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‘Business as usual’ as Bilic sacking rumours mount

HappybilicWest Ham are not hunting for a new manager nor do they have a short list of names they might consider.

Like it or not, Slaven Blic appears to be in place for a middle to long haul with the board remaining true to form as reluctant sackers.

The idea that they will march into Newcastle and grab Rafa Benitez is a non starter given the frosty relationship between themselves and Mike Ashley. Nor is there a particular desire to bring in the Spaniard in anyway .

Various European fringe names are being thrown around but there really is no appetite to fire the Croatian and whilst the media has a field day at Bilic’s  expense, the truth is it will remain business as usual.

With Swansea, Burnley, Brighton and Palace on our immediate agenda there is no panic over the current situation although there is the same frustration over team selection as is being felt by the fans.

If at the end of the next quartet of games we remain in trouble things could change but for now Bilic is safe.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

19 comments on “‘Business as usual’ as Bilic sacking rumours mount

  1. Well that’s not good news,, for me anyway,,

  2. Sounds about right bc if we could get Tuchel or Sarri imagine they would.already be here

  3. Just sack him & get some fresh meat in for the lads to tear limb from limb.They are running out of things to say about Slav 😂😂

  4. You can bet your bottom dollar a new incumbent would get the same treatment Lama..a starter they dont agree with,a substitution they dont like,a couple of defeats and they will soon turn on the new fella on here and on other Hammers websites thats a given.

    • Yeah i don’t like him already whoever he will be.Shyt tactics,shyt man management,aint got a clue what formation works.Going down with him for sure 😂

      • Sounds like Moyes then Rads. What do you know that we don’t! Lol

        • Actually my contacts have told me McClaren has near as damn it been offered the job.I also heard a bear pit is going to be put behind one of the goals so future managers can be given the Roman treatment.Thumbs up or down and the bear maybe gets a manager meal.Average life expectancy of a West Ham manager is thought to be about 4 matches if based only on a C&H ‘Should we sack him’ poll 😂

  5. “whilst the media has a field day at Bilic’s expense”

    Shouldn’t that be “whilst we in the media have a field day at Bilic’s expense”?

  6. Yes yes all very humorous chaps. And yes the ‘sack him’ hysteria can get out of hand. But a) this is not a knee jerk reaction to the first month of the season- it is at least the third big inquest into whether he is up to it b) you have all worked with people who cannot get on top of their job. Sometimes, after they have been given time to learn from mistakes etc,they just have to go. That is not panic or anything to do with wet pants. It is just life.

    Personally I thought he should have been shown the door a year ago, although the best time would have been in the summer. I agree that the big question would be can we get anybody better now & the answer may be ‘no’. So we have to limp on with a lame duck manager who the media & fans will turn on at every defeat. It is by no means all his fault, but under him the team has not gone forwards. Still, what will be will be and all that. I think it will be another white knuckle ride towards the 40 points & then we have to hope the owners get it right in the summer. What we probably do agree on is that if the decision has been made we do all have to get behind the team & manager & then the media won’t have much of a story to write about.

    • Fair shout hammer. But don’t you think some of the players are hiding behind this Bilic hysteria mate? Look at Chek and Cressie for example. Shadows of their former selves yet playing in their preferred positions so not down to Bilic alone. So far this term we’ve covered the least grass of any PL team, is that solely down to formation? If Bilic had been supported in the window and a holding midfielder brought in, so we weren’t stuck with Nobes and Chek, maybe things would be different? Just saying!

  7. Bilic has had more off days than any player . But he is consistent . 🤔

  8. Yes Jimbo I said it is not all down to Bilic. I am never sure how to judge whether players are winging it, but you may be right on that. I have been pretty solid behind the owners but I think some of their decisions in recent times have been poor. Sullivan needs to swallow his pride & hand over transfer work to somebody else. But having said all that, Bilic has fallen short!

  9. Get Di Canio in!!! Probably take us down but he will give the players a good kicking in the process!

    • Bilic is manager and Terzic is first team coach. Bearing in mind that Bilic himself complained that there was no intensity in training last season, it raises the issue of Terzic’s competence (as well as Bilic’s as he is ultimately responsible for that). it is worth considering whether Di Canio would be better in the coach role. I can’t imagine Di Canio accepting lack of intensity, even at the tea break. Whether Bilic would accept the change – and could live with Di Canio’s eccentricity is another matter. Di Canio might consider the role and Sullivan wouldn’t have the political issue he might have if Di Canio was manager. I expect there would be fireworks of some description and at the very least we would be well entertained.

    • There is more chance of one of you being manager than Di Canio.
      Its a shame sites like this have few contributors when we win or draw but are awash with the same fans when we lose.
      It begs the question do some fans only want to use such sites after a defeat…it would appear so which is a sad indictment on their personalities!

      • Yeah, good point Frenkie, I agree with you.

        • I wasnt having a go at you IS.But it is clearly the way it is.Look back after the win against Huddersfield and the various West Ham media sites where very quiet.We lose and they are busier again.
          So it implies that many users only want to criticise but arent interested in wins or offering positivity when we do win.

        • Why are you agreeing, he was popping at us, incorrectly as it turns out. Clown. I can’t wait to start celebrating our next three points and will do so here with a happy heart, and not totally pi**ed off which is how I’ve felt since Saturday and that defeat. And for the avoidance of doubt, reference to Paulo was tongue in cheek, but boot up a**e now springs to mind!

          • Take it how you want then Jimbo but i was on about the fans who appear when we lose.Correct me if im wrong but you use this site win,lose or draw do you not so wind it in and calm down.

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