not sure how. the Ravel situation still upsets me as he was one of the best players I have seen recently in c&b and this agent situation had an impact. He told Cutis to p*** off and never played again!
    The Davids sussed this and took control of the buying but they should now outlaw WHU employees signing with this agent-it really isnt healthy.

  • Rads says:

    Burke signed with Curtis about a week or two before the end of the season,why do you think he started getting picked,lol,ok,just the conspiracy theorist inside me,but nothing would suprise me with Allardyce & Curtis involved.They both have history,Allardyce,Allardyces son,Curtis with the Luton situation.They make ‘Arry look like a saint.Well maybe not 😀

    • Quickdraw de Boer no more says:

      Blimey more crooks than a shepherd’s convention,all of them have had more backhanders than Andy Murray

      • Rads says:

        Well there is a dispute on wetpants atm about this issue.I will leave it for them to work it out.I always leave these *****ly issues to the West Ham Fans Illuminati.Im waiting for a topic one day that their usual resident few experts aint kingpins on,lol.As for Allardyce & Curtis,people can say they are pure as the driven snow but i aint having that for one minute,lol 😉

        • Quickdraw de Boer no more says:

          haha always better to leave it to the experts. I couldn’t agree more about BFS and Curtis,I’d say nearly all agents and most old school managers dip tyheir beaks at the trough too lol

  • rugbyirons says:

    Please remember Allardyce said on a Friday no kids would move up to the first team.next day Burke plays. All that’s changed is Burke signed for Curtis in between. The truth will out if I’m right.

  • Stuck On 99 Forever! says:

    Sheesh,they are both bent,just never been found guilty.Anyone who thinks they aint must be living in a different universe.Manager & his favourites all have the same agent.Yeah its just coincidence they are part of his chosen few over the last few years.Yeah sure its coincidence!

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